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  1. Sweet. Other than all those breakoffs. You know every one of those was a 30#
  2. I'm 4/6 on meetings this morning with a 10 am double on Ford Escape rear knuckle PPAP and GM C8 Corvette dimensional review. Missed the Daimler 8:20 and 9:30 You win.
  3. Trolling bags aren't drift socks aren't sea anchors. A trolling bag will typically be much heavier construction.
  4. I can get 2.7 without bags, 2.2 with small bags running 900 rpm's in a 260 Hp 350, on a 21' glass cuddy. You should be fine on one motor. Not sure if you'd have to run one bag to offset the power coming from off the center line of the boat.
  5. I messed up. Slide divers are modular with weights. Dipsies you get what you buy for weights and would have to swap stuff around. Probably not worth it. Both you can equip with standard and magnum rings.
  6. Yes, they will. I've run regular dipsies on M action Okumas and while they don't like it, they work. Adding a magnum weight to the diver will get some more depth without too much extra drag. The larger ring or mag diver will pull a lot harder, but get more depth too. I think magnum divers come with the heavier weight.
  7. Magnum dipsies make sure you have heavy action or dipsy specific rods. They pull hard. Good rod holders I.e. not plastic are a must.
  8. Sounds like you've done your research. I'd run the ones out the back at about a 0.5 setting and the ones off the side at about 1.5-2 to get some separation without sacrificing too much depth. Kings will destroy balsa baits.
  9. Ten pounders are good, twelves are better. Shape is up for endless debate. I run 10# fish as they're easier to handle and store and don't roll around and track as well as 12# round balls. For spoons I like Offshore Medium tension downrigger releases. For attractors I run Blacks (actually Dubro brand's version) releases.
  10. No. It seems if they don't hit the beach, they scatter all over the place, or you need to head way out to where the thermocline didn't move.
  11. Broke yet? If not, try harder!
  12. Fish shallower, higher in the water column, in warmer water than you'd expect. I've never done well just after dark but have caught them as early as 1:30 am.
  13. I'll be there. April and November are my peak fishing months.
  14. More fun. I can't go to my cottage up north and take the kayak out of the garage and take it out on the lake via my private dock. I can put my kayak in my truck and drive to the launch down the road from my place up north and launch using the public dock. I can't drive to my cottage up north to do anything. I have a barn on ten acres across the way from the cottage. I can drive there as it's not a residence. I can drive to the barn, then the cottage, then the barn, then home, as it's not between residences.
  15. I use the same launches to launch my kayak as my 14'. Same tow vehicle that still has 5/8 of a tank since March and I have 20 gallons in the barn to back it up. I take the same vehicle to the same launch and launch my canoe / kayak / boat. Only when I reach back and start the outboard do I break the law. Before the updated EO I'd been out either solo or with my family four times. If you think I'm blowing this off, my wife is the sole caretaker of her 84 and 81 year old parents. Of all her sisters, she is the only one going in their house. So i don't do anything without clearing it with the wife. And even she thinks this order is BS. Well, enough of that. I'm the janitor at my church and need to go mow the lawn. Wait, can't do that either.
  16. Buddy has one. Two years of messing with it and it's in a bucket in his barn. He makes circuit boards for fun and runs a test lab for components that "when they fail a couple hundred people die and it makes the news".
  17. I launch on a dead end road that requires 4 lo and waders, but that may not apply. DNR launch is open for now. Launch in downtown Saugatuck is open but challenging as you need to back way in, the docks are underwater, and the cement algae covered and slippery. Parking however is not a concern for a change.
  18. There's Lakers from 50-90' from Glenn down past South Haven. The usual spoons and flashers will work. For me yesterday it was standard dream weavers 30-40' down. I didn't mark anything which was odd. Trolled the beach back north to Saugatuck and just got beaten up by the chop. Solo in a 14' with no crew to ballast down the bow...
  19. They've been trying this up north by planting all the browns in a few ports at the expense of all others. It's been a spectacular failure. Contact I have in Frankfort which got four browns last year. I got three in one trip 91.7 miles from the nearest planting site to me which is not in Michigan. Was not sure how long browns needed to be held or for that matter where the brood stock originates.
  20. Some browns would fill in the near shore void left by steel. Up until they cut the plants down here, we'd get plenty of browns mixed in with the steel on every lake flip. Fished for four hours today. A half an hour to find the Lakers, a half an hour to limit on those, then two and a half hours trolling back to harbor on the beach not expecting anything and not catching anything. Only reason I wasted my time trying was I was five miles south of port looking head long into solid two footers with no crew to weigh down the bow, so there was no point in trying to plane out and take a beating.
  21. Lots of skipper steel around the beach last fall. Maybe they can help fill the void.
  22. Penn makes great stuff. Some of those reels are used around the great lakes. I run my half cores of lead on Penn 309's that are probably older than I am.
  23. Tiger blank is very good quality. I believe these were made by Wolverine Tackle (Silver Streak) many years ago and are no longer made. Solid rods. One of the charters I used to fish on ran them and they held up well.
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