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  1. Here is a modification you can make to a bladed jig to catch more bass. Worth trying if you haven't before. How To Make a Bladed Jig Modification Video
  2. It's not too often you can fish the Great Lakes with topwater and get away with it. It's usually too rough, or the seagulls are trying to eat your lure. This day it seemed like it was the only thing the bass would eat. Lake Erie Topwater Fishing Video
  3. Early spring fishing on Lake Leelanau for smallmouth. Some surprise trout and walleye caught too. Lake Leelanau Fishing Video
  4. Have any of you fished this lake in Michigan? It's one of the best topwater bite lakes I've come across in the state. Best Froggin Lake in Michigan Video
  5. What a fun place to fish! This place has so many places to catch bass there isn't enough time in the day to check them all out. Come along with me as I check out Sandusky Bay of Lake Erie and see what it has to offer. Sandusky Bay Bass Fishing Video
  6. Anyone know the best time of year to hit Little Traverse Bay? I took the vacation a little too early again this year. Water was still too cold for the smallmouth to be moved up. Caught a ton, but the big ones were missing. Little Traverse Bay Video
  7. Anyone lose a reef runner? My buddy and I came across this seagull that had a treble hook in each foot. We decided to tackle the problem and help the bird out. Seagull Saved From Certain Death Video
  8. Curious what the oddest thing you have caught is? My buddy hooked a seagull when it dive bombed his topwater lure. Comical series of events as he reeled it in. Video below. Fisherman Hooks Seagull Video
  9. Post spawn fishing trip and hitting lots of water along the way. Catching big smallmouth, largemouth, pike, and other species. Come along and see where we fished and what we caught them on. Hope you enjoy the video. Takes lots of time and effort to put these together. Tight lines. Detroit River, Lake Erie, Huron River Fishing
  10. I had plans to fish Monday, but that went by the waistside. I did watch the coast guard doing practice runs in those waves. Those guys are pretty amazing what they can go out in. Took some video shots from Charlevoix and Petoskey. Little Traverse Bay was much nicer today. Lake Michigan Gale Force Winds
  11. My buddy Jim had an earlier vacation this year than prior years we went up north. We figured it shouldn't affect to fishing to much, but man we wrong there. Finding the fish pre-spawn was much more difficult. Weather patterns were terrible to fish in as well. This particular day (May5th) the water surface temperature as running 43 degrees and air temperature in the morning was 29 degrees. It was a real roll of the dice this year going early. Each day we fished was a grind, but we did manage to catch some decent smallmouth and walleye, but certainly not in the numbers we would have liked. I'm headed back up in about 3 weeks. I'm thinking the fish will be post spawn then. I may have to try Traverse Bay or Little Traverse. This Charlevoix video below has some aerial views of the lake, underwater shots, and of-course some good fish catches. Lake Charlevoix Smallmouth Fishing
  12. Jim and I put together a video from a couple weeks ago on Lake St. Clair. You will get a nice aerial view of the lake along with some nice fish catches in this video. Hope you enjoy. Lake St Clair Video
  13. The Lake Erie walleye and some Lake St. Clair walleye are running up the Maumee River now. Water level is really low and clear. Tons of anglers out. Check out this video. Maumee River Walleye River Run
  14. I took the boat for a quick maintenance run yesterday out of Sterling State Park. The walleye anglers must be getting them shallow by the number of boats I seen trolling the shallow water near the banks. Here is a drone view of Lake Erie and Brest Bay and the guys out walleye fishing. Lake Erie Brest Bay Sterling State Park Aerial View
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