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  1. The Lake Erie walleye and some Lake St. Clair walleye are running up the Maumee River now. Water level is really low and clear. Tons of anglers out. Check out this video. Maumee River Walleye River Run
  2. I took the boat for a quick maintenance run yesterday out of Sterling State Park. The walleye anglers must be getting them shallow by the number of boats I seen trolling the shallow water near the banks. Here is a drone view of Lake Erie and Brest Bay and the guys out walleye fishing. Lake Erie Brest Bay Sterling State Park Aerial View
  3. Ice is gone. Now we just need the whole lake to open up. Watch for those logs that come down the river and end up in the lake. Maumee River Providence Dam View
  4. Fall fishing on Lake Erie. East winds are never good, but sometimes it can be a blessing when it forces you to fish somewhere you didn't plan on. I'm sure those that fish Lake Erie might recognize this area. Hope you enjoy the video, and good luck to you on the water this year. Lake Erie Fall Fishing
  5. The big walleye run on the Maumee River is almost here. The walleye have been tracked from Lake Huron, St. Clair and Lake Erie. Anglers come from far way for this big run. It's only a couple months away. I took some aerial footage of the river when the water level was way down. I did this of the best walleye spots so anglers could find those sweet honey holes. Maumee River Walleye Hot Fishing Spots  (Drone View)
  6. Here is a new Lake Erie Fishing video from this past fall. There are some different areas than you have seen in the past videos. It was a short, but very productive trip. If you watch the video with your phone you should be good. If you watch with your computer, ipad, or T.V. You will want to click the bottom right to make it full screen, and click the other icon next to it to make it better quality. Hope you enjoy it. We have a few other new ones to come out in the following weeks. https://rumble.com/vcb167-lake-erie-largemouth-bass-fishing-areas.html?mref=66lt3&mc=9e0fe
  7. Great view of the bluegill under the ice. Surprised at how clear that was. Good footage.
  8. I'm sure a few of you on here have a few fishing bloopers to share. I was lucky to have my buddies Kevin, Dave, Jim, and I capture a few on film. Thought you might enjoy a good laugh today. Click the link for the video, and then click the lower right next to Rumble to make it full screen. Fishing Blooper Video
  9. I realize not everyone has a boat, and I'm often asked where someone can go and catch some fish from shroe. Metzger Marsh wildlife area is one of those places. Tons of places to fish from shore and catch perch, pike, walleye, bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish, etc.. It's also a great place to duck hunt in the fall. This video will give you a nice areial view of the place.
  10. I wish lived closer to this lake. It has to be one of my favorite lakes in Northern Michigan L.P. It hasn't let me down anytime I've fished it so far.
  11. I did quick trip to Lake Erie this summer searching for bass and was surprised at how many walleye were on my bass spots.
  12. Short trip to Thumb Lake. First time there and it was a beautiful lake!
  13. I hear ya. Already planning on those vacation weeks. Tight lines
  14. Wow what a crazy adventure! Amazing you guys were able to get it out without harm to yourselves. I tip my hat to you!
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