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  1. Deep: 10/9 Holland 215 DR 190' NK 28 Mixed Veggies Stand Up 91 116 78% 465 10/9 Holland 215 PB 5 color 190' Size 3 J plug Silver pickle Steelie 9 91 115 79% 474 10/9 Holland 215 PB 5 color 190' Mini Streak Orange crush Steelie 8 92 117 79% 482 10/9 Holland 215 PB 225/45 Cu 190' Nailer Watermelon Steelie Lost 92 118 78% 482 10/9 Holland 215 DR 1 color 190' Nailer Bloody Nose Steelie 6 93 119 78% 488 10/9 Holland 215 DR 200' NK 28 Mixed Veggies Steelie Lost 93 120 78% 488 10/9 Holland 215 PB 5 color 200' Mini Streak Orange crush Steelie 6 94 121 78% 494 10/9 Holland 215 DR 200 NK 28 Mixed veggies Steelie 7 95 122 78% 501 10/9 Holland 215 PB 5 color 220' Mini Streak Orange crush Steelie 5 96 123 78% 506 Or not: 11/6 Holland 215 DR 15' Jr. Flutterdevle Hammered silver / orange Steelie Lost 96 124 77% 506 11/6 Holland 215 PB 15' J-9 rapala Orange Coho 1 97 125 78% 507 11/6 Holland 215 PB 15' J-9 rapala Orange Steelie Lost 97 126 77% 507 11/6 Holland 215 PB 1 color 15' DW LD Alphonse Brown 2 98 127 77% 509 10/21 Holland 14 PB 8' Thin Fish Red w/ black squiggles Steelie 8 Released 171 236 72% 1256
  2. I've seen kings take 4-5 weeks to get to Hamilton / Allegan. Coho, like overnight.
  3. Looks like it should flip again soon. Rehearsal and wedding this weekend.
  4. My ten year old seven pound outdoor cat bas been giving me the stink eye when I get home, as I've been giving away the fish and not cleaning them. Still drag the cooler across the lawn to rinse it out. She still follows me and then stares.
  5. Anyone want to confess to being the guys that had a dog for crew? Thought I was hearing things until we picked up the binoculars and confirmed we were in fact hearing a dog...
  6. Fish were there Friday night. Everyone else headed out, we headed in. Went 3/7 scraping the piers or fishing closer to shore than the piers stuck out. Was not easy fishing with traffic and junk in the water. When that big blue trawler "Neptune" motored up we took about 20 gallons over the bow. But we also waved off a ski boat from running over a fish and they then circled around and watched us land it and cheered. All males and all smaller fish. Makes sense as the plants were in 2018. Males usually shoot the river first to stake out the good gravel abd make the redds.
  7. Ok, finally time catch up. Started last night with a mix of riggers, divers, and planer boards. After marking nothing in the clear water and fishing out to 30' and seeing the other boats doing nothing, I recalled how we used to fish ports where it's shallow out front. Trolled north, swapped the riggers out to spoons so we could stretch them back enough to be a head ache then put out four planer boards way out. First pass in close board gets smoked. While that's coming in rigger bounces a couple times. Still not convinced that was a fish. Land the first king, start dialing it in but hard to work the spot as I need to cut big arcs with boards out. Have a good pull back that doesn't hook up, then another, then get a nice buck. Lose a screamer that was out over 400' when it buried the board in some weeds then ran back towards us and we could not keep it tight. Picked up one more at dark. All smaller fish, like 12-15# and all hatchery. Gonna share this thread with the d n r so they know we are seeing returns.
  8. Pulled the riggers and put two flatlines out instead. Ever see a king hit a plug 25' from the boat? Ever see a king hit a plug 25' out when you just choked in four planer boards to make a pass up the channel? We got him but he effectively ended our night. I think we didn't get the last rod untangled until Coral Gables.
  9. 2/5 now. 13# buck on a rapala and lost a hell of a screamer when the board got buried on a clump of weeds and he doubled back on the boat. I always troll fast no worries there.
  10. Boat stinks. Just doubled lost the rigger hit but took a 15# egg wagon off a deep thunderstick 20' off a yellow bird.
  11. In my effort to beat 2MD to the first post about harbor fish, we worked Holland last night. First skunk of the year. Broke a rod and didn't bring rain gear either so it was a trying night. And plenty of salad to boot. Back at it tonight. Any idea how big that last one is? Serious tank of a king.
  12. Thanks for sharing. I waited for the CO to choke on your last name. You needed to troll the channel in Holland ten years ago. Literally would see or hear hits on other boats before they did and we'd wrap the hot lures in a towel and throw them to our buddies as we passed each other going in and out without stopping.
  13. Tournament fishing lakers it's pretty much a full time gig at the stern on a calm day where you can maintain a constant depth. Throw in four foot waves, or a troll in / out where the depth changes...
  14. People think the mature kings are four years old. That ship sailed a long time ago and as the kings adapted to Lake Michigan most now run when they're 1-3 years old. Google search it for a ton of info.
  15. 98% of kings mature and run at 1-3 years of age.
  16. The ugly stik diver rods are absolute pool sticks. Not much action at all.
  17. Menards $1 pliers, about 4-5 per boat. Spray the metal with cooking spray when they get gummy.
  18. What port, what fish, how deep is the water?
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