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  1. Wow, congrats!! What depth was best for you? Don't like keeping steelhead? Sent from my LGL62VL using Tapatalk
  2. Michigan sportsman forum I am highball 28 on there. Sent from my LGL62VL using Tapatalk
  3. Haven't posted on here in a while. Have been putting my reports on another site I'm sure you are all familiar with, but I hope to be consistent with this one as well. Sometimes after you get up at 4:30 and fish all day it's hard to sit down and write a report! Well anyway, slow for us. We went north out of PS to 80 FOW hoping to put at least a couple silver in the box early. We ended 3/3. Rigger went right off the bat at 60 with the smallest toss back shaker I've ever caught. Then went 10 minutes later with a nice 9 lb steel. The set up was an 8" fish scale paddle with a uv arctic blast fly. Trolled around forever and then finally had the 200 Cu go in 140 fow with a 7-8 lb brown!! Spoon was a mag moonshine yellow submarine. That was all she wrote. Brown was unclipped too!! Sent from my LGL62VL using Tapatalk
  4. Thanks for the report, welcome to the forum! Sent from my LGL62VL using Tapatalk
  5. I haven't been out yet myself but the charters are slamming lake trout as always. Seems like they were getting coho and kings inshore a couple weeks ago but that seems to have died. Should be another weekend and we'll be hammering them like St Joe right now.
  6. Glad you got something to show for the effort. Thanks for the heads up about the dredge.
  7. Congratulations, what a beut! Sent from my LGL62VL using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  8. I've also found recently that most of my fish even in July and august Dont come on flies so much. As we get further in the year I'll switch to a spoon, plug and meat program and generally won't run as many flies.
  9. I agree on the spoon bite. This was really the first trip of the year where flies were productive enough to be left in the water. The general rule of thumb is to have the fly leaders 3 times the length of your flasher. So in the case of this trip, 24 inches from the end spindoctor swivel to the treble hook of the fly. With 11" paddles 33" leaders and so on.
  10. PS 5/29 AM Went 14/15 all kings. stayed in about 140 FOW south trolling north and south. The bite was hot and heavy right away as we had most of our fish in the first hour or so. It got pretty quiet as the sun came up all the way. Blue bubble flasher/ fly diver 160 1/1 rigger down 60 UV mixed veggie SD /proctologist 5/5 rigger down 40 hawg wild SD/ proctologist 3/3 225 Cu UV Jordo 1/1 225 Cu moon shine green shorts 2/3 (caught a fish on this as I was letting out the copper with only about 30 feet of it out !?!?!) wire diver at 95 fat Nancy SD/proctologist 2/2
  11. PS 5/27 PM 6/8 out of port sheldon all kings. Started in 90 FOW south trolling SW. Took a double in about 120 dipsy back 110 glow green dot SD and a proctologist fly as well as the rigger down 65 SS Hello Darlin. Dipsy got into EVERY line on the starboard side... that fish in particular is going to taste real good! rigger down 65 Hello Darlin went again in 130 but spit the hook at the back of the boat. After a big lull the 175 Cu SS Hawg Wild was looking a little fishy so we cranked it in and to our surprise a 6 or 7 lb king on it. Never took drag never really noticeably pulled the board back and never put up a fight. Story of the night came next when I noticed the starboard rigger thumping away with my brother in the same corner taking a whizz. He didn't see it and I nearly tackled him to grab it. (We always joke that it's gonna happen and it finally did!) 80 feet down mod blue dolphin. 175 Cu hawg wild went again and this time took some drag, turned out to be a smaller fish than the lazy one. 300 Cu with a mag blue dolphin came in clutch later in the game with a decent king as it always seems to do. And to end on a negative note we lost another on the rigger down 80 mod blue dolphin. Beautiful night on the water!
  12. Went out of PS today. I'll write a short report here cuz I don't feel like opening a new thread. Went 5/10 one decent king and the rest shakers and one steelhead. Set up in 50 fow and took hits on dipsies right away going 1/3 in about ten minutes. Dipsies never took another hit all day. (Blue bubble, mixed veggie SD/ proctologist) Every time we tried sliding out we wouldn't get touched so we eventually stuck it in 50/60 fow and grinded it out. Rest of the fish landed came on a 150 Cu moonshine green shorts. (Lost a few on it too.) Riggers never got touched. 150 Cu mixed veggie took a good rip with nobody home and I think that's about it. In hindsight probably should've gone deeper as I'm hearing good things from a lot of people that did but either way it beats what I was doing yesterday! Good luck tomorrow!!
  13. Pic doesn't do it a whole lot of justice but here's the big king
  14. PS 5/12 PM & 5/13 AM Dear Wisconsin, we have your fish.... and we have no intention of giving them back. 5/12 PM: went 13/13 south in 120 FOW in about 3 hours. mostly small coho and a couple shakers along with a decent king and one that tipped the scales at 21 lbs! Here's what worked: rigger down 46 Mag metallic yellow tail 3/3 125 Cu orange slurpee 3/3 200 Cu mag UV mixed veggie 2/2 175 Cu SS hawg wild 2/2 300 Cu Mag blue dolphin 1/1 (BIG KANG!) diver back 85 (on 2) mixed veggie SD/ proctolagist fly 1/1 diver back 75 fire frog spoon 1/1 5/13 AM: started in 60 FOW south looking for kings. picked up a few coho early and found kings anywhere from 80-130 FOW. Ended up 20/30ish mostly kings but a few coho mixed in as well. Didn't log this trip so I'm not sure what exactly went when but 100 Cu with a mag jaw breaker and one with a UV jager bomb were both very hot. divers targeting the 60 FOW range caught their share. blue bubble, hawg wild/ proctolagist, mixed veggie/ proctolagist all took fish. 225 Cu mixed veggie took a couple, as well as the 300 with a mag blue dolphin. Rigger down 60 RV blue jeanz took 1. Chute at 100 with a mag hello darlin also got one. I THINK that about covers it. Great day on the water!! Get out now if you can!
  15. Wow, all the reports have one thing in common... MIXED VEGGIE! Nice job on the fish!
  16. I'm definitely in! Great job last year!
  17. Poured! Had rain gear but still got soaked. We were debating about calling it before we started catching. Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  18. 5 man limit of lake trout this morning and two bonus kings and a throwback laker. South of PS north of Holland 115 FOW. Lost 4 others as well, one of which was for sure a salmon. One king on a diver back 150 blue bubble and/fly Lost king on a UV frog sd/proctologist fly One trout on a 300 Cu nbk sd/ proctologist Two trout on a purple green spin n glo bouncing bottom Literally everything else came on the same two riggers bouncing bottom with gold dodgers and white/ purple polka dot spin n glos including one of the kings! Such an awesome day spent with great people. Seriously wishing we were in the tournament! Especially for the fact that we only ran nine rods and every fish hit after 6:30... of course! Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  19. Very strange with all the sheep. Fished holland that night as well 1/2 diver popped once and fish got off lemon ice meat back 105. Then took a 5 lb King on an ace hi plug 50 down on a rigger right at dark. 70-80 fow. Graph LIT UP... Thinking they were all sheephead now!
  20. Yeah it's been weird. Been camping out here all week. Went out once Sunday night, tried writing a report but for some reason it didn't go through.. Either way not much to write home about. Loafing around on the boat right outside the north pier right now and listening to radio chatter. One guy says has 7 in the box today but didn't have a single bite yesterday so maybe it's picking back up. Will be going out tonight, hopefully will get a report out. ... In other news the perch are biting... But ONLY if you know where to go!
  21. Late report, been camping at the beach. Went 2/5 with a laker and a Coho 90-110 FOW. Laker didn't take long and hit a dipsy right away on the lemon ice meat rig back 105. Re setting the dipsy and I tangle it in the 300 Cu while swinging it over the side of the boat... What a great time for a fish to hit the 300 and snap the line. So that's exactly what happened and we spun around to pickup the board which thankfully is still holding our copper and brand new mtn dew flasher and meat rig...and the fish! Start hand lining in the copper and then realize how stupid we are when we realize we can just tie the end of the copper onto the mono so that's what we do but the fish pulls while the copper is wrapped around the top and the rod tip breaks... start feeling it in anyway and the fish gets off with about 20 feet of copper to go. Wowwww. Check all our lines to make sure none are tangled after we made that 360 degree turn to pickup our board. Miraculously no but the 200 Cu blue bubble fly/SD is dragging a nice Coho. Towards dark we lost a nice king at the back of the boat on a blue chrome ace hi 80 down on a rigger and also had a rip on a 125 Cu orange slurpee. .... Oh yeah and the perch are biting... if you know where to go [emoji6] Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  22. Nice job Ed! We'll be camping at the state park starting Friday, so expect lots of reports... especially if the perch fishing sucks! I'll make sure to say hey if we see you at the launch! Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  23. Only works for us in the morning. Yellow sub has been a steelhead killing machine on the 200. Unfortunately we lost ours last trip and I don't think moonshine makes em anymore. Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
  24. Nice job making the most of it. We figured out by the south end of pigeon almost right up to the docks there are almost no weeds. Sent from my LGL34C using Great Lakes Fisherman Mobile App
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