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  1. One of the only boats out this morning. Fished 60-100 FOW starting early with lines set by about 5:45. Went 4-4, two kings, two lakers. First three fish were within the first hour in 65 FOW. One king on 200 copper jäger bomb and another on a 150 copper coyote. Lakers both came on wire dipsy spin n glows bouncing bottom. Marked fish the entire time but I guess being there early was the key to success.
  2. That's a great trip right now , especially for being solo! Nice job on the limit Doug!
  3. Sounds fun! Unfortunately I won't be there but good to know there's still fishing to be had during the "June swoon"
  4. Launched in PS and ran to Grand Haven in search of kings. Fished the plume north and south in 50-60 FOW went 1/4 and 25% is pretty hard to swallow but it happens! the fish landed was a nine pound king on a tangerine on 125 copper. Other hits came on: Dipsy 75 back with white 11" paddle with a mixed fruit fly Rigger down 40 lemon ice 200 copper blue bubble SD and fly Sucks when you pull in your lines at the end of the day and realize ALL of them were trolling weeds and whatever grass and garbage came out of the river!
  5. Will hopefully go out Saturday night. Will launch out of PS but would it be better to run to GH or holland? Been hearing stuff in the dirty water in GH. Bringing a kid from the east side for his first salmon fishing experience. PMs welcomed thanks!
  6. Yes, definitely trash can set up a foot or two off the bottom so it bounces every now and then and that's like ringing the dinner bell for hungry lakers. Just remember it this way... Trash can to catch trash fish!
  7. Fished 6:00-9:00 went 3/4 all lake trout. 300 copper with mag blue dolphin caught one, 200 copper with modified blue dolphin lost one, pickle kisser fly with perch color glow in the dark paddle took another. While pulling rods had a rigger go off practically in somebody's hand!! Landed this fat greaser with a super slim blue dolphin and in typical lake trout fashion it pooped ALL OVER the back of the boat! That boat will have dried laker poo on it till one day it gets chopped up in a scrap yard! Fished 85 feet of water for the most results, north and south.
  8. Yup we got our names and numbers on all of em. Haven't officially lost one yet but my neighbor has and has also gotten calls from people who found his board.
  9. Went 1/1 tonight with a single brown trout. He came on a chrome/orange thunderstick in about 15 FOW a mile or so south of the pier heads. Bringing the line in for a lure change and didnt know we had a fish on. The board came off and we had to chase it after we boated him. Got It back! (Good thing too, we were "borrowing" it from the neighbors)
  10. Fished saugatuck last week. Wondering if it's worth going back or just stick the boat in holland. Would like to catch some more browns. Has anybody been doing out of saugatuck?
  11. Somewhat icy. A guy had to get rescued out there last week. Fished saugatuck last week. Almost no ice and more fish. Lots of people catching fish on the pier we trolled and caught three. Sagatuck might be a safer and more productive option.
  12. Gotta love fish eating birds. Vacationed down in Florida last year using cut bait on the pier and a pelican took my brothers hook and flew under the pier with it and just as the rod was about to break spit it back out. That was quite a scare considering it was a nice rod and it was a rental... Later that day a dude snagged a cormorant!! When he pulled it up and tried to unhook it the thing but his hand open!
  13. We had the boards back about 100-120ish when fishing the open water, but hugging the pier wall and in the channel had them at about 60. To be honest all our fish were caught on just regular cranks without boards set about 50 feet back. I wouldn't try dipseys its just too shallow and not worth it. The cranks dived down deep enough without them.
  14. Yeah the little boat is kind of a pain. We have an 18 foot sea sprite as well but it's at the boat doctor for the time being. Usually also bring the electric motor when we use the little one, but after checking multiple times through the boat to make sure we didn't leave any important things in it when we dropped it off to get fixed, we left back up engine batteries, 4 planer boards, and down rigger weights all of which could've been usefull.
  15. Very true! Although we were fishing out of our little 14 foot boat with three people and when the motor breaks down half a mile from the pier heads it gets a little stressful. Still a good time though. Gotta love a day on the water! (The best feeling in the world was when that motor sputtered back to life. Saved us from a lot of paddling lol)
  16. Fished Saugatuck today from about 10:00 to 5:00. Went 3/5 with two football Browns and a laker. (Released the greaser) Tensions were high on the boat with everybody getting frustrated after trolling around for about three hours with just one hit with no fish. Especially after watching pier anglers pull them in left and right. We made a pass along the north pier wall and boom! Put that one in the boat and the tension eased. Made a few more passes and nothing. Then made a pass through the channel and picked up another brown about halfway through the channel hugging the north wall trolling up stream. Made one more pass through the channel and picked up the laker right outside the pier heads and hooked into either a coho or a small steelhead that never made it to the net. All fish on golden hot n tots with other hits on a silver thin fin and another on an orange tiger thunderstick. If you're thinking about heading out, fish the pier. People on the south pier couldn't keep fish off their lines. Nobody was fishing the north.
  17. Went there Saturday and found out that overhang the lake was frozen from ice being blown in by the lake. Didn't want to dodge the ice to fish. Would've let you all know how we would've done if we had gone but now I think it's a good thing we didn't fish because people don't like when their "private hot spots" are used by other people.
  18. I've heard there's been some boats in pigeon the last couple weekends with the warm-ish weather. Anybody catching anything or are you just trolling about soaking in the sun?
  19. Hey guys, just a reminder to vote yes on proposal 1 and proposal 2 to approve the wolf hunt, and to give the ability to regulate game species to the fish and wildlife service instead of the tree hugging special interest groups!
  20. Thanks! Is there any corn or hiding spots in the neighboring zones, or dry decoy areas? Or is it all water there too?
  21. Good hunting at the marsh today! Had a good spot thanks to our neighbor who spent the night in our blind. Had a party of nine, five people hunted in one hole while me, the dog, and three others hunted in a hole a little up stream. Heavy action right at shooting time with ducks flying in every direction. Shot six of them in our group within the first prime twenty minutes. Action died down for a while, but when boats started to leave the ducks would fly again. We had fairly steady action for the rest of the day, ended up with two more in the bag before we called it quits. We ended with eight, our partner party got their limit. All wood ducks! The ducks were fairly responsive to woody calls when using the water whine. We also crippled and lost three birds due to the dog not cooperating. (He had a pretty good reason, after bathing him I found the biggest fish hook of my life stuck in his thigh!)
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