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  1. Is this what you mean by snap swivel?
  2. Thanks! Just fixed it, looks pretty sturdy. MI have another question that is completely unrelated but don't feel like opening a new thread. I bought an ace hi plug at the swap meet in holland this winter and have yet to run it. From whatnove researched you can run ace hi's the same speed as spoons and flashers? I've also heard of guys just tying them to their lines rather than using swivels? Complete rookie to any kind of plug.
  3. So I wrote in my last report that my 200 Cu snapped when taken by a big fish. About 125 feet left on it and by happy coincidence I have 75 feet of the same stuff lying around. I'd love to get my 200 back so is there any way i can "tie" the two together without having to worry about it coming apart? Advice is much appreciated.
  4. Magnum flounder pounder 300 Cu magnum yellow submarine 200 Cu always seem to produce when fishing mornings.
  5. Rough again today and was a little tougher ride considering we were in an 18 footer instead of our friend's 24 footer yesterday. Went 5/8.. 3 lakers a decent king and a steelhead. Mostly in front of the stacks from 100-130 FOW 115 was the best. dorection didnt seem to matter. First fish came on a diver back 115 laker on a dot closer SD/ Lemom ice meat rig. Put it back in the water and fired again with the king. That one hit the cooler and the other diver with a NFN flasher and green UV glow meat fires back 100... Nobody home.... Not even the flasher or meat rig. So that happened and the 200 Cu copper yellow submarine starts screaming and the copper snaps. Lost about half of it and what was possibly our boats greatest spoon. After that goat rodeo and a lull the 300 Cu flounder ponder caught a nice greaser and so did the diver with the lemon ice meat again. Had a huge laker hit our rigger down 55 with a blue ice meat rig. He floated to the surface and released himself. Good because he was not edible... Last fish was the chromer on a 125 Cu hawg wild to end on a good note. Stopped at goldcoast on the way home and replaced our yellow submarine with a very similar looking spoon called moonshine. Only half of it glows tho which is a bummer. To my knowledge from looking around on the Internet moonshine no longer makes the yellow suarine. Anyone know where I can find one? When we fish our boat in the morning that lure averaged at least one silver fish a trip. Would love to get another one.
  6. Fished Port Sheldon but found ourselves in front of Holland at one point this AM. Went 5/10 2 trout, 3 kings. Started in 60 and went SW till we hit 100 and started marking fish, turned it south and got all our hits trolling south in 100 FOW. what worked: (lots of hits hard to remember I'm succession) wire diver back 100 blue bubble sd/ fly (1/1 laker) 300 Cu nbk sd/ proctologist fly (1/1 laker) 225 Cu blue dolphin 1/2 225 Cu fat nancy sd/ proctologist fly 1/1 rigger down 65 blue sd/ moo moo meat 1/1 (18.5 lb king!!) rigger 55 down mixed veggie sd/meat 0/2 Dipsy back 160 hawg wild sd/ proctologist fly 0/1 dipsy back 120 nbk sd/ proctologist 0/1 Good day, a little rough but fun. One king had lots of little shiner minnows in it but empty stomachs for the rest.
  7. Dot closer is an old 8" SD we had lying around that I hadn't had a lot of use for till I got the yellow meat rig that matches it perfectly. Never heard of anyone else really using it. Not sure of DW still makes that color.
  8. Finally found a couple big kings everyone has been talking about. 3/4 last night! started North in 80 FOW and went NW till we hit about 100 and took a rip on a dipsy set 115 back. 9 lb king blue bubble flasher/fly. Trolled around and came back to the same area and the other dipsy starts screaming! 100 back yellow dot closer/lemon ice meat rig. 18 lber! Made another pass through toward dark and hooked into what I'm pretty sure was either a 20 lb laker or the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald... 300 Cu mag blue dolphin. Unhooked himself after I had struggled to drag in about half the copper. Pulling lines the same rod went again in 80 feet and we got em this time! 15 lb king. Big smiles all around as we look back on last season and how bad the fishing was and how grim the fishery for the future looked and realize how blessed we've been so far in 2016!
  9. Thanks! Very interesting, steelhead never cease to confuse me. I was a little timid of the odd color meat but he definitely tasted pretty good!
  10. 4-6 all silver this morning! Set up around 6:00 in 100 just south. Went SW and stayed in about 110-120. First fish was a king on 125 CU hawg wild. Had a huge bump on a dipsey back 125 mag green flasher and spook fly. Then had a hit that came off on a 200 CU yellow submarine. Finally got back into the hooking rhythm when we landed a chromer on a 300 CU flounder pounder. Next was a dink king (16") barely pulled the board back on a 175 with a modified coyote. Finished with another 13 lbsteelhead on the 200 CU yellow submarine. Mostly N/S troll about 2.6-2.8 SOG. Both steelhead had bellies full of big ales, kings had nothing. The smaller of the steelhead had almost white meat and a hooked mouth. Did this thing just come out of the river somewhere? If so anybody have a guess as to what it was doing there?
  11. At least they were biting. Pretty color on that laker!
  12. 2/3 tonight after a gorgeous trip. Got a late start after the boat ramp circus, went just south and set up in 100 FOW at about 7:00. Shortly after in about 110 on a north troll caught a nice steelhead on a 350 copper magnum blue dolphin. Nothing till sunset after that. Next fish was in 120, decent coho on a dipsey 100 back with a blue UV meat rig. Shortly after had drag ripping on a 200 copper modified coyote. Unfortunately never got to meet that fish... Slow but not bad for a short little trip. Nice to hear some drag again.
  13. Started in PS this morning EARLY. Went 3/3 but as the title implies, we did some moving. First fish came right away while setting lines. Coho on a 225 Cu moonshine RV blue jeans in 90FOW. Trolled around for a couple more hours until we decided that wasn't where we wanted to be. Pulled lines and made the run to just north of Saugatuck to fish for greasers. Both came while pulling lines in Saugatuck at 100 FOW. First on a green/pink spin n glow bouncing bottom on rigger. 2nd on a 225 Cu Hello Darlin. It's June for sure........ Beautiful day on the water nonetheless.
  14. I have some year old meat still in my freezer from last year. Some whole herring and some strips. It still stinks fine but is it freezer burnt and trash worthy or can I still catch fish with it?
  15. Yup! We've all been there. Sometimes the fish win...
  16. 45#. Forgot to mention it was only the port side 225 that was taking e fish. We put the same spoon on the other 225 and not a sniff.
  17. Great day today, wound up 8-10 out of Port Sheldon with 6 kings and 2 lakers. Fish all came within 120-130 fow. ALL bites came before 8:15 and mostly on an east/west troll. What worked: 225 Cu Hello Darling 5/5 !!! Rigger bouncing bottom green/pink spin n glow w/ silver dodger 2/2 (trout) 150 Cu UV Mixed Veggies 1/1 300 Cu Hello Darling 0/1 dipsey back 175 NBK SD proctologist fly 0/1 I know what spoon I need to get more of!!
  18. Silver fish still out deep, 200 range, PS andHolland. Mostly spoons, heard of SOME action on meat but wouldn't reccomend running it exclusively yet this time of year. Trout are in closer, 80-90 foot range mostly south of holland.
  19. The first one I'd say was probably about 10. The rest were on the smaller, tastier side probably averaging about 4-5 lbs.
  20. Fished for trout this morning, launched from PS but ran south of holland, trolled past Saugatuck then spun around and trolled past holland before callin it a day. Went 7/8 with 6 keeper lakers. Fished between 80-100 feet. What worked: divers bouncing bottom: dodgers and green spin n glows 4/5 225 Cu magnum blue dolphin 1/1 riggers bouncing bottom with Dodgers and green spin n glows 2/2 Most fish came over half way into the trip, with a non existent morning bite where we were hoping to get some kings. Most fish probably came halfway between holland and Saugatuck. All in all a great day on the water, and a great day to smoke up some greasers!
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