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  1. Went out of Saugatuck to 180 fow...Got on N. troll, with just meat rigs on riggers, and spoons the rest...Fished 40 to 90 fow down...Plucked one nice 12lb steelhead on meat rig in 150 fow, down 60...Zig zagged around to 110 fow, and nothing...Not one other bite...Seem to mark a fair amount of trout on bottom in 120 fow...Didnt even set up for them...Blackmouths must be deeper, and to the North...Had tournament out of Sauggy this mornin too...But dont have info on results of that... Jeesh
  2. The Mary Gail

    Lack of reports

    Went out of Saugatuck 8/8 for evening when it was rolling pretty good...5 or 6 boats out trolling N. and South in 120 fow...I joined for a couple hrs with nothing to show...No bait fish, and no marks...Then moved trolled into 70fow with marking some fish, but no takers...Not sure when they are headed up the Kzoo river...But by the looks of it not anytime soon...Even with the water cooling off some about 50 or 60 ft down...
  3. I think I meant 8/4 not september
  4. Headed out of Saugatuck Sat afternoon eager to get on some blackmouth action...Had some decent reports out of Tower Marina that in 120fow some cold water had set up in 60 to 70 fow down...And a fair amount of 4yr old blackmouths were getting hooked....So I headed out after 2 week hiatus...Great night, nice SW breeze, 1 -2 ft chop, and not a fish to be found... Trolled meat rigs, UV spoons, and flys every direction... From 100 fow to 160 fow...Most about 50 to 90 ft down... Set lines 5:30 pm and pulled them little after 9... Not one bite!!! About 6 boats out and around, and not much on radio... Then managed to ruffle feathers on my wife/ first mate with my frustration ?...Told her she was bad luck...Then I got a good coaching... Hoping the big blow rolls the lake over and brings cold water and some fish back around... Jeesh
  5. First post here...Been watching and ready it for awhile now...LOVE it... Anyway, been a bit slow for me out of Saugatuck...With just Lakers and Steelhead last few times...Tonight a bit of the same.. Fished 7pm to around 9:30...Great night except for the flies..I swear they are all teeth and jaws... 2 for 4 all on dipseys, 155 fow, spoons, 130 ft back...Marked alot of fish... Seemed to be a fair amount of boats out from 100fow to 200... Finished one 10lb steelhead, and 8lb laker... Had 2 steelhead just tear us up...one just tail danced, shook the hook and kept on tail dancing 3 more times... Weather looks decent, and should be able to get out again SOON...T