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  1. First post here...Been watching and ready it for awhile now...LOVE it... Anyway, been a bit slow for me out of Saugatuck...With just Lakers and Steelhead last few times...Tonight a bit of the same.. Fished 7pm to around 9:30...Great night except for the flies..I swear they are all teeth and jaws... 2 for 4 all on dipseys, 155 fow, spoons, 130 ft back...Marked alot of fish... Seemed to be a fair amount of boats out from 100fow to 200... Finished one 10lb steelhead, and 8lb laker... Had 2 steelhead just tear us up...one just tail danced, shook the hook and kept on tail dancing 3 more times... Weather looks decent, and should be able to get out again SOON...T