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  1. Check ends of cable for fraying as suggested and replace the terminal hardware to the cannonballs. Couple bucks to replace the terminal connection so it is new and strong as it can be for new year of trolling. Pay me now or later is old saying when you watch a $$$$ cannonball go to bottom or worse a probe. Started doing that few years back and just buy the multi packs of replacement terminals so it can be done anytime anywhere. Yes, I lost a fairly new cannonball on first outing years back and it was from not replacing the terminal ends. Can they last long? Yes but the investment you have at the end of the cable is far less than couple bucks for a terminal connector. Just preventative maintenance. I know, folks will say they never had a problem. OK, I fish more than most and I like to keep my "balls" off the bottom.
  2. Here is a reel fill calculator, its also on this site Salmon Page reel_fill_calculator-1.xls
  3. Located in SW MI, need an old style base for project. I have split my mast to have 2 single masts so I can mount on each side of boat (moving to my bigger boat). I have one so need another to make this project work. five seven 4 three 87 nine 4 zero 0 Thanks
  4. Used Carlisle Sport Trail BIAS trailer tire mounted on spoke wheel. 205x75x14. THIS IS NOT A RADIAL TIRE. Now $50 (was $65) - SW MI near Niles. five-seven-4-3-eight-seven-nine-4-0-zero IMG_1287.HEIC IMG_1288.HEIC
  5. Buying new trailer and one of the trailers I am looking at has "fully submersible" electric disk brakes both axles instead of surge hydraulic disk on both axles. Anyone have experience with electric on boat trailer? Issues? Love them or absolutely hate them? Thx, Muddy
  6. I have used these folks for several trailer axle repairs including replacement with good success. Located in Elkhart. Axle Inc
  7. Play Dough, I probably will not fly flags lights etc since I am with you on being first to change course. But I wanted to know what options were out there and there are some if anyone is interested. The biggest problem is getting blowboats to realize they have a legal obligation to avoid collision as much as any other vessel. WE can all cite incident after incident crossing behind us, in front of us, into us forcing stop or abrupt course change weaving gear into a wonderful braided mess behind boat. We don't need rules. Just common sense courtesy to everyone regardless of craft your in. The water belongs to all vessels and if we shared like 5 year olds taught in kindergarten there wouldn't be any issues to talk about.
  8. Actually no to just being a vessel underway. You are inhibited just by the fact you can sustain damage to your vessel and gear. You could say the same about commercial netting operations as well, they can maneuver just how much damage will occur. CG agrees that if you damage your equipment or vessel trying to maneuver away from someone it proves you are restricted in maneuverability. Any violent turning with rigggers can cause cables into prop etc. Heck I know enough boats where this has happened just from heavy currents. Having 4 downriggers down and multiple long lines such as copper, wire can cause damage to your gear and even your vessel if you had to "escape" from another vessel. The key component from even telephone discussions was that how much gear you had out to prove you would sustain damage to your gear and vessel. The CG recognizes this potential risk and has provided suggestions to possibly alleviate encounters with other vessels that are clueless and since they are the authority on navigation, I will accept their position on it. But to FBD's point you can't fix stupid when folks go buy a 35' boat, attend no classes in seamanship and put the hammer down without thought or liability.
  9. Here is the email I received from CG back in 2012. Commercial fishing vessel definition does not include pleasure craft is why I asked for clarity from the CG. The key point is having restricted maneuverability such as in trolling long copper, lead core, wire etc. Commercial fishing flies the flag etc but we can also fly appropriate with specific lighting per Rule 26 as long as it is recognized to be severely limited in ability to maneuver. My whole issue back then was the constant sailboat ignorance of tacking directly into me without consequence. I had further discussions with the CG and best is to obviously avoid at all cost but also video for formal complaint against a specific vessel. The other issue of right of way trolling with other trollers is always going to be a hassle. I would hope courtesy would carry the day when the fleet is parallel to the shore to only pick the time to trolling inward when there is a reasonable space so long lines on each boat are clear from each other. It doesn't hurt to adjust speeds to be courteous and no one "owns" a specific trolling line on your GPS. If each boats moves slightly, everyone can be "happy" with the result. But unfortunately not the case a whole lot of times. Plotter lines seem to become possessive and end up with GPS rage which really can be interesting after dark. The funny part about combat fishing is we have done much better away from traffic of the fleet anyway. But one of the discussions I had with CG should there be a recognition of the trolling restricted maneuverability in the regulation. The answer was to formally request it up through the legal request process which I decided not to pursue. Thoughts? 201904.02.Redacted.CG.Opinion.pdf
  10. Actually this is not exactly correct relative to right of way. I have discussed this issue with CG and have written response in which they have provided more insight into "right of way" on the water. No vessel has absolute right of way including sail boats. All vessels have a legal mandate to avoid collision regardless of scenario or type of power. Fishing vessels flying the correct fishing flag do have right of way due to the trolling gear in the water does not allow them to be able to navigate as easily as a vessel that is not engaged in fishing. The key point is you must fly the correct flag and it must be visible for a specific distance. This was obtained from the CG Regulation Unit. I will scan and post up shortly.
  11. SPF - New Riversider combo, never used, plastic wrap still on cork handle. Model RSB133CP IM7 Graphite 3 piece, 13' Medium Light Action 6-12lb line. Matching Riversider reel. $100 Located SW MI near Niles Can ship with $ for packaging and shipping. PM or call Five-seven-4 38-seven nine four 00
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