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  1. Received probe this afternoon 2 days after contacting FH. Like I said, their customer service is top notch!
  2. pyt212

    Temp probe advice

    The X4 will do probably 95% of need. Speed versus currents plus temps is biggest bang from the system. Maintaining good lure speed, adjusting speeds, changing speeds at the ball can play huge in triggering a strike.
  3. Actually the folks at FH strongly recommend loosening the cap or you will definitely run the risk of cracking the case from pressure buildup. Their recommendation is in writing in the manual. I plan on taking cap right off and store in my blue case that I got with it so not a big deal. I've had this X4 for about 5 years and this is first time BUT still cost me $$$ for not following manufacturer recommendations. They knew right away what happened so gotta believe the folks that design/build. Just passing this along so anyone can decide what to do.
  4. I heard it is due to problem with sewage plant (grinder is fixed?). Does anyone know if is going to reopen?
  5. My X4 probe got a crack in case and was probably due to my failure to loosen the cap after each use to release pressure to insure it doesn't cause a crack in either the probe case or the cap. I either forgot, missed the instruction, over looked, just plain brain cramp which caused a crack and now a new one on the way to me. So just as a heads up, strongly recommend you take the time to loosen the probe cap after each use. I highlighted the maintenance recommendation table in the manual for ease. Maint-Page-X4-X4D_Electronic_Manual FNL1.pdf I have had a FH in my boat for close to 30 years and they have never disappointed in customer service. 5 Star in every aspect for any problem I have ever had. Some self inflected as well but that is called fishing hard. They listened (which in itself is trait most companies fail miserably at) and explained what probably happened to the probe and did help me out on the cost to replace. Customer service is something companies have to work at to be good and they have succeeded in my book.