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  1. Glad they caught them. Needs to be more of them caught and brought to justice.
  2. Man you guys are gonna make my head swell up like a balloon ! All I did was lend a hand to a friend. I was brought up that "when a friend is in need of help, you step up and help out in any way that you can". Alan's boat was giving him fits. I just helped him to eliminate the things that were NOT wrong, until we narrowed it down to only one thing. Then we fixed it. Simple,cheap, and effective. Thank You guys for the kind words, they are appreciated.
  3. I GOT IT ! ! ! The mechanic at the Marina was bound and determined that the carb was not working properly, and that I needed to replace the fuel pump for $350.00 I went through the whole thing, checked Everything! This is what I found. The main fuel supply line from the tank was aged, cracked and checked. Replaced that ($15.00) All was good for the first 1/2 hour. Then it started the same thing over again. So, I unhooked the fuel line from the tank, and put it into the kicker tank. Ran GREAT ! ! ! Not even a hiccup. Got back to the slip, and started digging. Removed the fuel gauge, and used a flashlight to have a look see.... Very little water in bottom of tank, so I moved the pickup tube up by 1/2 inch. Cleaned the screen in the pickup tube, and reassembled. Hehehe, it now runs perfectly !Must have been just enough junk in there that it was causing the engine failure. Want to say Thank You to all the members here that gave me there suggestions and offered there help. And Frank, I was just asking about the parts, I know better! Thanks.
  4. Almost forgot to ask, is there an automotive fuel pump that is the same as this one? Like maybe 70's Camaro or something with a 350 in it ?
  5. Thank You All for the responses. Looks like I will be sitting at the dock tomorrow changing the main fuel line. I thought it was the filter also, but when I pulled it and put a new cartridge in all was clean. I still put the new one in.
  6. OMC- 260, 350 cu in. Has new plugs,wires, cap, rotor, new fuel pump, carb rebuilt, new coil. Problem is when traveling at high speed or even trolling for that matter the engine just quits! My first thought was bad coil. So I changed that. Still have the same problem. (But have really good spark) When the engine quits, we have to wait for a few minutes before it will restart. Next, removed the hatch cover, to allow more air into engine cover. That seemed to work for the first hour. Same problem again. Checked the timing. All good. Runs Great! Same problem. Do any of you folks have any idea's as to what may be giving us these problems ? The engine acts like it is starving for fuel, at speeds over an idle of about 800 rpm's This is really screwing up our fishing in the LOC tourney going on here in NY.
  7. I have mine set up the same way Frank does. When I used the bags, I always used both, for better steering control. But, I added a trolling plate in my Merc Crusier outdrive, will never be without it again. Slows my 24' to 1.0 and I can maintain steering control better than with the bags.
  8. I had a similar thing happen with US Bank, I was out of town and wanted to buy something on my C Card. When I went to pay, it came back declined! ! I used it at the ATM for cash, all was fine. Called the branch at home, they called main branch, found out that they saw the card show up out of state and "Flagged" it as possible stolen. After I talked to them on the phone, cleared it up and was able to make my purchase. Sure is nis nice to know they are looking out for ya.
  9. That's what I am talking about. There has to be a use for these undesirable species. They are there, just need to get the right group of people interested. Just imagine the boost it would give to one (or more ) of these small towns along the river that are in dire economic situations.
  10. Here is an idea on how the Asian Carp thing can be brought to a profitable solution. Why don't we the fishermen of this country get together and net or commercial fish these things into oblivion? It seems that almost any other species has been taken to the brink of extinction by "over fishing" So why not do it on purpose ? These fish are table fare in many parts of the world, why can't the folks here in the USA see this and capitalize on it? Seems like some of these big market companies can figure out a way to gill net these things out of the rivers and can or process these things for sale outside the country. Or even here in the US. Just seems like such a waste for all the rest of us to sit back and bitch about the problems these fish are going to cause if and when they get into the great lakes water shed. There has to be some way that these fish can be removed from the rivers and put to some good use. Why not use them in the "feed the needy" programs. There are tons and tons of food right there for the harvesting, why aren't we making use of it ? Come on folks wake up ! Here is an answer to the food shortage, and it will help save the ecosystem at the same time.
  11. I was at the Wilson launch today making sure the bay was open to the lake. Talked with a few of the locals and they are telling me that the town of Wilson is in negotiations with the State of New York, trying to procure the Wilson-Tuscarora Park. This would be a real boom to the town and the surrounding area. All we can do is wait, and hope that the "leeches" in Albany see the light and turn the park over to the town instead of shutting it down.
  12. Yeah man, Alan and Bob are a couple of really great guys. Can't wait till we can get back out and do it again.
  13. Well today was a first for me, got a chance to fish the lower Niagara River @ Lewiston for trout. Was a really cool trip. With dodging the icebergs, and 35 degree water temps. and the wind @ 20 mph (burr) And of course no trip would be complete without a visit from the Boarder Patrol. (Not there to see us) They came after the nut job that crossed the river from Canada in the 5 foot rubber raft, with plastic paddles. See picture. Here is a few pictures of my friends, Bob and Allen, as we were making one of the drifts. Here is another of the area that the guy came across the river, that is the Lewiston- Queenston Bridge in the back ground. Here is the only fish taken today. Nice trout just full of skeine.
  14. My boat is kept in a secure storage, and the equipment is all removed and stored in one of those "you lock and keep the key" places. Well at least it was till some no good for nothin' bastiches cut the locks and emptied 9 units in the place, and of course mine was one of them ! ! ! ! From now on it will be stored here at home.
  15. Aaron, do you have a web address for this company ? Thanks, Bill.
  16. You got my vote too. Sounds like you have a great future in front of you ! Good Luck in the contest and God Bless your marriage.
  17. I have some Okuma Mag 30 line counter reels that I am replacing about 3 seasons old. All have power pro 30# test on them
  18. Dan, Yes the folks at Okuma will talk to you on the phone. They has a really great staff there that is always willing to help. I have been dealing with them for several years.
  19. yes, it is a closed system. There is NO water in the oil. The only place I can find ANY water at all is on top of the head, under the valve cover. I have a bunch of spare parts for this motor, MercCruiser 488. So, changing heads is not a real problem. Thanks for all the input, I really do value the info. Bill.
  20. I took my wife and gran daughter out for a ride on the lake the other night. Was a great evening for a ride. To get to the point, I looked back and there was steam and smoke coming from under the engine cover ! When I checked the temp gauge, it was still in the 120-140 degree range, ok, not over heating. When I opened the cap for the cooling system, it was bone dry, and HOT. I had just checked it 20 minutes before, when I did my pre trip. Check oil, water, belts and fluid levels. Well, I refilled the tank with water, and limped into the dock. Next day, I went down and started looking. There are no broken hoses, or lines. No water is showing up in the oil. (Thank fully) Now, when I started the engine and let it run at high idle, it started to spew steam from the vent on the valve cover! Can you guys help me make an educated guess as to what might be wrong ? Thanks in advance, Bill.
  21. Working well on my end. Thanks for the work Mike.
  22. I was over at my friends dock yesterday afternoon talkin' fishin. He runs a tow and rescue boat here in Mentor Lagoons, Ohio. Well, a call came in for a boat that was in need of assistance, he asked if I would like to go along. Not being one to turn down a new adventure, I said yes. When we arrived on scene, with lights flashing, Coast Guard Aux. was there, and here comes the Coast Guard Rescue team. They checked on the well being of the occupants, and made sure the boat was still sea worthy. By this time, they gave us the OK to hook up to the boat and tow him back to the launch ramp at Chagrin River. By the time we got to the mouth of the river, traffic was getting pretty busy. Talk about inconsiderate people. When towing, you just don't have the maneuverability you normally would. Even with the flashing lights going, people just continued to turn in front of us. Some teenage girl on a jet ski, was next to us, looking at her friends on there jet ski's and not paying any attention. I had to yell to her so she didn't get between us and the boat we had in tow. Well, long story short, we got him safely to the launch ramp, had to wait 15 minutes for the "go fast boat" to finish admiring his boat before starting it and getting out of the way. When we finally got the other boat pulled up to the dock, some jet skier, says to me "are you going to be here long" ? I want to launch my 2 jet ski's. Wanted to tell her, " No lady I will move so you can go play !" But, I was nice and told her we would move as soon as we finished the paperwork. When we were on the way back home, another call came in, dead battery. Got to this boat, passed them a booster pack, but the engine still wouldn't start. Hooked up the tow line and headed for home. Along about this time, here comes the rain, thunder, lightning, the whole thing. By the time we get to the entrance to the harbor, that boats are lined up like they are giving away "FREE GAS" ! ! ! Here they are trying to go into the channel 3 abreast! One boat even has a towable tube on a tow rope, with 4 people in it going into the harbor ! Well after 3-4 near misses, we finally got into the harbor, while try to get this boat to his dock, the other boats are just cruising right next to us as we are trying to maneuver this guy into a slip. I tell ya, some folks just have either No Smarts, or No common sense ! ! Just wanted to share this with you all here,Thankfully no one was hurt and there were no collisions, but it was a learning experience. I can't wait for the chance to do it again !
  23. Have a look here: http://forums.iboats.com/showthread.php?t=342668 These guys explain it pretty well. Good Luck, Bill
  24. Congrats Jason to you and the Mrs. Nothing better than being Blessed with a healthy baby. Maybe someday your daughter and my grandson can meet.
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