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  1. Sorry everyone. I forgot about this post. The reels are no longer here. I don't know what happened to them but, they are gone.
  2. That's how some of our lines were yesterday out of Olcott. Found it easier to cut the swivel off and just slide them off the line and then re tie. Gonna have to look into that line from Cortland.
  3. Tim, Great report. Did you find much trash floating when you were out? We fished the Olcott area on Sunday 7/4/10 and it was like a mine field inside the scum line. went out north and deeper, and we had a blast on the steelies and coho's but, best king was shy of 20# Best bite was in top 30 fow, on riggers down 25 with double orange crush, 10' behind the ball. We couldn't keep lines in the water. fish after fish. Then we found the water fleas. So thick, had to hand line some fish into the boat. (line would get stuck at the rod tip, cause the fleas were so bad.) |Anyone have suggestions to keep them off the lines ?
  4. Great fish ! ! ! Best we have been able to do so far is just under 20# But, I'm not done yet. flyman013, yes it was taken on Lake Ontario
  5. I run my dipseys on the big boards. But, I do run jet divers on my in line boards, and they are very productive. My big boards were homemade from cedar 1x10 x24" No rudders on them, and they track very well.
  6. ahw come on guys, I along with several others run dipsey's from the big boards all the time. Thing is, you have to have them ALL set on the same settings. I usually run them on 1 or zero, and use a rubber band on the release clip. Works well and when you hit a fish, and all are on the same setting, you can bring that one line in and let the next one in line out to take it's place. Example, run (4) dipsey's on board all on 1 setting back 125' middle line catches a fish, let in go to the rear and retrieve it, then let out the next dipsey on line to the place where the one just retrieved was.
  7. Have a look at these : Link They are inexpensive, @ $39 each and have a lifetime warranty on them. Have them in 3 sizes. Have a couple we use for salmon, and no trouble with them.
  8. Jim, Is this boat still on the market ? If so, give me a call. 440-231-6610 Thanks, Bill
  9. we use the riggers all the time for eyes. 125' behind the ball. We use both #10 and #12 balls.
  10. If he was interested, we could meet in Dundee, Mi.
  11. I have a 1994 Mercury 8 hp short shaft very low hours. Just came out of the shop, had the carb. redone.
  12. I run "Tite Loc" triples but, I added a 6" bungee cord to ALL of mine. To do this, I drilled a 1/4" hole at the bottom of the tube and secured the cord to the tube, then I can hook it to the reel. Main reason, I had several folks let go of the planer line, and had the rods were lifted out of the holder and end up in the lake. I also have an assortment of flush mounted 45 degree angle rod holders.
  13. Here is a video of how it works. http://www.qcove.com/images/BreakAwayLarge.wmv
  14. I found a "new" replacement shaft for $89.00 and another $50 for the impeller kit. So all in all, not to terrible.
  15. Where do I start ? Alan, (fenceman2ac) and I have been doing a bit of fishing together for the past couple months. Any how, last time we were out, the outdrive on Alan's boat crapped out and left us stranded on Lake Ontario. We were then towed in by the Coast Guard. Anyways, we were able to determine that the ball gears were the suspected culprit. (Thanks to Jim, (1maniac) for his knowledge and willingness to put up with all my phone calls lol. He had a set of gears that Alan bought from him. I went do to Alan's yesterday and removed the old ones and we installed the new gears. When we tested the performance, the prop failed to rotate. We decided to pull the lower half off the out drive, when I tried to rotate the gears, I could get rotation out of the gears on top of the water impeller but nothing below it was turning. When we pulled the assembly apart, we found the spline on top of the shaft (see attached photo) was stripped. Know we are in the process of trying to locate another shaft to be able to get Alan's boat back on the water. I have alway's been a Merc Cruiser guy, but, I am learning OMC's inside and out.
  16. Great day ! Glad to see it all came together for you and the boys.
  17. I have also been using the Okuma reels for the last 10 years. Sure they wear out, and I replace them or have them repaired. But they sure get the job done. Another alternative, look at the reels that Cabela's are offering with their name on them. Have a friend that is using them, very smooth, large line capacity, and it they break, return to Cabela's and they will replace it.
  18. OK guys, I need your help again. Friend has an OMC Stringer outdrive, while on the Lake lost all forward and reverse movement. It is apparently the "ball gears" My question is what is gonna be in my way when I remove the outdrive ? Are there any cables ? shift levers? or anything I need to be aware of that are going to be damaged if I am not careful ? Anyone have any links to exploded views of these outdrives ? Thanks in advance, Bill
  19. Prayers to the families. It's always a sad thing to hear of such a tragedy. My question, if they were in "dense fog" what happened to common sense ? I mean if yo can't see where you're going, Slow down!
  20. Capt. Josh, That is what has happened, I didn't have them cold enough. I just got these last week in NY. They are very tasty, just had me concerned when they were that soft. Thank You very much. From here on the fish box will have plenty-o-ice.
  21. I need to ask this from you guys that catch salmon all the time. As most of you know I am a walleye guy, and don't know squat about salmon. When I filleted some kings and coho, for the smoker they are VERY mushy. I mean that these fish were so soft, that I needed to be careful or they would almost fall apart when I was getting them ready to smoke. This is while I am getting them ready for the brine solution. Is it normal for these fish to be so delicate ? I mean I was able to remove the bones, before they were cooked, by pulling them from the meat with my fingers. Thanks in advance, Bill
  22. Glad you got it fixed with out too much trouble.
  23. We saw you guys out there. Managed to boat 3 coho's 5-7 # Then the coupler went out on the engine to outdrive. Coast Guard towed us back from the green can, after 3 guys in a Lund started helping us out. Was a beautiful day till the winds came up again.
  24. I found one here in Cleveland, needs some serious help. Decks are gone (all the wood anyway) hull is sound. Engine is most likely toast. $1500 Don't know if I want a project that big.
  25. Great report Bill. If you need a hand on one of your outings, give me a call. I can be there in 20 mins... I would love to see your program in operation 716-438-7220 or 440-231-6610 Bill
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