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  1. Thank You Don ! Much appreciated...
  2. Does anyone here have any good places to buy "cut bait" or frozen alwives ? I have searched on line, and have found lots of articles about using them, but, no suppliers. Thanks in advance, Bill.
  3. I use the Blacks on Lake Erie for walleye, and have no problems. Good friend uses them on Lake Ontario for salmon, and he has no problems.
  4. Sounds of it, you guys had a blast ! Never done the hook and line for smelt, always used a net here in New York waters.
  5. Reading his book now, Very well put together and very informative.
  6. Hi everyone, As those of you that know me, I am a walleye fisherman. We are planning a trip on Lake Ontario @ the Lower Niagara Bar this May. Can and will anyone give me some ideas as to what kind of program to run ? Looking for info on Kings and trout. What should we run ? Spoons, body baits, cut baits, spinner/fly combo's ? Any and all help and info is greatly appreciated.
  7. Here is another one: 1cup morton canning & pickleing salt 1 to 2 cups dark brown sugar. your taste 1/2 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup teriyaki sauce 8 to 10 oz honey 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp seasoned salt 1 tbsp onion powder 1 tbsp garlic powder 1 tbsp lemon pepper 1/2 tbsp liquid smoke 2 1/2 gallons apple juice 3 cups water 3 to 5 bay leaves mix all but apple juice in pan bring to boil stir until all dry ingredients are disolved add 1/2 gallon apple juice ,let cool down.rinse and add fish into large plastic bowl cover with brine,weigh down with plate.refridgerate 12 hrs or overnight. remove from brine rinse well put on cooling racks for bout 1 hr.can put fan blowing on to speed up sheening process save brine for top pan in smoker.while fish is sheening soak wood chips 1/4 gallon apple juice after fish get a sheen on smoke at 200 to 300 degrees 4to8 hrs add chips as needed enjoy
  8. Mike, I would love to attend. BUT, it;s a 12 hour ride for me to your place.
  9. Sounds like a deal to me also. But, make sure you look at the stringer, transom, and boots. Rubber drys out and cracks over time.
  10. Contact the folks at FishHawk. They had me send mine in for repairs and it was very reasonable and fast service.
  11. If you are the handy type of a guy, you can do the job yourself or with the help of a friend. Just have to be CAREFUL with the shifter cable when you split the out drive from the transom. Looks like around a 200 dollar job. Here is a link to parts and prices: http://www.masonmarine.net/index.php/transom-intermediate-housing-stringer-intermediate-housing-parts-1985-older-c-23_26_1835_396
  12. Me too. Been using a moor sub troll and am switching to an X4
  13. I have a (2) battery system on my boat. (1) for starting, and the other for alll my electronics and lighting.
  14. Yes sir you can add a spot light on the bow. Many of the guys use them. Also you can mount work lights over the fishing area on your boat to make it easier for you.
  15. I have been having same results on Lake Ontario. Fishing over 500+ and fish are in the top 70. Mostly steelies and smaller kings. There are lot's of BIG kings in close, laying right on the bottom. When the sun starts to go down the screen will fill with big fish coming up from the bottom. But, they don't want to hit anything. Good luck in your search for big fish.
  16. Mazen, Usually Documented Vessels are the larger boats on the lake. There is a preset for being able to document, but, I don't have it right here in front of me. As far as the name on your boat, that is pretty much up to you. As long as it is not profanity. And no you do not need to document your boat. Your questions are NOT stupid. The only Stupid question, is the one that is NOT asked. On the bow, red and green, stern white light.
  17. Justin, when you get your camera back home, let me know what model you have. We can figure out how to modify it then. Bill
  18. Not sure which one you have, but, should be some small rubber "buttons" or plugs covering the screws that hold the case together. Has to be a way to get into the case, they have to preform service on them.
  19. Justin, What I did was to locate the Positive post and the negative post on the inside of the camera, soldered a wire to each and extended it thru the bottom or back of the case. To get it thru the case, I drilled a 1/4" hole and put the wires thru, then sealed with silicone. Attach alligator clips to ends and attach to battery. I used a red clip for positive and black for negative. Place battery in a canvas bag, attach to tree with a strap and your good to go. They really are simple to do. Takes about 15-30 minutes to complete.
  20. I have not made one of these as of yet. I have modified a few. So that instead of using all those "D" cell batteries, mine use a single or double six volt lantern battery or gell cell.
  21. Hope this is in the proper place. This is for you folks that are like me and like to make things at home. These deal with the making of trail cams at home. Here is a partial list of sites that I found: Hope you enjoy. Code: http://www.jesseshunting.com/site/homebrew-cams.html http://www.hagshouse.com/Hags%20House/Trail%20Camera%20Project.htm http://www.depreyswildlife.com/ http://www.whitetaildeer-management-and-hunting.com/whitetailcam-s40.html http://www.huntnbuddyproducts.com/videopage.html http://www.bfoutdoors.com/index.html http://www.pixcontroller.com/ http://www.snapshotsniper.com/index.htm
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