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  1. Enjoy the time you have on the water, and try to learn as much as you can from the things that happen while you are out there. Take a kid fishijng every chance you can, they will NEVER forget it !
  2. Welcome to the site. Great bunch of folks here and they are always willing to share. Best of luck on the big water.
  3. I found a 40 gallon tote of assorted Merc Cruiser parts in my shed. There is an assortment of parts including carbs, starters, covers etc. If anyone needs any parts for the 4 cylinder merc,s 470,485,488 Let me know, if I have it we can work out a price.
  4. Went back out to the 30 line again this morning. That area is on FIRE ! ! ! Set up @ 0700 and finished @0755 with 8 steelies and 1 king in the box ! ! ! King and 1 steelie were to just over 16# I was back in the dock and cleaning fish by 0900. What a day !
  5. Fished out of Olcott again today. Had over 30 hook ups and boated 18 steelies and 1 small king. What a blast ! Water was really strange today. 70 fow and it was 60 degrees at the surface, and 40 degrees down 40 feet Went out to 350 fow was 76 degrees on top and 65 down was in the mid 50's
  6. Fished out of Olcott from 7:30 pm till about 9:30 pm. Lake was flat, beautiful sunset. Well, we really weren't fishing, just setting up the electronics and getting the rigger and stuff adjusted. Anyhow, got to 65 fow and the screen turned RED with fish ! ! ! There were hooks all over the place, the bait was from top to bottom in clouds. There were even fish rolling at the surface ! We went from 65 to 125 and the fish were all over the screen. We decided to set a few lines and see if we could get any hits. Ended up with 1 little kind that we turned loose. Do these fish normally start to stage in front of the tributaries this early ? I talked to a few guys today, said they were out same time as us, but they were out at the 29,30, and 31 lines. No kings but, a nice bag of steelies. I wish I could figure out what these fish want. Going back out again in the am. See what we can see in the daytime.
  7. No sir. We have been using them on my boat, Don's boat, JD's boat, and many others. No sign of wear on any of them.
  8. Frank, we have been using the Black's for both salmon and walleye. They are great ! I will never go back to the grip type.(pinch pads)
  9. Good report Jim. Seems like you guys (and girls) are just bangin away at the fish this year.
  10. Why don't they do what we do when walleye tournament fishing? At each weigh station they have a hand held metal detector, just like they use in the airports. As fish are weighed in, they are "wanded" to be sure they were not "stuffed" with added weights We here on Lake Ontario use the same methods when tourney Salmon and Trout fishing.
  11. Here is one that I use: 1cup morton canning & pickleing salt 1 to 2 cups dark brown sugar. your taste 1/2 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup teriyaki sauce 8 to 10 oz honey 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp seasoned salt 1 tbsp onion powder 1 tbsp garlic powder 1 tbsp lemon pepper 1/2 tbsp liquid smoke 2 1/2 gallons apple juice 3 cups water 3 to 5 bay leaves mix all but apple juice in pan bring to boil stir until all dry ingredients are disolved add 1/2 gallon apple juice ,let cool down.rinse and add fish into large plastic bowl cover with brine,weigh down with plate.refridgerate 12 hrs or overnight. remove from brine rinse well put on cooling racks for bout 1 hr.can put fan blowing on to speed up sheening prossess save brine for top pan in smoker.while fish is sheening soak wood chips 1/4 gallon apple juice after fish get a sheen on smoke at 200 to 300 degrees 4to8 hrs add chips as needed enjoy
  12. I have a Big Jon Daul Planer Mast and reels for sale. This unit is in VERY good condition, NO cracks in the reels. New line on both reels. I had this unit on my old boat and it served me very well. I don't need this on the new boat, as I have the reels mounted to the hard top. If anyone is interested, $225.00 plus actual shipping from 14094 Thanks, Bill.
  13. I had that boat insured with AllState. Along with my home and vehicles.
  14. Almost no one here knows about the experience I had on my way from my home in Ohio to the South Towns Walleye Assoc. Tourney back in June. Well I am finally able to relate the story to my friends here. On Wednesday, got the boat out of storage, and took it to Rich's house for cleaning etc. We gave it a good cleaning, and then reworked the top end of the engine. New head, with valve job done, shaved etc. Got the engine running, and this thing would idle down to 500 rpm ! I figured about a 1 mph troll. We finished up all the stuff we wanted to do, installed riggers, electronics, rod holders, etc. Friday am, I left for NY @ Barcellona for a week of tourney fishing. Well, at approx. 9am my whole world turned to crap! The only thing that we (and the fire dept.) can figure is there was an electrical short someplace in the system. I was in such a state, I managed to call Alan Chase (fenceman2ac) and he came to PA, at the fire site and helped me get my composer back. We found a place to store the remains, till the insurance co. could arrange pickup. So, now you guys and girls know the rest of the story as to why I have not been here for some time. Since this has happened, the insurance company has come thru with flying colors ! I have found and purchased another boat. This one is a 25' Luhr's with a 10' beam. and is set up for fishing. Has a hard top with fly bridge, Cisco Riggers and rod holders, Raymarine A65 color fish finder chart plotter combo, Lowrance LMS 350A fish finder gps combo, Moor sub troll with probe. Vhf marine radio, and all the safety equipment. Will add pictures soon as I can.
  15. Thank You Tom. I have heard nothing from him yet. Will keep looking for a set.
  16. Good deal on the donuts and cookies. I keep my dad supplied with fresh and smoked fish, in trade for trailer and boat storage. He likes his salmon, and mom loves the perch and walleye.
  17. Looking for a pair of used Otter boats. Anyone have a pair that they are not using ? Thanks, Bill
  18. Took a group of 3 out of Olcott today for a day trip. We headed out to 200 plus and hunted for fish, where they were a few days back. Not today!. Went into search mode, finally at the 100 fow mark, we started to see bait. So, we set up the riggers, side riggers down 35 and 45 with " steelie stompers" and "double orange crush" spoons. And set the center rigger down 65, with a Stinger Orange Crush. (HOT!) Had the dipsey's out on wire with spin doctor's and green flies. back 150' and 175' All rods took fish. But, the center rigger down 65 over 100 took the kings. First the center rigger fires, and Don hands the rod off to Bill (the customer) who starts fighting the fish, and then stops. He looks at Don, and says "he's gone" oh well. Don, start;s to retrieve the line, and then "he's gone" comes to life again! ! The fish made a run away from the boat, and turned back. Line went slack so he thought it was gone. When Don started to reel, he took up slack and the fish near took the rod out of his hands, as he made a run straight under the boat and kept going out in front of us ! ! ! Then he finally came unbuttoned. Went back around for another pass on same numbers, and the king in the picture below decided he wanted our spoon. Long story short, 45 minutes later, he is in the net and on the boat. Guy that took him, is still bouncing off the walls with excitement! All in all we had a great day out of Olcott. 25.5 pound King
  19. Ok Ladies and gents, I am in the market for a new down speed and temp unit. Who has what and what do you suggest ? This unit will be used on both Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Thanks for the input, Bill
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