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  1. We adjust or leader lengths to match the rod length. Because I don't want 5-10' of line still out there when my dipsey diver hits the end of my rods. As far as fly to flasher, we run 18-24 inch leads from flasher to fly.
  2. What about something like this? http://s405.photobucket.com/user/shu9265w/media/100_5197.jpg.html?sort=3&o=31
  3. Where do you folks get your heads and skirt materials for these flies ? Thanks, Bill
  4. Hi everyone, Been awhile since I have been here. But, I wanted to share this with my friends here. We fished out of Olcott yesterday, and we had a blast. The three of us ended the day with these 8 kings and 1 brown trout. All kings were over 20 pounds. He had almost non-stop action all day long. We released numerous trout and small salmon, and they all swam away fine. Found out that even Brand New hooks out of the package are NOT sharp enough ! ! ! ! (Lot's of hits and misses) And most that come with the flies, are NOT strong enough ! (several fish lost due to the hooks being straightened) Not a bad day for 3 walleye guys. http://i405.photobucket.com/albums/pp138/shu9265w/100_5514.jpg http://i405.photobucket.com/albums/pp138/shu9265w/100_5515.jpg
  5. I know that Gander Mtn. offers a discount to Charter Capts. I think it is 10% on fishing items.
  6. Some folks here out of Buffalo, have started using those trip divers that run to 50' with great success. They run to 48' with 100' of line out.
  7. Have you tried to add one of those flip down trolling plates ? I added one to my old sportcraft, after that I could let go of the wheel, and it was like I had an auto pilot. At trolling speeds.
  8. I usually run 8-10 rods on the big boards. 10 colors of core on the outside with a renosky, then 3-4 rods with power pro with divers out 200' 175' 150' 125' 100' Then 2 downriggers 1 with a harness and other with a spoon. Only time there is a tangle is when my son is driving the boat LOL, or we get a steelie on the hook
  9. Thanks Mike that is what I was thinking.
  10. That's what I was thinking. But, both Mike (GLF) and I know Rob. And if he needed help I think he would call in person.
  11. I'm writing this with tears in my eyes,I came down here to Madrid in Spain for a short vacation and i got robbed at GUN POINT last night at the park of my way to the hotel where I lodge, all cash,credit card and mobile phone were stolen from me but luckily for me i still have my passports with me. I've been to the embassy and the Police here are not helping issues at all and my flight leaves shortly from now but I'm are having problems settling the hotel bills $2,700 and the hotel manager won't let me leave until i settle the bills, I'm so confused at the moment I need urgent help. Thanks and kind regards Rob Bellmore Michigan Stinger Co-Owner / Production Mgr. 231-549-3320 Office 231-549-3942 Fax http://www.mistinger.com
  12. Looking for down speed and temp sensor unit, Moor,Cannon, Fishhawk ? Anyone have one used ? Got a great price on New ? Please let me know. Thanks, Bill 716-535-7566
  13. Hello everyone. I am in need of your help. I have a 25' Luhrs's that I will be using for a charter on Lake Erie. I am wanting to remove the hard top and rebuild it. Problem is it has a fly bridge on it. With controls for steering and throttle and shifting. Can anyone explain to me how I can disconnect these controls without destroying them ? Thus far, I have avoided getting into this project until I can get some insight as to what I need to do to remove these parts without destroying them. Thank You in advance, Bill.
  14. Holy cow Sherman ! ! ! I feel really lucky, after ready about your trip and troubles. About all I can say is "it will get better" Next season, when you get to Geneva, give me a call, I'm only 2.5 hours from there. You and the family can come up to NY and catch some salmon if you would like to, or fish walleye with me on my boat. Bill
  15. Has anyone tried those new OFF clip on's yet ?
  16. I have used Deep Woods Off with good luck. Just be careful if it gets on the deck, slickery ! !
  17. Does anyone have any idea how much these are worth for the pair? They have been in storage for at least 10-15 years. Still work great and are in really good shape. They were made by Luhr-Jenson Co. Are electric with short arm and swivel bases.
  18. shu9265

    Lake Trout

    Reason I ask, is we are getting some awesome lakers out of Lake Ontario. It just seemed there had to be a good way to prepare them instead of always turning them loose. Thanks Everyone. Bill
  19. shu9265

    Lake Trout

    How do you guys prepare Lake Trout for the table ? DO you smoke it ? Grill it? Put it on a pine board, bake, and then throw away the fish and eat the board ? Thanks in advance, Bill
  20. NEW variation of a virus out there kids. Called XP Internet Security 2012. This one is a real monster to get rid of. All the anti spyware sites say they can make it gone. NOT ! ! ! Only thing I found to work was a system restore to earlier point in time. This thing hijacks your browser and says it has been infected by tracking trojan virus, the people made it, are trying to get your CC info when you order the fix. Do Not ORDER or pay for anything named XP Internet Security 2012 ! ! !
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