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  1. Hi all! I will try to put together some old downriggers I have. All of them are missing some parts lol. Most of them have been bought online on various fishi9ng forums and came without mounting bases. I need some mounting bases for three Scotty downriggers. ( I bought two Scotty elec.downriggers on LOU but unfortunately i got S**ewed, so they came without mounting bases). Some days ago I purchased a pair of Cannon 10As on another fishing forum, they are sold without mounting bases/sviwels, so if... you got the grip? lol. Needed are also mounting bases and sviwel bases for Cannon unitrolls. I also need some rod holders for Cannon downriggers, both single and dual are of my interest. Some cables and connectors for Cannon electric downriggers would also be nice. I also have a sport troll that need a mounting base. Thanks in advance. Regards. Kjell
  2. WOW, I´ve never ever heard of anything like that..... When it comes to spending money my Wife is taking me to IKEA..... Take good care of her. /Kjell
  3. I am interested, but I still live in Sweden, and really don´t like the WUMO thingy, so my question is, have you got yourself a paypal account yet? /Kjell
  4. I wish I didn´t live in Sweden at the mo :-)
  5. Hello Mark! Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, been too busy to be active on fishing forums, I guess you know how it is with a short summer period and loads of work to do on house, vacation house etcetera.Now I am finish replacing the roof of my vacation house, renovate living room, two bedrooms and the kitchen (And someone said that fishing is expensive, stay away from owning a house then). Yes we do use planerboards, inline planerboards, dipsies and downriggers. We do not use, copper, wire and lead core maybe in the future. A normal spread on the Baltic sea can look like this, up to ten rods on the big planers, set from surface and down with mini disks, jeg divers, lead sinkers. 2 to 4 rods running dipsy or slide divers and up to 8 rods on the downriggers. On a nice day with calm weather I run up to 20 rods, the more wind and waves the less rods I use( I´ve had my share of monster tangles LOL). On a really good day we may get up to 5-7 salmons, but the average is closer to one salmon, this is in the summer or autumn when we are targeting feeding salmon. Fishing in the spring targeting salmon or their way to the rivers for spawning the average catch is one salmon on 150 hrs of fishing, but on the other side, that one salmon may as well weigh up to 60lb....... Well worth waiting for :-) /Kjell
  6. I would love to buy those, but only if you can meet me on the Swedish border :-) Shipping is gonna cost more than the cost of the downriggers. /Kjell
  7. Thats one of my favourites too, but I mainly use it on the Baltic sea, Sea trout (Salmo trutta trutta). The browns in our big lakes seems to enjoy the sight and taste :-) of a 3" or 4" Tomic, Bomber Long 15a, and some handmade finnish cranks named "Lappia". Hello Allessandro, it is Kjelle from Scandinavian Trolling :-) Cheers. Kjell
  8. Wow, nice rig you got there Chris. Does she catch some fish too? /Kjell
  9. By the way could it be that ugly blood sucking fish ive seen on pictures from the big lakes? sorta parasite, sometimes called eels. Edit, Lampreys I think the name of these eels was. /Kjell
  10. Whats specie is this fish called suckers? I picture googled for suckers with my adult filter turned off, yes you know what i found, but not a single fish. Please give me a specie name to google for. /Kjell
  11. Or what about catching one dinner while the other dinner grows? Well anyhow no garden for us, it is as easy as we do not have any suitable place/land for it. Maybe a small green house when the kids are getting older. /Kjell
  12. Yes sometimes we do, but more often I buy maybe three or four ex and sells off they Im not using. Selling on auction sites and get pretty good prices. All basics are available locally but the cost is the double of what it cost when I import it myself. Some brands we dont get here, like the Cajun red lines. Earlier this winter I ordered two 3000 yards spools of 50lb Power pro, Delivered at my house the cost was one third of the Swedish prices. But since then the Swedish Krona has weakened and the US dollar has increased in value so now maybe the price would be the half of what it is locally. Another example, last year I purchased one Lowrance LCX-112C chartplotter/depth sounder From the US delievered at my place the cost in Swedish Krona was 9000SEK, the price for the same unit in Swedish stores at that time was 28000SEK, thats a heck of a difference. /Kjell
  13. I have been using Lowrance products for 10 years and the two units I own at the mo will be my last Lowrance units ever, Worst piece of crap ive ever had. Last year I bought two new Lowrance units, one Lcx112c and one Globalmap 8200c. I bought those in the US and had them shipped to Sweden packed on a car I imported. The Lcx112C card readers didnt work att arrival, both slots were stone dead, made a call to their tech center in Tulsa, and the tech representant I spoke to said that I had to ship it back for service....., brand new not even installed. 6-8 weeks later my unit arrived in Sweden with new card readers, in the mean time I had used my Globalmap for like 8-10 hrs. I connected up both units and ran them both for 3-4 hours while fishing, and then all of a sudden the back light on the Globalmap died, omfg another call to Tulsa, same answer "send it back and we will replace it". Another 6-8 weeks when summer was gone i had both units again. Now I´m feeling nervous about if this crap will work or not.... And by the way, those phone calls wasn´t too easy. Had to wait for more than an hour several times before I got to talk to somebody, and some times after waiting for 45-50 mins all of a sudden the call disconnects. Good luck on your Globalmap, and hope you wont have to experience the same probs as i´ve had. /Kjell
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