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  1. Don count team ramble on in for the mornings event
  2. Your Lc is based on a full spool. The more line on it the more accurate it'll be
  3. Thanks for the support guys, lets keep it up
  4. Good work guys and thanks for the kind wishes and pointers!
  5. Well recently my girlfriend of 6 years and myself have become engaged. Ever since the engagement day, wedding planning seems to be the topic of conversation and prices are just outrageous. Trying to cut cost my future wife found a contest for a free a wedding photographer for the winning story of our life thus far. So, after she wrote "our story" and summited it into the contest we've found out we were one of three finalist for a free photgrapher. If we could get a little help from my fellow sportsman by voting at http://blog.innercirclephotography.com that would be amazing. God bless, Chad and Danielle
  6. Nice work on the fish Don.. Things are turning for the better
  7. we'll be out of muskegon around that time aswell..Good luck hit us up out there...Ramble On
  8. Ramble On will be out in the morning. We plan to be fishing by 7
  9. Fished the johnsons tournament and ended up having boat problems as soon as we set up a few miles north of white lake. Ended up having something sucked up the gas line and had to take the lines apart and clear them out. Fixed this problem then began to fish a little after 8. GOt hit right away but ended up starting 0-3 then hit the big fish of the tourny on a full core in 80 fow. Then as soon as the fish is landed the boat died again just shuts off, different problem. Figure out that there was a broken wire that kept shortning out the motor and fixed this after we crept back to whitehall ( boat would go for a bit then die if you hit a wave wrong) re-set lines in front of the pier and picked up 4 more kings before we pulled lines at around 1130 due to the waves building. Ended 5/8 or so in a couple hours of fishing Team Ramble ON
  10. Started out driving home from the Tom petty concert at the Palace and arriving at the lauch at just about the right time. (talk about a long day)fished with team Ramble On for the west michigan fishing league and had a good day. finished going 7 for 17 or so. Had a hard time keeping the fish on losing a few nice ones at the back of the boat. started out early in 140 and took a fish on a j-plug before all rods were set on a 7 color. Then flounder pounder put a few in the box along with blue dolphine and lemon ice getting hit as well. Bigger fish came deep on the 450 copper and 111 down on the riggers on blue dolphin standarded size. Never made it past 170 all morning. overall had a great time at this event and look forward to the rest.
  11. the diehard flasher fly was the best combo for us as well. 111 down on a rigger over 160-200 fow took 4 of our big fish or the tourny including 3 lakers. Also, our last king and our big fish for the tourny came on a 450' copper with the nbk setup over 190 fow. So the flasher flys was the most cosistant setup for us today. Long leads from the flasher to the fly and around 1.5mph and the ball was working for us. Ended the day 8for8 with two shakers. Thanks again for a fun and great tourny
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