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  1. Welcome Capt. Dan, Good to see you again. I for one can attest to Dan's willingness to share, He has turned me on to some ideas' that caught fish when nothing else would. What did you say those GPS numbers where again? LOL
  2. Thu Jan-18-07 11:35 PM by FISHCRAZY Checked E.72nd to day. The fishing piers are ice free, do watch the walkways, if you see wet spots it’s ICE. The rocks are all iced up, including the horseshoe. Water clarity got better towards the east end by the fifth pier, quite fishable there. The water in the marina was clean and I was able to observe something that explains why the east wall is such a good producer. The rest of the area water was murky but the clean water out of the marina made it out around the point where the east wall begins. Then went eastward up the wall, showing about 200 feet of clean water all the way. Then at the point where the east wall begins to turn back in I could see clean water all in front of the point that was out at least 1000 yards. That current brings a lot of feed for bait fish plus whatever it sterns up from the rocks as it travels east. When it gets to the point it meets other currents from the cove and it creates a whirlpool right in front of the point. Bait fish feed into that area and walleyes find them easy. Taking what I’ve seen today and applying it to other areas, it answers a lot of the questions I’ve had when I was catching fish in some spots but not others. We all know that currents have a lot to do with finding walleyes, so I know I’m not saying nothing new, but being able to see it was quite interesting and quite an eye opener. Most hot spots I know throughout the south shore has the potential of different currents colliding, most likely creating some type of a whirlpool just like at E 72nd. That means more stuff concentrated in one area, then more bait fish, then more walleye. Just something to think about, I know I’ll be playing with it and definitely put it to the test. I’ll be going off the fifth pier at 72nd tonight after 10:30pm. If the weather holds up, I’ll be putting the boat in tomorrow night, the ramps are ice free. We definitely got spoiled this winter, but I remember catching them through snow, and cold, and ice, and actually had real good nights. Tight Lines! FishCrazy: Capt. Virgil D. Tent
  3. Hey Dog, What time did you say that dinner was gonna be ready ? Looks like had a good spot and cooperative fish.
  4. Glad you and the boy's had a good time.
  5. Ice started to form here, and now it's melting again...
  6. We have it here for 1.95. Who knows how long it will last.
  7. shu9265


    1 lb. browned ground venison. (or beef if you prefer) 1 lb jar of your favorite salsa 1 lb of Velveeta cheese cubed combine all ingredients in a large microwaveable bowl. heat on high for 3 minutes stir heat another 2 minutes on high or until cheese is melted serve with tortilla chips and enjoy.
  8. Welcome to GLF George. I think you will really enjoy your time here. Great bunch of people here. Enjoy, Bill.
  9. I call my 24' sportcraft Week Daze, cause during the week I am usually in a daze waiting for the weekend so I can be on the lake. But times are getting better, I am spending more and more time on the water. And as soon as I get a little more info, I'll be turning me into a Charter Capt.
  10. Ok guys, I have been reading alot of posts, and I have to ask; What is/are "copper" rods? I understand the wire, full lead core, and riggers and dipseys, jets etc... Just don't know about the copper thing Thanx in advance, Bill.
  11. As soon as I find them, I will let you know.
  12. Mike, That would be great ! ! Just have to let me know what I need to bring along. And I need to get an out of state license. I will let my wife know that I will be gone for a day or 3, she will be so happy! Thank You and I look forward to meeting you all there. Bill
  13. Guys, I know that I am the new kid here, but, I wanna fish too ! Is there any chance of hitching a ride with one of the boats from here? I will be driving up from Cleveland. Thank You, Bill.
  14. Cleveland Walleye's Here is clip from the local news channel, about the fishing we are having here now. Code: http://www.wkyc.com/news/news_article.aspx?storyid=61341 __________________ There is a place for ALL of GOD's creatures; "right next to the potatoes and gravy"
  15. Hello Everyone, Just got here via invite from GLF. Site looks really good, and I see lots of topics to join in on. I mainly fish for walleye and perch here in Ohio. (Mentor Lagoons) But, used to live in upstate New York and fished Lake Ontario and Niagara River. If I can help out anywhere I will be happy to.
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