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  1. Now Rascal,why would anyone want to heat hot water?
  2. Installed the Garmin 740s,hooked up the tr1 and the vhf200 and linked them all together.plan on calibrating this weekend out on the milwaukee ocean.I use my Ipad as my second GPS,as a secondary it works fine.So far,in the driveway, I am really liking this Garmin,easy to use like all other Garmin products I have used.Previously on my boats I have had Humminbird equipment,but I like the fact the 740 can hook up radar and weather in the future
  3. just hookin, tried a couple of times today and couldnt finish the upload.will try again tommorrow
  4. Thanks Hondam,unfortunately according to their website it says my 740S will not work with it .But I now see a couple of other chips that I can use,just want to look at them on a desk top.
  5. Got a 740s and would like to know if there is a chip that will give more details.It has reasonable charts out of the box but they stop short of the inland lakes.
  6. Come on Tom,I ain't lyin.Even though I am a liar.Took me about 30 minutes to do.If I only new how to post photos.
  7. put a warm water take off of my kicker motor for those cold days when my hands hurt from cold weather.Found this from a guy I met in Oregon,he said it was popular there.Simply put a barbed nipple with a zinc on it that can be bought online,run a small hose to a valve then to a sink.(the guy I met had it go in a cooler)Open the valve,fill the 'sink' with warm water,close valve.TA DA If I new how to post pictures I would.
  8. Thanks to all . I will give reports as accurate and detailed as possible to help all on the site to enjoy the sport as much as I.
  9. Adding tr1 and a garmin 740s and a new garmin ship to shore.got the itch bad
  10. long time lurker,now i joined.Wanted to say"Great Site,Great Info".I havnt fished the great lakes in 25 years,and ready to go at it again.Will be fishing Lake Michigan from Port Washington on up to Washington Island and Green Bay.Good Luck to All Popi
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