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  1. Right now i'm looking for new places to fish on shore. I didn't grow up in this area, so when people tell me they fish by the old post office, I dont have any idea where that is. I try to get my teenagers to go with me. so i need a place with action. Dont have to have the biggest fish. I in general just fish for pan fish. Any help would be great. thanks for you help
  2. Thanks to all for the welcome. Feel at home already.
  3. I'm new here. Thought this might be a great place to gather info, when i'm not fishing. I don"t have a boat so do onshore fishing with the kids.(when i can get them to go). I fish Whitehall area, mainly for pan fish. I'm looking for new places to fish, if any one is willing to share info. I didn't grow up here so I dont many places. Thanks Cathy
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