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  1. Thank you for the pointers . On a nice clear day you can see the big rocks to!
  2. Yeah not the best. The best king bite was before the started at 6:30. All the results are in the Facebook page
  3. Thank you Trina that information is helpful. We fished the Benzie Frenzie this passed weekend and had a hard time getting 10 fish. On Sunday we had to cases where boats next to us were bringing in fish and fish, and we only managed 2. On area was West Platte. We worked the 90-130 side of the drop off. Justin
  4. If you wanted to go out and specifically target Coho, what kind of program would you run? I figured most likely you would keep lines high (2 color, no color long line, rigger at 20). what our your favorite baits? Do coho like things faster or slow moving than kings? Just trying to make my fishing skills more rounded. I'm getting better at targeting steelhead! Justin
  5. Anyone have pictures of how they mounted a cooler to their swim platform. We are considering doing the same with custom stanchions. PolymerKnot
  6. Thank you for the response, which makes a lot of sense to me. What if i decided to get my Captains license but I do not have a charter business?
  7. Nice work Frank. How far back did you have to run the 2 and 3 oz rigs?
  8. Thank you Eco for the reply. I think i am going to change around the drain houses first to see if i can get a better flow. IF this does not work, i am going to install the Fish Box Evacuator pump from Jabsco. http://www.westmarine.com/bait-tank-pumps/jabsco--fish-box-evacuation-pump--11049921 I like the flexibility of mounting and I'm concerned about the macarator pump reliability.
  9. Good Afternoon, I plan to start fishing walleye and salmon tournaments out of Saginaw Bay and Frankfort/Manistee using our company sponsored boat. Our company has nothing to do with fishing, just the ownership likes to fish. My question is about Pro vs Amateur. How is this defined? I'm not a charter captian, i have never been a second mate. Now our boat is company owned (owner of company i work for) and most equipment is also paid for by the company. Not all as i have a lot of my own walleye fishing gear but the salmon gear was all bought by the company. Does financial backing have anything to do with Pro vs Amateur definition? If we put the name of our Plastics company on the side of the boat or in the name, does that make a difference? Thank you for the feedback. I just want to make sure i follow all rules and cause no issues. In my opinion, I am an amateur as it relates to fishing the great lakes, but that is my view. Justin
  10. We recently purchased a 1999 Baha Cruisers Weekender 313 and looking for advice on the fish wells. I noticed the fish and bait wells are dumping into the bottom of the boat and being bilged out. There is a hose laying in the bottom that goes to a thru hull port. I tried it but the angle is not good enough to drain well. Any owners out there do something creative? I do not like the idea of stinking up the bottom of the boat and working the bilge. I'm also looking for a boat manual if any baha owners might have one. I have the one for the sea max engines. Justin
  11. This boat is has been custom outfitted to hunt down walleye and salmon. 1999 Trophy 2052 Walkaround 4.3 Mercury I/O Tandem Axle Trailer Custom Enclosure Simrad Autopilot AP12 (installed by LBM) Lowrance LCX-26 Cobra Marine Radio Depth Radar Custom Rod Holder / Downrigger Built by Big Jon 3 Big Jon Brute ES Downriggers Big Jon Planner Mast with Motorized reels Custom Rocket Launcher Arch with Big Jon Rod Holders Depth Raider Raw Water Wash-down Pump out head Always Stored inside, 2nd owner. $17,500.00 Call or Email me with questions Justin - 248.877.1317 [email protected] Boat is currently in Mesick, MI For pictures use the following link. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6zy45LsMDnGSXBqRWpOd1N5T0k&usp=sharing
  12. Thank you all for the input. We closed on the boat a few weeks ago. Currently having loadmaster in port Clinton build us a trailer. Also met Jeff from traxtech at the GR show and looks like we will out fit the boat with all of their gear.
  13. Hello This year we will have our boat in Linwood and plan to do a lot of trolling for walleye! Our plan is to also get the little kids out a bunch as well to get them off the video games! They loose focus quick when trolling so I am hoping to do some fishing with rod in hand. I was wonder if I could get some advice. My first though would be to drift (31' boat) with harness, jigs or Erie deries. I also would like to do perch but this is something I have zero experience with. I'm not looking for any secret spots, but gear and where to look. Would it make sense to hire a guide to help us just focus on perch ? Thank you for your input. Justin
  14. Cadillac area. Northwood a is a good idea.
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