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  1. You may wish to educate yourself on the diet of lake trout they consume many more bait species than alewives.Look up some of the Sea Grant studies and you will find your statement to be alittle off course.
  2. Just try them blackened and you'll change you mind on how greatLake trout taste
  3. No excuse for either the badger or Chicago to use our lake as a dumping ground
  4. fishy1


    Warns water with all the nutrients cause zooplankton production for the baitfish years we have had good rainfall help the baitfish and other species that rely on the zooplankton.The years we have had good runoff did pull bait in closer to shore in my experience.
  5. Use a firm bristled deck brush and west marine deck cleaner works well. Put the deck cleaner on before you wet the deck scrub it and rinse. Alot of people use other cleaners but if you care about what you are putting in the lake I would make sure its biodegradable, also if you use soft scrub remember it is a mild abarasive so it will eventually remove gel coat.
  6. Should read " The ranting of a liberal tree hugger".
  7. Now there is talk of trying to put a water retention barrier at the bottom of the river to reverse the effects of the earlier dredging. Just goes to show how mankind should learn to leave thier hands off of some things.
  8. I run all copper 45# from 30 ft to 300ft like seacat I see no sense in touturing my friends or myself reeling in anything longer.I have added torpedo divers to them years ago and can get the same depths as running the longer copper without needing over 300 feet of copper out.
  9. Blue bubble spin doctor and dreamweaver blue bubble action fly
  10. I look at 5200 adhesive as the liquid version of duct tape great for alot of fixes:)
  11. I fish out of Ludington in Lake Michigan and have seen the green hue on steelhead and cohos hear for ages but never on any other of the slamon or trout species.
  12. Years ago Big Jon marketed a similar product and called it a fish whistle,I know several people that used them and they didn't see any difference in thier catch rate.
  13. It's not getting wimpy as it was explained to me "with age comes wisdom" better to play it safe to still be around to play.
  14. Glad to have you aboard lots of great help and good people on this site .
  15. Welcome you will find a good bunch of guys here without alot of bs.
  16. You can run spin doctors with spoons mixed in the spread as they are more speed tolerate than paddles at least in my experience. I prefer to run paddles at a slower speed than I typically do spinnies and spoons.
  17. Welcome and glad to see your wife enjoys the water with you, my wife also loves the salmon fishing we have in Lake Michigan, good luck this season.
  18. The advantage to using spin doctors is that they are adjustable to change the roll speed of the flasher, where as the paddle style isn't. They both produce great results when the speed is dialed in.
  19. Check out cold water tackle and thier line of batrix imatation herring strips,I have been using them for years and see simular results as using real cut bait but without the mess and hassle of real herring. Also I have used the same strips for over a couple of seasons as they are durable. In Ludington I run alot of spin doctor fly or meat rigs when the fish go deep,the rigs just give off alot of vibration for the fish to hone in on.
  20. The 50 kz usally marks better as it uses a wider cone angle and usally used in shallower water (200 or less ) 200kz will usually mark thermo also but tend to mark less fish as it uses a smaller cone angle 8-12 degree.
  21. Good job and great idea to stay off they bay,I decided early on in the season that it was to risky to continue fishing on the bay. I had some good fishing on the inland waters and will live to fight another day, no fish are worth risking your life over.
  22. There may be violations that aren't visable so that is why they have to board , like working bilge pumps,blower motors,flame arrestors and so on.With that being said I encountered the same problem of being stopped 3 times in a month in Ludington and a call to the commander had the crew write down my boat name and number and they never stopped me again that season.Even with an annual auxilary inspection they still tend to inspect you. I for one will never see it as a inconvienence to be inspected as you never know when you may need them.
  23. The cost of licenses is still a bargain at the purposed rates,I hear people object all the time for many reasons but still manage to buy booze ,cigs. lottery. The cost to take your family to many activities has increased dramaticly over the last 16 years yet we all have managed to find a way to do the things we truly enjoy. The cost of these licenses should be considered a bargain for the amount of enjoyment you get for a full season of the outdoors. Just my opinion.
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