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  1. i would run 2 riggers, 2 dipseys, and 2 copper/leadcore.. But then you have to figure out what is working best and run more of those.. For example the last time we went out of ludington we had a 9 rod spread and we ran 6 coppers and 3 dipseys mainly because the downriggers were catching nothing.
  2. i usually have hte drag really loose, so by the time they get to the boat the are tired. The bet way to lose a fish is horseing it in....
  3. went 6 for 11 total. The fishing was absolutely terrible all week, but we managed to catch some fish. We caught 3 each day and meat rigs seemed to be the best. We also caught fish with flasher flys. All hits had big paddles in front of them. All fish were caught in the 125-160 fow. All the fish were caught right at sunrise and sun down. I mean all 5 hits in the morning came withing 10 minutes, and Friday night all six hits came with 15 minutes. So we had alot of double and triple headers during that short amount of time. What worked best from top to bottom: 1. Red and silver meat rig with a big ice crush paddle. (350 45# copper) 2. green white meat rig with a big green and white paddle. (wire dipsey 150 back) 3. Green fly with a green and white paddle. (300 45# copper) 4. Black Mamba meat rig setup. (400 32# copper) Downriggers/spoons/plugs all were usless... Copper was definitly the best All the fish were huge. smallest was 15 pounds and we had 2 20+ pounders. All fish that we lost ripped out a ton of line. So i think the fish are big this year. Also if you plan on fishing up their anytime soon get flea flicker line and check your wire every 30 minutes.
  4. we fished out of ludington durin that week to and the fishing was REALLY slow. We took 2 trips and we caught 6 fish total. 3 each day. 1 am trip and 1 pm trip. no hits on spoons, they all came on mostly meat rigs and some fly hits. all with big paddles in front of them. And yes the fishing was terrible. the charters did offile also. We talked to 2 charters and we tied them both with 3 fish. So thats pretty bad.
  5. we have spin doctors with all different lengths. We also have that with the really big paddles. All different lenghts. This last weekend was the best with really short leads but im not really sure why.
  6. you couldent have been more right... and the fishing is really starting to take a turn for the better
  7. we will be up in ludington this weekend and all 4th of july week and hopefully the fishing only gets better. Its good to hear people are catching some fish.
  8. we fish out of ludington alot and we have mainly run all spoons this year so far. Although last year we did end up running some plugs. Last year we started with spoons and then later in the year we had alot of success with flasher fly combos. (Alot of big kings on the flasher fly). By the end of the year we usually had at least 2 of all the baits out. (spoon, plug, fly) We know a guy in Franfort that does VERY good and he seemed to hit them all year with the moonshine bad toad spoon, and flasher flys.
  9. well the fishing is better than the weekend before it when the best we heard from about 20 ppl was 2 fish. Their was alot of skunks. We will be up their fishing all 4th of jult week and hopefully the fishing gets better
  10. I wouldent go to ludington to fast yet. The fishing was TERRIBLE this weekend on ludington. I think it was terrible everywhere though because of all the east wind. Although it has been really good other than this weekend, so im sure we will see all you guys up their soon
  11. silver horde all white or white with a black ladder back. We took five fish in 15 minutes last year on a silver horde white with a black ladder back, and then the line snapped. It also took fish on other trips.
  12. no i didnt mean it like that. Actually earlier in the year when we were in holland we based alot of what we did on ur reports and they are really helpful. Im just saying that we will come in with 7 fish and think we did really good, but then we see ur report and were always like what does he do so different??
  13. yea we seem to comeback with 6-7 fish alot, but then i get home and read reports of 12-20 fish and it really frustrats me. I always feel like we do good and then i read dirty dogs reports and i get frustrated. Although i dont feel that bad because we usually outfish everyone at the docks in ludington. But we dont beat the charters.
  14. Captain chucks in ludington usually has strips
  15. Well they were killing them all week and then with the wheather change it really slowed down... We saw 7 ppl at the docks and 4 of them got skunked and the rest had no more than 3 fish...
  16. Well Saturday was alot of fun but it became a little hard with only 2 ppl on the boat. So we got out pretty early and it was pouring when we were running to the point. We got all the rods set and we caught a shaker, so we through it back. About 20 minutes later the 300 copper went which had a meat rig on it. It was a 12 pound king. Then we did not catch anything for abount an hour. We decided to move everything up to the 40-50 ft range, and the fun began. We had a double header with a rigger and a dipsey. We landed both of them. then we got the rods back in the water and we had another double. Once we caught those we turned back around the other downrigger went and we landed that one. We turned around and the hapee meal missed a fish. Then we missed another fish on the wire dipsey with a meat rig. This all happened in about 30 minutes The double headers were tough because of the other boats a waves and only 2 ppl on the boat. The silver flouder pounder took 3 fish. The bloody nose took 2 fish. The hapee meal took 1 and missed 1. We ended the day 7 for 9. We had one smaller fish and the other ones were good size. 4 fish were in the 12 to 14 pound range and then we had a nice 18 pounder. Sunday was short. We fished from 7am to 9am. 3 to 5 footers pushed us off the lake. We went 4 for 7. Still only 2 ppl on the boat. Made it hard. I got the dipsey out with a bloody nose spoon and it was in the water for 10 seconds and it took off and it snapped the leader. It was my bad because I had the drag to tight. I barely had time to check it. After that the same rig just with a different bloody nose on it, and it landed a 10 pound king. Just after that a bloody nose took another king. Then about 30 minutes later the silver flounder pounder took a 10 pound laker. Then finally the same bloody nose took a 15 pound king to end the day. In the middle of all that the hapee meal missed a fish and the bloody nose missed another fish. caught all fish in 160 fow and the bloody nose was obvously the best. It took 5 fish. The silver flounder pounder was also good. It took 4 fish. hapee meal took 1 and missed 2. The meat rig took 1 and missed 1. We went 11 for 16 over the two days.
  17. hey we lost a walleye board saturday in ludington... but it had a meat rig on it
  18. everyone loves that double trouble but we have had no luck with it
  19. its great to hear the responses.. i forgot to mention taht mine would be a braided dipsey with either bloody nose spoon or a white falsher fly combo
  20. most fish were empty in holland. Although a couple fish had bait in them. The fish in ludington have been full. We pulled 10 alwives out of a fish not to long ago.
  21. 40 fow is really shallow but thats great to hear because its really easy to fish that shallow. Its weird though because we were talking to this guy in Frankfort who limited out in an hour in 225 fow. We will be up in ludington this weekend fishing the 40 fow to start though. Thanks for the report.
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