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  1. i understand what you guys are saying and we have been using sliders on our SWR and it has worked great so i guess you could go either way
  2. meat rigs have one of our best lures so far this year in ludington and we have been running those at 2.2 to 2.4 at the ball.. We have been running spoons/plugs/flys at the same time and those having been doin just fine also
  3. we have a buddy whi fishes frankfort EVERY day and he has got his 5 fish limit the last few days. He is fishing 120-130 fow and he is hitting fish 50 feet down, but im not sure if its spoons, plugs, or meat rigs...
  4. 2.7-3.0 at the ball is pretty fast. We like to be anywhere from 2.0 to 2.5 at the ball, but other than that i dont see anything you did wrong. Sometimes they just wont bite your lures and it doesnt matter what you do.
  5. we have been running a slider on our SWR and its been working great. I would say our SWR catches about 2 to 1 compared to our other rigger
  6. The was not very good this weekend in ludington. Plus we couldn't keep the fish hooked up. We went 4 for 10. #4 size silver J-plugs were good on copper, and happee meal moonshine plug was good. The happee meal spoon was our best spoon. Along with moonshine moonshine. We fished in 100-130 fow and hit fish in about 35-45 down. Couldent get any hits below 50 feet down. We even took some hits 20 down. What worked best: 165 copper with white silver horde plug 200 copper happee meal plug rigger down 40 with happee meal spoon high diver with moonshine moonshine back 90
  7. hea thats the hapee meal and that was are best spoon this weekend
  8. yeah we caught all are fish this weekend in that same fow.. It just seems that this year that they are hitting in groups
  9. yeah we were at the stick.. It was funny because we say about 15 boats turn and run in and we just couldent get the fish in fast enough 2 get out of the storm
  10. yeah we stay at lakeview campground and its nice and cheap
  11. what fow and how far down.. And we have had alot of triples and doubles this year. The fish seem to be sitting in pockets.
  12. yea that was one of the worst storms that we have ever been out on the lake for but were alive so its all good. All the fish we caught had good color except the biggest one. But thats are first really dark fish of the year. I dont know why either because all 20 pounders we have caught this year arent dark yet. It seems early for them to be running the rivers but its possible
  13. were do you stay on hamlin because we stay on hamlin also...
  14. Saturday morning, well the fishing could be worse.. We went 3 for 4 and we should have had all 4, but a triple header made it a bit hard and the 10 year old ended up with a big fish that we lost right behind the boat. We Fished in 100 to 130 fow, and we hit all our fish on a north troll goin about 2.4 at the ball. What worked: Hapee meal parked at 50 down on a rigger 200 copper with blue dolphin 350 copper with ice crush paddle and red and silver meat rig Sunday morning, WOW!!! we started fishing at about 5:30 and we ended at 6:30.. We went 2 for 4 in the short time we were out their. We got pushed off the lake by one of the worst storms i have ever seen. We only had 2 ppl so that was an issue. We started pulling lines and we had a triple go and as those fish hit so did the storm.. Everyone around us pulled lines and got in. But we couldent because we couldent get the fish in soon enough.. So we had one person driving and one person trying to bring in 3 seperate fish. All while we got killed by a lake michigan HURRICANE. So we ended up only getting 2 out of the triple header. And then we missed a fish after the triple header. So finally we got lines pulled and ran out of the storm.. Thank god.. What worked: 350 copper with ice crush paddle and red and silver meat rig.. (That took another 18 pounder and thats what took so long to bring in) 7 color with green dolphin Yellow and black stinger spoon which was on a fixed slider at about 50 down..
  15. Copper with meat rigs on it... its seems to be the most natural presentation.. we try to get meat rigs as far away from the boat
  16. We got out this today (Saturday) and we went 3 for 4.. lost 1 behind the boat but just bad luck... hapee meal spoon took 2 fish which was on a rigger 50 down.. white paddle and red meat rig took another fish.. and the blue dolphin had a fish on.. we did all of our fishing in 100 to 130 row.. o and the meat rig and blue dolphin were on copper.. one was 200 copper and the other was 350
  17. 68 or 80 and we go by in the net so give us shout and we will let u know how we r doin
  18. yea that is sea fleas and they are TERRIBLE this year... They are so bad that you cant even slap them on the water to get them off.. I would suggest buying flea flicker line it works really good
  19. we should be up their this weekend and we will proboably be out in the morining on Saturday and sunday... We might get out at night also... Whats the name of ur boat and maybe we can let you know how we are doin over the radio
  20. we have found that the most productive setup is meat rigs on long lines... such as lead core or copper.. Thats when the sun is up
  21. it was out most productive setup last year... Pearl flasher and pearl fly took ALOT of fish.
  22. We fish ludington which isnt to far from frankfort and the fishing has been slow and we havent been out fishing since the 4th of july week and we went 6 for 11 over 2 days and meat rigs seemed to be the best.. Copper and wire divers are what we caught fish on.. Although the good newsis that the fish are big we got 2 fish that were 20+ lbs and the rest were 14 lbs or bigger
  23. yea it is true that you just have to cover alot of water and hope to find some schools.... Its the same way in ludington right now
  24. yea we should be up in Ludington this weekend also, and the fishing has been bad.. We were up their during the 4th of July week and we went 6 for 11 but that is 2 days put together. Alot of copper with meat and wire with meat were what worked best..
  25. we have caught a few fish on them in Lake michigan but we dont use them all that much so they dont get to much of a chance... We like dipseys more on our boat
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