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    Grew up in GR served in the Marines in the 70's and now just spend time fishing
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    Fishing Lake MI and Taking care of and rescueing weeniedogs. There is many rescue sites for every br
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    Taste testing the best Tequila I can find and taking care of the dogs.

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  1. Sadly Ken from KRW tackle passed away. Was just a great guy and loved talking with him. He let me know in Dec he was sick and asked I kept it to myself. He was a huge lions fan and I used to like to ask for Wayne Fontes when I called him. Inside joke to us older guys. So sorry to his friends and family, Big Weenie His company was sold and will still be available.
  2. The Grand Rapids fishing show starts this Thursday march 14th Stop by our booth. Great deals and support America and local. Everything but the hooks are made in the USA. All plastics are made and molded in west Michigan. 8", 10" 12" fish flashers. 11" big Johnson Paddles. Bullet heads, Bait heads,UV beads same thing. Owner hooks. Best of the best on everything. Thanks and go to our FB page to enter to win a bunch of stuff. Finally have all the Bung Hammer combos we couldn't keep up with last year. Smoking hot. Thanks so much, BW
  3. After the summer of 2017 and the biggest king in many years weighed on a certified scale, 41.48#s caught on Big Weenie brand ( Muskegon ) Tony Cashara and his guys followed up 2018 with the biggest win on the great lakes ( Lake Ontario)in any tourney with over $40,000.00 in cash and every fish caught on Big Weenie Brand meat rigs and flies 2019 should bring lots more great results. Everything we use except Hooks is Made in America.The Big Weenie Brand facebook page has a contest going, very easy to enter and win you some Weenie gear. Lots of new things coming that tested great last year. Thanks so much for your support, BW
  4. David Rhine was the winner and stuff is on its way. Thanks everyone and look for more stuff coming up. BW
  5. Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving. If you go to Big Weenie Brands face book page Karen set up a nice give away for next tue. Tuesday is giving Tuesday. Nice package of stuff just like, share and comment on your favorite Weenie. Thanks everyone.
  6. Congrats to Team Peak Flow and Capt Tony. We spoke with Tony and all fish were caught on either Big Weenie Meat rigs or flies to win over $40,000.00 in the KOTL tourney. Great job guys, BW
  7. Phil just got a bunch of rigs in, stop and see him. Thanks everyone. BW
  8. You can start getting the new stuff that was so good for pro staffers last year. Buckys, Handy got him a 38#er and Brandon landed a 41.48 king on a Griesedieck. Other goodies also. Thanks everyone, have a great year fishing.
  9. We have the special going on the site, spend $200.00 get a free spool of 8 strand 50# test braid in either green or yellow. $125.00 value. Thanks so much, BW
  10. Happy New Year! Be safe tonight. Hope 2018 rocks for everyone. 2017 sucked in so many ways I am hoping for the best.
  11. Merry Christmas everyone. We hope you all have a great holiday and new year. Thanks so much for supporting us, Gary, Karen and the Weenies.
  12. Got in the green. We have green and yellow 50lb 8 strand big weenie braid. Spend 200 bucks get a free 1100 yard spool. Its about $125.00 on fishing sites that sell braid. Look for other deals this winter. Thanks everyone, BW
  13. If it is holding up why replace it. We will have deals on it on our site sometime this winter. BW
  14. Damn Kevin, We bought some braid to test 6 summers ago and it is still going strong and thought that was a long time. Just for various reasons never got to get it for the site. We ran a sale this summer with braid and guys liked it so trying to get what people want. Thanks for the input so far everyone, BW
  15. Braid What color and test do you guys like? Time for us to get ready for next year:) Thanks everyone,BW
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