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    Grew up in GR served in the Marines in the 70's and now just spend time fishing
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    Fishing Lake MI and Taking care of and rescueing weeniedogs. There is many rescue sites for every br
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    Taste testing the best Tequila I can find and taking care of the dogs.
  1. Hey Ed, It looks awesome in the water but plain, its ugly. Same stuff we have put on the Proctologist, Poofster, Arctic Blast, and a bunch of other flies for years. Lots of companies use it also. 1 key to a really good fly, any brand that's working for you hold it up to light. If it has a tan maybe dishwater brown color that's the stuff that makes them just flash in the water such great color for some reason. We finally after years got it in a plastic. Thanks for posting, BW
  2. Thanks so much. Really works awesome. Just had to keep mixing to get it right. BW
  3. Stuff Lots of new stuff on the site including our new Aqua U.V. Made with the same color as fly material that goes by several names Aqua, little boy blue, ice blue, etc changes colors and real brilliant flash in the water. Will be available in bait heads, flashers, bullet heads, Thanks everyone, BW
  4. Website deal Will be putting up a deal on the site today. If you need flies, flashers, cutbait rigs, wholebait rigs etc its all made in Michigan. Thanks so much, BW Purchase $200 in Big Weenie Brand gear this weekend and get a FREE Big Weenie Brand 50# 8 strand braid in bright yellow. 1000 meters (1100 yards). Its a $120.00 value. It's not an April Fools Day joke. Use the code FOOLSDAY. While supplies last.
  5. Grand Rapids Ultimate Sports show starts this week, Thur afternoon thru sunday. Devos place Grand Rapids Mi. Stop by our booth and see the new Big Johnsons and other stuff. Good deals and great gear. All Flashers, meat heads, bullet heads made right here in West Mi. No one does a bigger selection than us that's AMERICAN MADE. Thanks everyone, BW
  6. Merry Christmas Merry Christmas everyone, hope it was great. BW
  7. Use that code ( TURKEY ) all caps to get a free 12" flasher with every 50 bucks spent. We will pick out a good one, not something just laying around:) Still recovering from my great fall in march but working on cool new stuff. Thank you so much and have a Great Turkey day and MERRY CHRISTMAS, Gary
  8. If you cant find us on facebook or we got rid of you its because being the idiot I am I somehow lost all 3 accounts by entering the wrong password. Me and computers dont do so well. We have a couple new ones FB pages for right now and trying to send friend requests out. Also I was again in the hospital for another one of my falls. Never gets easy. Thanks guys more stuff going up just need to finish painting, BW
  9. Thanks everyone who stopped by the show. Another great show people loved some of the big flashers but would like them in 10" also so working on that. Jackhammer and Michigander will be the first 2. Thanks again everyone good luck fishing this year, BW
  10. Glad you can make it, keep a eye on the crew:)
  11. The Grand Rapids show starts next Thursday March 17. Stop by the booth tons of stuff and really been getting plenty of stock. NFN in blue glow, lots of colors that were hot last year and a special guest Saturday. Thanks BW
  12. New stuff on the site, Thanks guys, BW
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    Lots of new stuff going up on the site, 8, 10 and 12 inch flashers, cutbait rigs etc. More to come all this stuff was what worked good for last year. Thanks guys, BW face book brutus rat big weenie brand
  14. ???

    Hey GM, A lot of guys still don't run meat. Plugs are a lot of the go to baits once the fish start getting in close. Every dog has its day I guess. We also might do another flasher, looks like a skateboard or paddle you might say. I got to look into a hook making machine. Thanks BW
  15. ???

    Pretty much what you guys are saying is the responsive we get. Some like the snap so the harness don't fall off on the boat, but you want it to float if it breaks off. We want to make sure that it works is made here not overseas. We have new plastics that I think would be great on plugs also. Thanks guys, BW