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    Grew up in GR served in the Marines in the 70's and now just spend time fishing
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    Fishing Lake MI and Taking care of and rescueing weeniedogs. There is many rescue sites for every br
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    Taste testing the best Tequila I can find and taking care of the dogs.
  1. Braid

    If it is holding up why replace it. We will have deals on it on our site sometime this winter. BW
  2. Braid

    Damn Kevin, We bought some braid to test 6 summers ago and it is still going strong and thought that was a long time. Just for various reasons never got to get it for the site. We ran a sale this summer with braid and guys liked it so trying to get what people want. Thanks for the input so far everyone, BW
  3. Braid

    Braid What color and test do you guys like? Time for us to get ready for next year:) Thanks everyone,BW
  4. 41.48# king

    We had to listen all winter There would be NO fish. I shared because I love it when all the no it alls are full of crap. Fishing has been awesome. Look up the dancing stinger at cabelas or other sites. You just loop it around the bend in a ingle hook or thru the eye of a treble. It just swings around back there and if a fish hits your bait/fly they get hooked up on your regular hook and the stinger. If they shake one the other has them and if they shake that one they ususally are hooked again by the other. Besst few bucks you can spend. size# 2 I like
  5. 41.48# king

    I mentioned us once in the first post. Then tried to give Jason a tip on a dancing stinger set up. How is that a nascar post? I would think paying to advertise I should be able to mention it.
  6. 41.48# king

    Jason look for some dancing stinger hooks. A bit pricey but worth every penny. Can change from rig to rig, fly to rig ect. Anyone that tries them loves them. You will land a better% of fish.
  7. 41.48# king

    Might have details on their site. I think there will be more 40+ this year. Lots of reports of big fish.
  8. 41.48# king

    41.48# king And they keep getting bigger! Congratulations to Captains Brandyn Thorsen, Kyle Buck and their crew for this 41.48# King caught on a Poofster fly and Big Johnson. Can't wait to see what you'll bring in next at Great Lakes Guide Service- Muskegon, MI. Fishing You guys rock the big weenie. 33+ pounder the day before, great job.
  9. Thanks

    Thanks Mackenzie's Animal Sanctuary When you buy Big Weenie Brand stuff not only are all of our plastics made here in West mich 95% of everything we use is made in the USA. With your purchases we are able to help so many animals. You can go to Mackenzies site and read how we were able to get them a $3,000.00 dollar tool to help keep dogs from going blind. Your money put to a great cause and a great place. Thanks from all the weenies, BW
  10. Store

    Store Grand Haven tourney is this week with large payouts. 15 large for pro, 7 grand AM. Outdoorsman and Rays mini mart just got a bunch of new and old stuff in. Fishon has a bunch of flies just restocked that go great with the Big Johnsons. Thanks win the tourney, Big Weenie
  11. New

    New New stuff is on the site. You can see good pics on Big Weenie Brand face book. The UV green or Mountain dew chrome is all ready catching fish. More new stuff to come. Rays mini mart in Muskegon just got a bunch yesterday. Thanks everyone, BW
  12. Aqua/lbb

    New green chrome UV tape on our Aqua lbb plastic UV
  13. Aqua/lbb

    Aqua/lbb Our new plastic that took years to finally match the fly material that goes by such names as Aqua, little boy blue, purple rain, Ice blue etc is ready and catching fish all ready. On the site starting this week in Big Johnson 11" and 10 " weenies here is the Aqua UV flasher with crushed ice tape and green UV dots, thanks for looking
  14. Custom

    Custom Adding new pick your own stuff to the site. We get asked all the time can I get this tape on this color blade? Now you can pick your blade color and tape color. Spotted Dick tape on a green blade, No problem. Jillbilly blade with blue balls tape , no problem. Tons of combos. Your choice. So far 10 inch weeniers and Cutbait heads. Thanks guys Don't forget, spend $200.00 get a free spool of 50# yellow braid. 1100 yards A $125.00 value
  15. Stuff

    Hey Ed, It looks awesome in the water but plain, its ugly. Same stuff we have put on the Proctologist, Poofster, Arctic Blast, and a bunch of other flies for years. Lots of companies use it also. 1 key to a really good fly, any brand that's working for you hold it up to light. If it has a tan maybe dishwater brown color that's the stuff that makes them just flash in the water such great color for some reason. We finally after years got it in a plastic. Thanks for posting, BW