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    Grew up in GR served in the Marines in the 70's and now just spend time fishing
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    Near Grand Rapids MI
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    Fishing Lake MI and Taking care of and rescueing weeniedogs. There is many rescue sites for every br
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    Taste testing the best Tequila I can find and taking care of the dogs.

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  1. Sadly Ken from KRW tackle passed away. Was just a great guy and loved talking with him. He let me know in Dec he was sick and asked I kept it to myself. He was a huge lions fan and I used to like to ask for Wayne Fontes when I called him. Inside joke to us older guys. So sorry to his friends and family, Big Weenie His company was sold and will still be available.
  2. Rod was so funny I learned to not be taking a drink when I looked at his facebook posts. Hot coffee coming up thru the nose is no fun. He was a good guy and so glad I got to help him out a couple times, BW
  3. Lakeshore will have a ton of new rigs and flashers tomorrow, Friday the 11th. We will also be doing some giveaways for his open house, BW
  4. Better hooks will sharpen much easier as they are a harder steel. Cheap ones use a softer steel. Shouldn't take much to put a point on them.
  5. Looks like a open house this year. Aaron redid the store and now has guns and better have more room for BW cutbait rigs:) He just has been real busy with the store, BW
  6. We tried them years ago with no luck. If I remember right they need to be trolled a bit slower than what we do. I could see maybe instead of a plug in late summer. BW
  7. Hey YG, don't have any but can order it. 8 or 10 inch? You coming to the GR show? 3rd week of March. I would recommend the fish scale also, BW
  8. YG, Karen is seeing what she has. We can cut it but will be a bit. I have to get a order ready for my buddy to cut but he is on vacation:) Who wouldn't like to be in the warm weather right now:) What and how many you looking for? BW
  9. Young Gun, We are going to put up cut bait heads in blue, green chrome flake, white, UV chrome flake, XXXglow, blue, purple chrome flake, clear, Chartruse ( yellow ) and then pre cut tapes. Whole baits heads are on the site, Thanks BW
  10. New cut bait rigs are on the site, more soon. These are made for cut bait we still have whole bait heads. Also not up yet a new artificial bait. Has the real feel to it and will come in 6 inch strips that can be cut to whatever size you like with the edge of a credit card they are so life like, knife works to:). New rigs are awesome and were tested all last summer, Thanks Guys BW No tuning needed
  11. Flashers and flies going out today. Good luck everyone and hope the stuff works:) BW
  12. Fishy, they now have a spot where you can buy small pieces from them on the website. BW
  13. Black light works. If something looks clear take it out in the sun you will get a blueish edge if its UV. Glow hold it out in the sunlight or under a light for a min then cup it or hold it in the dark some place. I will try and find a pic, BW The stuff that lights up is the UV we mold in our bait heads, beads and bullet heads, this is what regular UV looks like under a black light. Fish can see UV we cant without help so they say, BW
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