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  1. yeah do exactly what rascal trophy fishing said. what days are you going to be in ludington gary?
  2. if your fishing salmon then it should be no problem. they are away too deep for them to even hear that.
  3. sorry for the late reply but i've been busy. eyes N leapers all that stuff should work well. my two best pieces of advice for you are try to get as much copper out as possible because has been hott for us lately. one day like a week ago we had 5 coppers go at the same time. and the 6th one went about 5 minutes later. also but a fixed slider on those riggers. with all the steelhead and coho on the bank the slider catches alot of fish. it catches alot of nice kings also. the moonshine uv glow as a slider has been hott all year! o and the bathouse is about 6 ish miles north of the pier heads and the point is 8 miles north of the pier heads. if you fish between those two spots and get your lures in water with good tempature then you should get some fish! Also i perfer the 6 walley boards bc you can hit alot of depths. i like the 150 copper or even the 100 copper for steelhead as the outside board and the 200, 250, and 300 copper are great for the kings.
  4. went for a pretty short trip because we had to pull lines by 9am. started a little south of the bathhouse is 160 fow. we got all the lines set without a hit and then a little south of the point we hit a lot of fish. by the time we turned at the point we were 5-8. then we headed south and didnt hit a fish for probably an hour but once we popped out to 200 fow we hit alot of fish. we caught 7 fish out there and missed another 5. so we ended 12-20 on the day. what worked: riggers anywhere from 40-70down. bloody nose uv moonshine spoon, blue jeans moonishine spoon and uv wonderbread moonshine spoon. dipsey 150-175 back with sd fly or green meat rig. coppers 150, 200, 200, 250, 300 all did really well. all had moonshine spoons on them and the 300 copper had purple meat rig on it. coppers were hot. they caught over half of the fish
  5. nice job. we were up in ludington during those same days and we killed them just like you. the fishing is simply fantastic in ludington this year.
  6. we fished in ludington all week last week and killed them. we will be back up there in a couple weeks so we will have to give youa shout when we get back up there
  7. What a great night. The weather was great along with the fishing. We got our 3 man limit of fish. 15-25 the average size of the kings were15# plus we had 2 8# steelhead. We went north to the point and fished 130-160 fow. Most hits were anywhere from 40-80 down. What worked: Braid Dipsey back 175 with green SD an meat rig 6-7 Braid Dipsey back 145 with green SD and green/yellow fly 3-3 Rigger down 80 with blue anchovy 1-3 Rigger down 70 with ble jeans 1-4 Rigger down 70 with green jeans 0-2 150 copper with lemon ice 1-2 200 copper with yellow jeans 1-1 250 copper with uv green flounder pounder 2-2 Wonder bread slider 0-1 or maybe 2
  8. Got a late start on the 4th so we didnt get Rods in the water until 8:30 but we still had a ton of fun. Went north in 130-210 fow and hit a lot of fish. We ended the night 8-22. Yeah I said 22. We couldn't keep them hooked up. But we had 2 triples and a quad. We fished mostly 40-80 down What worked: 6 color with blue dolphin 0-1 150 copper lemon ice 0-1 200 copper yellow jeans 1-1 200 copper bloody nose uv shine 0-1 250 copper flounder pounder uv shine 2-2 Braid Dipsey 150 back with green SD/fly 3-4 Braid Dipsey 150 blue bubble 1-1 Rigger 70 down blue anchovy uv shine 1-5 Rigger 80 down blue jeans 1-6 Went out on a friends boat this mornIng 7/6 and we went 9-18. A lot of the same info as above
  9. North in 180-210 foe to start and 130-140 fow later
  10. Got out at about 7 tonight and a slow start but that didn't last long. We got a steelhead to start things off and about 9 we couldn't keep rods In the water. We had a fish on at almost all times for about 2 hours and ended the night with a triPle. The final count was 12-22 (7 kings) (5 steelhead) we lost some really big kings but what can you do. A lot of 13-15 pound fish What worked: 6 color with blue dolphin (1 fish) 250 45# copper with green flounder pounder uv (2 fish) 300 45# copper with happe meal (got broken off) Dipsey back 175 on 3 setting with green SD with green fly (missed one) Dipsey back 150 on 1.5 setting with Mongolian beef (broken off by a monster) Down rigger down 70 with blue jeans and wonder bread uv slider (caught 5 and lost 4) Down rigger down 80 with blue mOngolian beef and red crab slider (caught 4 and lost 3
  11. Ill just start of by saying wow what a great morning of fishing. We started at about 5:30 and we were headed in at 11. We ended 14 for 19. 4 steelhead, one laker and the other 9 were kings averaging about 14 pounds. The steelhead were nice steelhead also. Any where from 6 to 10 pounds. We lost about 15 pound steelhead right behind the boat. All those nice kings put up quite the fight also. The only negative to the trip was the broken/lost tackle. We had 3 brake offs. 2 big kings broke the line and a stealy broke another. But it's worth it because of the 160+ pounds of fish in the box. Now to the important stuff. Fished from the bathhouse to th point in 70-130 fow. Hit the fish anywhere from 35-70 down. 50 down being the best. What worked: moonshine spoons on riggers in the beginning, spoons of dipseys in the beginning, and spoons off of copper when the sun was high. 200 copper with blue and green chilly willy did great! Spin doctor and fly went twice and meat rig went once. Great fishing trip!!
  12. lines were in the water by about 7:30 and we were done by 11. we went a total of 18-19 because we threw three little shakers back. 16 of them were coho and 2 kings. mostly everything worked but dipsey with bloody nose back 130 on a 3 setting took 7 fish. mongolian beef took 3 which we started on a 150 copper but ended up moving it to a torpedo. we decided to take all the copper out of the water about half way through because we couldn't even keep the dipsies and riggers in the water. copper i think did take 4 fish in the short amount of time we had it out there. dipsey with orange chilly willey took one. green spin doctor with green fly took 3. mongolian beef also took one on a dipsey. overall dipseys with spoons took 9 fish. torpedo took 2. copper/lead took 4. riggers only took 3 though. best depth was 170-190 fow. great day out on the water
  13. we arn't going out of ps tmrw, but we are going out of holland and we are probably gonna go straight out and start setting lines at 130 fow and troll straight west and see where we mark/hit the fish. hope that helps
  14. yeah your going to have to see what people are saying about those ports at that time. It's too early to say which port will be better. but have you never been out of ludington??
  15. we decided to take the boat out for the 1st trip of the year. We knew it was gonna be cold out so we decided to head out a litlle late. lines were set by 9:00 am and we were done fishing by about 12:00. ended the day 8 for 9. We got 5 kings and 3 cohos. the first king was a nice 14#. then we got three nice 7-10# kings. the other king was pretty small and the coho were 2-3#. what worked: -mag dipsey on 3 setting back 115 with DW bloody nose. 2-2 (also took are two biggest fish) -150 32# ciopper with mini green flounder pounder. 1-2 (coho) -rigger down 170 with green spinnie and fly. 1-1 (coho) -200 45# with mongolian beef 1-1 (king) - 100 32# with gold and black thin fin 1-1 (coho) - rigger down 55 with blue and yellow nbk. 1-1 (king) - mag dipsey on 3 setting back 180 with DW bloody nose. 1-1 (dipsey with bloody nose took the nice kings) The alwives in the kings were HUGE and then the cohos were full of bugs.. Both are good signs in my oppinion
  16. i figured, but we usually get out their early so we might b4 the boats
  17. where exactly do you jig?? like what fow and are you inside the pierheads??
  18. had the same issue last year. We lost ALOT of fish on our dipseys and we had 9 foot 6 inch rod and a 10 foot rod and we lost alot of fish. Then this year we switched our rods to short 7 foot rods and they work perfectly. We catch like 90% of the fish we have on our dipseys. Also make sure the drag is as lose as possible.
  19. started in 80 fow and couldent get anything to go so we moved out to 130 fow and started hitting fish. we ended up 6 for 9. best speed was 2.5 at the ball. Everything came on mountain dew spin doctors with green flys except for the first fish which came on 200 ft copper with lemon ice. then the 300 copper took 2 with a mountain dew SD and green fly. the rigger with a green SD and green teaser fly rig went 1 for 2. Dipseys with mountain dew SD took 2 fish. Then we lost one on a torpedo with green SD and fly. And had a nice rip on the same 300 copper rig as above. Caught most fish 70 down. green SD with chrome backs were best. All 6 fish caught were 12# kings. They were all identical fish. Then 2 of them that we lost were right behind the boat and looked like the same size. idk about the other one because we didnt see it. So alot of nice 3 year olds out their. Had a newbie out on the boat and he got to reel in all of the fish, and he had alot of fun. Great day except for the ugly storm
  20. i know they are doing great.. we have fished ludington all year but we just brought are boat down to the holland area and we havent fished ludington/frankfort for 2 weeks. So i dont have the best details. Although i can tell you that if your fishing ludington then a safe bet is running about 5 miles north to what is called the bathouse and set down in 80-130 fow and troll north to what is called the point, and if you hit fish then turn around and go right back through there. Put a couple spin doctors and flys along with some spoons and see if you catch some fish. Good luck!!
  21. thanks.. we just brought the boat down from ludington and it seems like ppl are killing them in holland so we should be heading out soon. Cant wait because this year in ludington it has been catching BIG fish just not alot of fish. but thanks for the info!!!
  22. idk why their are so many doubles this year. We had a trip this year out of ludington where we went 8 for 11 and we had 4 doubles and a triple. Never had a single. If one fish hit then another did. The only problem was that we only had 2 ppl on the boat and it was 3-4 footers and alot of boat traffic. So I had to reel all the fish in. Loosen the drag on one rod and figh tthe other one. Alot of fun when its in a 1 hour span.
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