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  1. couldent agree more.. we had the same issue last year but we seem to be doing alot better this year since we have the drag really lose.. We have so lose so that it randomly clickes out line when trolling. Just make sure the drag is loose, and dont horse the fish in. We have caught 5 20lbs+ this year on the dipseys, and we let them take 300 to 400 ft of line on their first run. Just let them go!!
  2. yeah i have not seen much big lake lure stuff around. I was just at gander mountain and i looked for some big lake lure stuff but i coulent find any. We might just have to run some standard SD fly setups tonight
  3. i know abot the teasers ont he meat rigs because we run those but what do you mean by a teaser fly rig?? im not sure i have seen that
  4. nice job. I think we will be fishing holland tmrw night.. It seems like spin doctors and flys are hot
  5. our last trip ot we caught 2 steelhead on high divers and we also lost on on high dipsey. So it seems like we catch steelhead on our dipsey that are high in the water column and with bright colors. Such as mixed veggie and green dolphin
  6. always attach it to your backer and yes you can cut off 3 colors and it would get you to 7 color
  7. it didnt help that the 10 year old was trying to bring in the steelhead, but he sure did love watching them jump
  8. yup every single one jumped 4 or 5 times. along with the ones we lost
  9. we have had some really nice rips on flys also but moonshine spoons have brought in alot of 20+# fish this year. We have caught at least 10 20+# out of ludinton this year. They are BIG this year. We have had like 5 straight trips with at least 1 20# in the box. We had three 20# in the box a couple weeks ago.
  10. Fished from 50-130 fow and the temp. Was WARM (60-70 degrees from top to bottom) but just south of the point the temp dropped to 54 and we found the fish. First we caught a 16# with a Mongolian beef back 100 on high diver. Then we had a SCREAMER it took 300 foot of wire out before it came off. That was a blue bubble spin doctor with a blue rubber poofster back 125 on a low diver. It hit well I was setting it. I went to stop the dipsey and it just kept goon. Then we had a double. First the green jeens on the half core went and then the Mongolian beef went. That was a interesting double because the first fish was a 15# and the second one was a 20#. The 20# got tangled in the rigger and dipsey so I had to hand line that into the net. We missed another fish on the half core so we ended 3 for 5. We decide to run out deep into the 40's (400 fow) went 5 for 9. Went on a west troll and hit our first fish well setting rods. DDipsey 100 back with green dolphin. Lost it at the back of the boat. Then we just plucked away at them. We had a fish on every 15-30 min. Mixed veggie on dipsey took 2 steelhead. Carmel dolphin on rigger took one. Happed meal on rigger missed one. Green jeens on half core missed a stealhead that put on a areil show. 300 copper with meat rig missed a nice king. And the blue dolphins on a 7 color caught a nice steelhead and a 20# king. So it was a pretty good night. Just alot of jumping steelhead who were throwing the hook
  11. yeah we only have one moonshine plug (hapee meal) and we always run it on our copper and it seems to being doin good in ludington. The silver hordes have been good also
  12. yeah we fish out of ludington and we have caught alot of 20+ pound fish. Just this last weekend we caught a 23# and 2 21#
  13. yeah you had almost an identical weekend as us. We had 9 nice fish on saturday morning also, and it sounds like we were in the same water. Copper and lead was best for us also. Along with a high diver 100 back with mongolian beef. We also went out saturday night and we went 4 for 7 in the same 50-70 fow as the morning. Great job this weekend and i know we shur had alot of fun.
  14. i agree with tray. We fish in ludington and i feel like alot of the charter boat will say stuff over the radio that is false. Not all the charters boats do that but i feel like a far amount of them do.
  15. Plugs were good on our 160 copper and 100 copper and our 6 color.. white plugs were the key just plain white silver hordes.. small and normal size
  16. Yea we went out Saturday morning and night and went 10 for 16 total in relatively the same Wat but we did have plugs goon also
  17. Straight out and then we went on a norths troll all the way to the point
  18. We went 5 for 9.. hit them on spoons, plugs, and meat rigs.. fished 70-130 fow and hit fish from 25-45 down.. and we hit one down 70. 23 pounder and 2 17 pounders.. then 1 laker and smaller king What worked: Braided dipsey back 100 with Mongolian beef. 3 for 3 160 copper with small white silver horde 0 for 2 Braided dipsey back 100 with green jeans 0 for 1 6 color with white ace high silver horde 0 for 1. (Snapped the line) Down rigger set at 40 down with a silver flounder pounder 1 for 1.. ( 23 pounder) 350 copper with black mamba meat rig 1 for 1.. ( screamer 17 pounder)
  19. We ended ended 5 for 9 this morning... one 23 pounder.. then 2 17 pounders. And a laker and smaller king... our other 4 fish we lost were big and we had them on for awhile but they just came unhooked.. mongloian beef and silver horde were good
  20. VHey guys were out fishing right now and we are 3 for 7 in about 2 hours.. 70-130 fow and hitting them on dipsey and copper 20-40 down
  21. Alright we will probably give u a call.. r boat name is in the net
  22. we will be fishing in ludington this weekend and we will let you know how we do
  23. yea we will be up their this weekend and the fishing in the morning has been rough. We were up their this last weekend and we fished only the mornings and it was rough. We got 2 fish each day but we had 10 nice fish on we just couldent keep them hooked up. Its nice to hear some guys from this site will be up in Ludington. It seems like most of you guys fish out of holland.
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