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  1. Yeah I saw all the tournament results. Our big fish would have only gotten 6th biggest. That means the fish are huge
  2. For the weekend we went 15 for 22. Saturday morning was much better than Sunday morning. Best water was between 110-150 fow in front of the projects (which is south) people that went to the bank didnt do very well for the most part. Got some big fish though. 4 20+ pounders and one of those was 26lb. Well Saturday we went 10 for 12. (threw 1 of the small kings back because it wasnt gonna die)Didnt get a hit until 6:30 and then we started hitting the fish. Everything worked copper, downriggers, and dipseys. Hit most fish between 30-50 down. What worked: 200 copper 32lb blue SD and white meat rig (1 king) 200 copper 45lb purple meat rig (big 26 pound king) 150 copper 45lb u of m spoon (1 small king) Dipsey back 105 with blue bubble SD and fly (2-3) Down riggers with fixed sliders down 40 and 50. spoon were green flounder pounder, blue moonshine, wonder bread, green dolphin, silver and yellow moonshine) 5-6 Fun day of fishing. 110 pound box of fish! The big 26 pounder that the 72 year old man drug in! Sunday wasn't nearly as good of fishing. A lot of boats at the fish cleaning station struggled but we managed 5 fish and missed 5 more so 5-10. We got into some steelhead and they were jumping and throwing the hook. What worked: 150 copper 45lb u of m spoon (0-2) 250 copper 45lb green flounder pounder (1-1) 200 copper 45lb purple meat rig (20lber we got on Sunday) Down riggers down 30 and 40 with fixed sliders. Same spoons as day before. (3-6) 20 pounder the little guy brought in
  3. Yeah I heard yesterday it started to pick up so by mid week it should be good fishing
  4. Decided to hit the water this morning despite the terrible reports. Went south to 60 fow and trolled straight West all the way to 200 fow and found some warm water and popped to fish. A laker and king. King was caught on a wonderbread spoon 55 down and the laker was taken on a blue meat rig on a wire diver 225 back. I would have to say save the gas and head out later this year when the fish show up. Talked to 7 different boats in the parking lot after and 6 of them were skunked and one person had 1 fish. Also heard captain chuck and another charter captain over the radio and the had no fish between the 2 of them and that was at 10 am so the fishing right now is bad to say the least but we do have 5 days of south wind on the way which should change things alot. Positive thinking!!!
  5. Yeah I know. I've read his reports and he got only 1 so I was curious if anyone had any other info
  6. Yeah. It was 38 degrees 50 down in 150 fow yesterday which would be the reason it's terrible fishing right now
  7. I've heard the fishing is absolutely aweful and that the water is freezing so I was just curious if anyone on here had any helpful information about the fishing out of ludington
  8. We fish ludington alot but havent too much this year because we havent had time but Th 4000 and 5000 lines are way out there. You have to make quite the long run. If I were you I would probably try the point in about 130 fow to start just because that is what usually hold the most fish consistently. (The point is about 8 miles north) fish between that and the bath house which is 4 miles norh
  9. Camera ran out of battery pretty quick because we forgot to charge it so we missed the prime time when we had 5 on at once but we got a solid hour on camera
  10. Yeah. Last year we killed the fish at prime time (sunrise, sunset) on everything but after that copper just killed the fish. We would pop 4-6 fish every day after/before prime time which really makes your box better. The only problem is to get a solid copper set up its pretty costly. But a dupery set up isn't that costly so the cheaper route would to be add dipseys. You can use a downright rod with a lot of braided line on it and got get a dipsey and you'll figure it out. It's not that complicated. Dipseys have caught more fish for us than downriggers. But copper has prolly caught more fish then any other set up
  11. Sorry for the late report but we had a very eventful night Friday night. We ended up 6-13. Our ratio for actually catching them wasn't the best for 2 reasons. First was we had a totally newbie reelin in the fish and well he thought the fish were bass and he was really trying to horse in 15 lb kings. Another reason was we had 5 kings hit in about a 5 minute period. So we had 5 14-18 pound kings on at the same time. We caught 2 of those 5. 3 of them came together behind the boat and snapped themselves off. But 5 kings on at the same time is extremely entertaining to say the least. We also had a double before that. And we only caught 1 of those. The double and the 5 header all happened around 9 pm but the 2 hours before that we just picked away at some fish 1 by 1. All the kings were 14-18 pound kings including the ones we lost. We hit all the fish in the 100 fow range anywhere from 30-70 down 300 copper with purple meat rig (hot) 250 copper with green flounder pounder 200 copper with U of M froggie spoon 200 copper with blue meat rig 150 copper with blue meat rig Dipsey out 175 with blue SD and fly Down riggers down 40 and 45 with green and blue moonshine spoons Also slow speed from 2.1-2.2 was the best
  12. Just curious If anyone has any info on ludington right now. Fow? How far down the fish are? What's working? Anything would help
  13. Went 6 for 9 in 120-140 fow. Started setting lines in 120 fow and as we were putting the 1st rigger down it popped and the line started singing. 10 minutes later we had a 15lber in the boat. Then we were dumb and continued to troll west all the way out to 170 fow with nothing. Finally turned around and once we hit 140fow we hit another fish and between 120 fow and 140 fow during the last 2 hours of fishing we managed 6 fish and 3 misses. All kings! One 10 pounder. Three 15-17 pounders and a 22 lber. O and a small king What worked: Down riggers 3 for 5 with moonshine spoons (green and blue was good) Dispeys 1 for 2 bloody nose DW and moonshine spoon Copper 2 for 2 (200 and 250 45#) UV green flounder pounder and u of m silver streak 6920&c=member&imageuser=3394]
  14. Went out for the first trip of the year just hoping everything would work and didn't have much trouble. We went out planing to stay pretty close to shore to try and catch some browns and steelhead but the water looked like chocolate milk. We spent awhile in close and finally decided to head out to the clear water which was about 50 fow. We started marking some fish about 40 down so we threw some riggers down there with both body baits and spoons. As soon as we got south of the pier heads we hit a 8lb laker. (Uv wonderbread moonshine spoon) By that time we had been out there for awhile and we were starving. (Forgot to bring some food with us) so we called it a day and headed in. There are definitely lakers between holland and saugatuck at about 50 fow. Our problem was that we went north and shallow. But it was just good to get out their on the water and get the boat running! Can't wait for the kings to come in! When that happens it won't matter how hungry I am!
  15. Alright we'll be out there also. Prolly just gonna see if we can't find some brown an steelhead in the shallow water.
  16. Hey I know the whether has been absolutely terrible but were going to take the boat out Sunday just to break everything In for this year and was curious if anyone knows much about the fishing status out of holland right now
  17. The boat name is in the net but we don't actually have it on the boat. It's a 21 foot trophy
  18. Yeah you too. We can't make it out Sunday mornIng but were heading out Sunday night
  19. Beautiful morning and the were hitting pretty well. We fished a little south of the point in 120-150 fow. We finished the day 12-20. Missed a lot of really good rips. 70-80 down was holding the most fish. What worked: Riggers down 70-80 with moonshine spoons (green flounder ponder being the best) 4-7 Dipseys back 225-250 with green sd and fly and green sd with green meat rig. 2-5 200 copper 32# with green splatter back jplug 1-1 200 copper 45# with white with black ladder back 1-2 250 copper 45# with green flounder pounder jplug 1-2 300 copper 45# with hapee meal jplug 3-3
  20. yeah we use the magnum dipseys and idk if the color makes a difference. we use clear ones though. and moonshine spoons witha uv finish has been HOTT. wonder bread, blue and green jeans, flounder pounder all have been good. all moonshine spoons. o and green meat rig has been good.
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