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  1. haha thats great... I feel like we had big meanie on in Ludington. He hit our 200 copper and didnt stop. He took every inch of line we had with hime without stopping. So we waved goodbye to our wolverine spoon, planerboard, and line.... We always carry extra football/hockey equipment with us because of big meanir.
  2. What would you run.. So would it be copper, lead, dipsey, downrigger, etc. And what bait would use???
  3. great to hear the fish are in solid in Ludington... Hopefully their hitting good his next weekend when we are up their
  4. haha good question... No it was really foggy so we could not see him at all so we had no idea where he was and we forgot that he came out a 9 am.. But when he blew his horn we figured out what where he was and got out of their. We couldent see the badger at all!!!! It wasnt that close either but it was scary because he just kinda popped out of the fog.
  5. no it wasnt nets but we did see nets... the fish jumped so it wasnt nets
  6. VERY SLOW DAY... we went 1 for 4 in 2.5 hours. Stareted at 6 Am and we ran south past the projects turned around and trolled north back to Ludington. Missed our first hit because it must have been a monster. It hit the 10 color lead and didnt stop. It took all the lead and 300 ft of backing with it and we could not stop it. Tighten the drag when their was only 10 foot of backing left and it snapped the line, and that was on a Wolverine spoon... the second hit was the fish we caught. It was caught on a dipsey 80 back with a bloody nose spoon. Then the next hit was missed on a 100 copper 42# with a wolverine NBK spoon. The last hit was missed on a 200 blood run copper 32#. With a red flounder pounder. Then the fog rolled in and we decided to end after we almost got hit by the Badger. SCARY!!!! Tournament in pentwater sounded like it was really slow and everone in ludington had 0 or 1 fish. Sunday night was better than Saturday. We went 3 for 4. 1st fish was caught on 200 32# blood run copper with a red flounder pounder. didnt catch anything after that until dark and we finally decided to put the half core out. We could only run 6 rods so we werent sure exactly what to put out. Not putting the half core out earlier was a mistake because it took 2 fish in the last 30 minutes of fishing. It had a shelly snacker on it. The missed fish was on a wire diver that I moved up to 35 back. It had a moonshine bloodynose on it and the fish snapped the line. The fish were really high in the water column and we didnt have anything high until dark. Saturday fish were caught in 60 fow and on sunday they were caught in 40 fow. Fishing sounded slow from reports we heard. Saw some people sunday night at the dock that got skunked. The fishing will only get better!!!!
  7. easier to use and I think you can feel the fish alot better than other copper so it makes the fight better.
  8. can this hear all the way up in Ludington, or just in the muskegon/holland area??
  9. yeah the fish are definitly bigger this year. The size of the fish we have caught this year are the size of the fish we caught in late summer last year. their are gonna be alot of 25 pounders swimming around in august!!! Maybe even a couple 30 pounders????
  10. We do almost exactly what Nailer said. although we like to set the dipseys first because we seem to catch the most fish on those, so we figure we should get that out first. Definitly have the deeper stuff closer to the boat or you WILL have tangles. Its just common sense to have the deeper close. But good luck with your setup next time you get out.
  11. nice.. we will be up in ludington soon. We had a rod break on us last year with a 15 pound steelhead on and we had have a guy hold the rod togethere well the other reeled. Crazy but fun!!
  12. moonshine or dreamweaver... BLOODY NOSE!!!!!
  13. We usually start the year in Holland and then we fish all summer up in Ludington because we have a camper up their...
  14. haha.. their are a ton of sheephead in lake mac and we caught 16.5 pounder their a couple years ago... We caught 17 sheephead, its alot of fun and i would most likely do it
  15. The most fun part is seeing the hit... If you dont run to the rod all exited then whats the point of being out their???
  16. We usually can run 9 rods, and we got trees this year and they are really nice to have. They spread your rods out alot more, and the boards run nicer becasue your rod is way higher in the air. Although you dont have to get trees they are very nice to have.
  17. We fish out of Ludington alot during the fall, and at the end of fall last year we killed the kings on the tangy toad. Although as of this year in Holland 80% of our fish have come of the bloody nose spoon. My favorite spoons are bloody nose, tangy toad, and the flouder pounder
  18. If thats not a 22 pound fish then i dont know what is... Great job and thats some great fish...
  19. nice job. We need to keep trolling south when we go back to holland becasue we always stop about a mile south of the pier heads.
  20. Thats the same speed depth and lures we have been usind in holland, and it has been producing fish... Sounds like a good plan for holland
  21. Yea we talked to somebody in the beggining and that was when we only had those two missed hits, so yea it was probobally you... We didnt get those three fish until about an hour after we talked.
  22. We had lines in the water by 6 and we had 2 really nice hits right of the bat, but neither fish actually hooked up. We didnt have another hit until 8, but it was well worth the wait. A nice 20 lbs spring king hit our braided dipsey 128 back with a bloody nose spoon on it. After about a 20 min fight we landed it and we already had another 14 pound king on our 150 copper with a Wolverine Mag Spoon. At the end of the night we took our third fish which was a 8 lbs laker. The laker was caught on a downrigger with a orange toad mag Moonshine spoon. All fish were taking at 80-90 FOW. So we ended the night 3 for 5 and we had three hits on the Wolverine Mag spoon. Great night of fishing and listening to the Red wings on the radio. Alot of Fun!!!
  23. We got out by 6:30 and it was a great day for fishing. We didnt have a hit for about an hour and then a 8 pound king hit our braided dipsey 128 back on a bloody nose spoon in 90 fow. About half and hour later we cought a 8 pound laker on the same exact setup. Once we got the rod back in the water the same setup went off again and it was a reallly nice king but it snapped the line. We fished for another hour and our 10 color lead with lemon ice on it went and it was another 8 pound laker. So we ended the day 3 for 4, so not the best day of fishing, but the wheather was great!!!
  24. Its easy to run boards later, and if i only had 6 rods i would run 2 of each and see what is working. So 2 downrigger, 2 dipseys, and 2 planers. I like copper more than lead, but that just my oppinion. You could also run a wire dipsey along with a braided, fore more variety..... What port are you planning on going out of?
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