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  1. Nice show , I had stumbled upon it a couple of weeks ago. With all the water we have in the great lakes it really amazes me there are only 1 or 2 shows that deal with the great lakes every show. Please tell your brother that I enjoyed the show!
  2. Hi Russell ,

    What time would you be arriving next Tuesday evening , we start the meeting at 7pm .

    Again just let me know if you need directions or anything.

    If I didn't give you it before here is my cell if you should need it.


    Jim Wolfe

  3. If anyone is interested on the west side of the lake (Michigan) We (The Great Lakes Sport Fishermen of Milwaukee ) are planing a field trip to The Wild Rose Fish Hatchery , the cost of the trip is 6.00 per person or 10.00 for an couple . This is a Bus trip leaving from Ray and Dots VFW post .Also making a stop at Cabelas In Richfield WI. If you are interested please send me a PM and I will get more information to you ASAP. From what I understand one of the Federal tagging trailers will also be at that location. Tight Lines Jim
  4. your system with the 2 batteries will only charge to the state of the worse battery. In other words if you have one weak battery and one strong , it will only charge to the state of the weak one. I hope I didn't confuse you.
  5. so that is where all the ice went
  6. If its not any trouble can you bring one of these setups in February when you come to Milwaukee?
  7. how often do you have a or16 let go of the line ? or come off ? How would this work for someone boards other than offshores?
  8. I wouldn't say hard , but if your still moving there is some resistance due to movement. As for the kicker doing thrust duty , I don't think you'll be happy with the Powerdrive alone , pushing a boat at 1.8 -2.2(down speed) = 2.3-3.1mph in current might seam doable but you will toast your battery pretty quick. We set our kicker just below our needed speed , and bring in the troller . We sometimes run for up to 6 hours , thats a long time on a battery pulling a boat. If you don't have a kicker I would stick the money there first as you would go through batterys like candy.
  9. Well guys just went below 2.00 a gallon here . ya hoo
  10. I know here is Wisconsin the gas tax is per gallon of gas , So I guess they are saying to bring it on , sell more . Right now its at 2.09 and forecast to drop possibly another 20 cents. and then level out . My truck is hiccuping right now , gas has never been this cheap sense I bought it . Makes the 14mpg not seam so bad.
  11. I would definitely have more than 65lb of thrust , Thats what mine came with and its on the low end . That Terrova sounds like the ticket, you don't loose your foot pedal either.
  12. I have a duel battery setup as mine is a 12volt system, go with the 24 volt bettter run time. I put in a switch so I can switch between the 2 batterys and can run for about 6-8 hours depending on current and wave conditions. If your fighting 2-3footers your going to have a hell of a time . For the most part in my 17 foot boat if I can be out there , it does fine. I have 2 27m batterys plenty of power , recharges in less than 24 hours , keep an eye on the acid as all the recharges can brig it down some. Lost one battery last year before switching to a 2 battery system. For a small boat neededing an autopilot its a great alternative. and cheaper. As far as holding coarse I run a compass setting as the currents can push you quite a lot out on this side of the lake . If you try to run a GPS setting it will be fighting to get back on course , at least on my boat. Getting setup is fairly easy , get your kicker going just below your desired speed , then bring in the IPilot set you compass heading or GPS heading and speed and you should be good to go. we lock down our sterring wheel with a bungee cord. My single 12 volt batterys last 3-6 hours depending on conditions , have not had a day where both batterys have been dead . Most trips are less than 5 hours. Any other questions fire away. Jim
  13. The stains are on the motor and the hull , can remove them and first time out they come back . hard water stains , I do have some luck removing them with vinegar but not complete. I had bought some spray that took them off but at 15.00 dollars a bottle it would take 30.00 to do the boat every time. Yes the stains are on the lower units too. More so where the water can dry , and leave a residue than if its in the water.
  14. I email Ed back a few months ago , we are interested just have not herd back from him.We are GLSF Milwaukee would love to have one here. I am sure that there would be more than just our club.
  15. Did you get the boards figured out?
  16. My son had set 150 copper and just as he's putting it in the tree the boards takes off and dives , normal on big fish. I have had them disappear many times on the way in on heavy fish . Other thing you could do is set them to release but then you chance knocking off the fish too. either way its a PIA.
  17. Well after a long hiatus it seams the fish are here and biting now. nice thermocline setup down 49 feet . Reports have improved from the dismal ones earlier this month. Took out my wife and son on the possibly last trip of the year for me, having hip surgery. Setup in 75 fow heading NE with the boat being a mess as we were fishing shallow the last time out . Had my son set a 150 copper as he's putting it in the rod in the tree the boards rips out and down , 15lb king . Before we can reset that rod the starboard wire fires , no one home , 30 seconds later rigger fires with a nice coho. we worked in and out of the fog and strong currents on flat seas , fininshing 6 for 9 . having all of the hits on the dipseys come up missses. good hard hits but would not connect. had one 8lb coho hit while putting down a NBK spoon saw the hook on the graph come back to hit the spoon, really cool . Fog rolled in really hard for the trip in , saw one guy headed for the beach with boards in tow , another banking to avoid the breakwall , would have been a good time to have radar. Glad to see the fish turn on here, and they are silver, had a guy from the DNR taking heads at the cleaning shack, man he was busy today. Tight lines ,fish are here and hungry. finally!
  18. now that could not have been cheep, sorry to hear about that one.
  19. Why did you get Canciled on ? No fish in the lake?
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