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  1. How often do you guys use this type of rig , and is it productive. The only part I'm not clear on is the rubber band. You put the rubber band on with a half hitch , does the line pass through the loop and connect to the line below the band ? and how heavy of a rubber band do you use?
  2. What is a free slider? Are you running multiple baits on one line?
  3. When using a stacker release which line should be longer the top or bottom and why? Been thinking about trying these but I'm unsure of the set up.
  4. Kind of like starting out new for this year, 2010 targa V17 115 optimax,2 Lake troll down riggers, 2 new down rigger rods. Many new spoons and flies. Mostly because this is going to be my first full year fishing the Big pond. Still looking for a kicker to go with the new boat. Jim
  5. Thanks to everyone who replied , Was out on the big pond yesterday. My son and I went 2 for 2 . My first time with down riggers, 20ft down 70 back. 2 Browns. 2nd one was about 18lbs tangled one of the dipsy rod and the other rigger.put up a real nice fight. Can't wait for the coho to start coming in. Does anyone know about when that would be? How does one post a picture? Jim
  6. There will be 2 to 3 people in the boat, the boat is a Targa v 17 (18' 1" x101" beam)as I am very new to this I don't plan on running more than 4 possibly 6 if I can scrape up enough for 2 more trolling rods, remember a boat is a hole in the water that one pours money into ,and my stash is just about dry. I need to get my downrigger balls and I was really surprised on how much those buggers cost! 40.00 for a 10lb weight? So I am starting a little slower than I thought . I got hooked last year jigging for Salmon just outside of the harbor here in Milwaukee.
  7. Looking for some tips for setups , how far behind the ball to run baits,what to look for when picking an area to troll in . What time of the year to start running flys. When would you use J plugs. I plan on running 2 riggers and 2 dipsys ,whats the best way to run ,with flys and spoons, should I run the spoons on the riggers or on the dipsys? What colors work best in the spring? any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jim
  8. if all else fails try mek , ware gloves and a mask as this stuff is nasty, your skin will dry out real quick if you don't ware gloves. You could try Lacquer thinner, not mineral spirits. If this is a two part paint you have to clean to air brush right away.
  9. progressive had the best rates for me and could set a value on the boat and equiment, very good pricing . you can get a quote right on line.
  10. No Pics yet Tracker Targa 17v WT , I was going to go with the 175pro V WT but on the trailer the targa is 2" shorter but overall 11" longer boat . Sweet deal with the incentives. I started out last year jigging the gaps in my 16' MistyHarbor , not a really wide boat at 68" made for a rough ride sometimes, Pulled in some really nice salmon so I decieded to get a bigger boat , had to quit smoking to finance the boat but a much better way to spend my money . Here is a link to some of my fish , hope it workshttp://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=3800&id=1837272042&l=99466e79b6 and a scanned photo of the boat. Tight lines Jim
  11. looking for a little help fishing out of Milwaukee, WI. I'm new to this big lake fishing, Have a new boat comming in this week. I am wondering when can one expect to see fish start show up , and what to use. I will be fishing out of a 18' Tracker Targa , hopping to have motor broke in before the season starts.
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