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  1. If your using the copper colored rod with the stainless guides it should be fine , there are others in the copper line(okuma) that are soft in the tip. My speed at the ball is around 2.0 on a depth Raider. GPS= 2.3-2.8 depending on current. Are you running a Fish Hawk?
  2. very strange but here too with the browns , last 2 weeks . Have never seen so many large browns this time of the year. its like its December.
  3. Robert , here are a couple of shots of my boards , they look very much the same as yours, the inside rods are copper , Mine track like this most of the time with the exception of one , which is an old tx22 i think is water logged because it does not float right. I had one 2 weeks ago that would do wheelies,a rod with a light tip , drove me nuts til I figured it out , Though it was a fish pulling back the board but it turned out being the soft tip allowing the rod to load and then pull back forward.if that makes sense. That rod has been removed from my spread.
  4. Hey Guys , How has fishing been for you this year, has it been good , has it been the same as years past or different, I am looking for some feedback lake wide on how its been. I would have posted this in the lake Michigan forums but I would have to do it 4 times . If you could please tell me what port your from and what state that is in it would make things just a little easier. I am looking for something like this , Jim from Milwaukee , WI , fishing has sucked this year . Cohos skirted Milwaukee and for some reason and we have marked fish all year but some one must have sewed all of there mouths closed cus they ain't biting . Catches are way down over here in Brew city. Thanks Jim
  5. keep in mind that its with a mag spoon at 2.0 or 2.5 by the chart colors. If your making turns expect your inside coppers to drop and outsides to rise up. You may be in 125 FOW but make a slow turn and put your 300 on the bottom. Always speed up on turns. Would you look at how close the 32 lb copper is to 45 lb wow. glad I run the lighter stuff.
  6. how does it do with a spoon , little more level i would guess. Looks like a lot of drag there, which would also mean your not running as deep.
  7. I had started with cannons, switched to blacks, switched to scottys and my hookup ratio jumped up to 90% no more of the annoying shakers being dragged around for hours . Get long leads for pinch pads you will see anything hit your line.
  8. are your rods the same ? If you have a rod with a soft tip it will cause you to do wheelies , up and back down . almost seem like its running forward all the time. and you don't have to be in heavy seas to have it happen , more so in light seas because it plays catch up.
  9. IMO mono has too much stretch for divers, and too easy if you have a nick in it to loose all your equipment.Having a good leader and a good snubber is important though.That being said mono may have too much stretch for the diver and you may not be able to untrip the diver to bring in at the end of a trip.
  10. sometimes the water temps can play games with my releases and my divers . I have them set if they pop it will be the first time around and after that they will be fine . The only reason I could come up with is temperature. I also use the 124s but I set them fairly heavy because there on my wires anyway, not going after cohos. After 10 min in the cold water they seem to behave and I don't have any problems after that.
  11. have you had anything swimming on the ends , what kind on wire are you using?
  12. Just as a side note when I unplugged the cable to take the picture I pulled the cable too hard and loosed the cable , when I was out the next time I had problems , found them in the plug. Change the plug again , no more problems.
  13. Bob get your lights all figured out?
  14. well i guess there are fish in the lake after all. Send some over towards Milwaukee, nice Job,
  15. how are things up in the bay? you guys getting out fishing?
  16. Set lines 430 North of Milwaukee going 3/4 all kings pulling lines by 8am , fish have been shutting off and not going to waste fuel . First fish came on a FF down 35 in 70FOW ended up netting it on the side of the boat , I guess it wanted to race us . Beautiful morning to be out except for the wind picking up and making things too bumpy for me. I think the girls were disappointed to come off the water so early but weather happens . Looks like it may be picking up finally. Hope it continues . Tight Lines
  17. from what I saw the price was 199.00 with out a SD card. But them are cheep now.
  18. Check out this camera , Water Wolf , you put it inline with you baits now you can see the strikes this is cool . Check it out. http://waterwolfhd.com/
  19. The worst 4th for fishing in four years. I don't know if its the temp of the lake the way the fish are traveling but we are having one of the worst years yet. Left the dock near 4:45 am picked up the first and only fish hitting the cooler by 7am. Ending 1 for 3 , lost one a 250 copper and 1 drive by on the port rigger. Every trip we have been on been over fish for the duration of the trip, sonar looks like a Christmas tree on Christmas eve. Large hooks all over the screen and its been tough for most. even tried moving to different fish and nada. From Portwashington south to Racine its been tough. Even the catches of coho we had the last few years was way down , only had 1 trip with limits. I know that the fish are here just tight lipped, makes ya sick to watch the sonar and have loads of fish show up. I am guessing that after the lake sets up with a theromocline it would help but its July and cold water is everywhere. At one point we had 38 down 25, and mid 40s on top. thought about running nets off the back but I am sure the DNR would object. This is a screen shot from last year but it looks the same just a different day.
  20. well guys the Okuma Blue Diamonds are up for sale in the classifieds , Price is posted there. not sure if I can post it here. One side note, the new rods look very much like the old ones except they have a swivel tip . I will post a review later after I get a few hours with them. Jim
  21. Personally I use 20 lb big game for my backing and never had a problem. But I do change it out every 2 years at minimum , same with the leaders. My first year I fished almost every day so I switched out all leaders and backings that year. Your weakest link is where you will have a failure , a swivel, leader with a nick , backing thats too old. Braid is nice because it lasts longer and has a smaller diameter giving more room on the reel. and more time between changes.
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