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    fishing and hunting aholic grew up in Chicago spent 15 years fishing out of Waukeegan Harbor
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    Distributing Big Jon Downriggers & Martin Archery Products

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  1. Fishing and Hunting USA is proud to announce we are now carrying TraxsTech The Ultimate Fishing System http://www.fishingandhuntingusa.com/traxstech-track-system.html
  2. Yes, Big Jon has a new line of trolling spoons. They are manufactured by Advance Tackle Company exclusively for Big Jon. They come in 2 sizes Fin Fighter which is 4 1/4" and Lil Thumper which is 3 3/4" and there are 14 new colors. They are all silver plated except for the Migas Touch which is Gold Plated. Check out the new line at our website http://www.fishingandhuntingusa.com/big-jon-spoons.html
  3. Wilson Harbor Invitational The Series: Part 3 is ready for you to enjoy http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?3681-Wilson-Harbor-Invitational-The-Series-Part-3-(password-1day)
  4. Here you go Wilson Harbor Part 2 http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?3578-Wilson-Harbor-Invitational-The-Series-Part-2-(Password-shotgun
  5. We have had a great response to this video and hope you all stay tuned for the next 3 sections
  6. Here you go guys, we are doing a show from all the video we did at the Wilson Harbor Invitational. We filmed on several boats and this turned out great. This will be a 4 part series and Part 1 is up and ready for you to watch, you will need to click the link below and become a member at the Fishing and Hunting Forum to watch. Enjoy it is awesome !!!!!!!!!!! http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?3489-Wilson-Harbor-Invitational-The-Series-Part-1-(password-WHI1401)
  7. On Fridays from now on the new pass words will be given out to watch the shows on the forum
  8. Check on the 1st Salmon Showdown Fishing Show Now http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?3393-Salmon-Showdown-501-Michigan-City-(password-start5here)
  9. http://fishingandhuntingforum.com/showthread.php?3382-Martin-Falcon-Riview
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