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  1. I had the same problem two years ago, I broke off and lost multiple dipsey's and rigs. I loosened the tension on my dipsey and my drag is set so line will come out of the reel once in a while when trolling but when a fish hits, its rips the wire out. Then I let the fish run as long as it wants and then start working in the fish. I always check the first 20 feet of wire as well multiple times per year because kinks will definitely break you off. I'm probably $200 in the hole from the set ups I've lost due to broken wire!!! That didn't make the wife real happy when I have to replace things multiple times per year.
  2. Fished yesterday with my dad and brother out of Qsee in 10 FOW, went 6 for 12 on walleyes and 2 catfish (18 and 14 pounds). All fish came on hot n tots and all colors worked 40-60 feet back. The bite was really light, they would barely pull the flags down on our boards. On a side note, when we had our big boards and mast we hardly ever missed a fish. Last year we switched to inline boards and we miss a lot of fish, can someone tell me why you think we are missing fish? With the big boards the hooks were set when we got to the fish, it doesn't seem like we are getting good hook sets. Even the fish we got to the boat are falling off the hooks in the net. I just sharpened all my hooks as well. Thanks
  3. I’m heading to the west side of the state and originally inquired about St Joe’s but my wife wants to go to South Haven. Mid May will the kings be in South Haven area or am I better to head to St Joe’s? thanks in advance
  4. I have signed two of them to end her and two more to end the quarantine on 4/30.
  5. Complete bullshit for sure. The governor of Michigan has to b worst ever. If I am on boat with my dad, brother, wife or kids; I can promise everyone here I will not be within 6 feet of your boat other than at the dock. This shows how stupid she really is.
  6. I need some help and expertise on where to mount my fish hawk. I have a 23 ft Crestliner and I'm not sure if it's better to mount my FH display by my fish finder or if I should mount it near my down rigger? I do a lot more walleye fishing than I do salmon fishing so I can mount it on my track with my rod holders close to my down rigger or I can buy a new mount for my fish finder and attach it there. it would be a lot easier to buy a mount and put it on my track closer to the down rigger but not sure if it would be in my way.
  7. I am aware of the new regulations, they are being enforced on the East side of the state where I am as well. My two boys want to come with me, it would be a day trip. Looking at heading over for a day next week if possible. If anyone is going to be out next week let me know and we'll see if we can team up and find some fish.
  8. Good morning and I hope everyone is staying safe. My brother just moved down to the south west corner of the state and I would like to bring the boat over and do some salmon/trout fishing. When does the fishing really pick up in the St. Joe/Benton Harbor area? I have never fished that far south for Salmon but it looks like I will have A LOT of free time over the next 30 days and would like to fish (and even keep 6 feet between me and the next boat, HAHAHAHAHA). Also do guy typically run spoons, meat, flies or something different this time of year? I have never fished Salmon this early and would like to get the heck out of the house for a weekend and fish. Especially before the walleye heat up on the east side of the state. Again, please stay safe and thanks in advance for some reports!! Ryan
  9. Cap mike is right, we fished big boards for 15 years and made the switch to inline planners. We can’t run them slow, if there is any kind of crosswind they won’t go out or push back into the boat. Plus if you put them out to far they will drag way behind the boat. Someone said to try a triple board, that might work. My best piece of advice if you do go to the big boards is put a weight on the outside board to get it in the water. If that board isn’t running fully in the water (just your inside board) then it won’t plane correctly either. I know that sounds weird but it made a difference for us when we started doing it about 10 years ago.
  10. How often does everyone replace their down rigger cable? I haven't replaced mine in quite a few years and wasn't really sure how often I should do it. Thanks in advance, Ryan
  11. You have a virus on your computer
  12. Well, if you want Lakers they are everywhere. We fished from 30 FOW to 200 FOW and never found a king, coho, steelhead or brown. Nothing but lakers, Chartreuse and Orange were the colors they hit on. They hit from 25 - 70 foot down. Spoons and flies both worked. The only place we didn't fish but should have is off the northeast corner or Mackinac Island on he hump. There is a marker for a fishing net there so we avoided it. However; we drove over it and went from 90 FOW to 14 FOW really quick. All the way up and down that up was stacked full of fish, don't know what they are and didn't attempt to fish them but it was full of fish. The charter guys we talked to said the Salmon were hot and heavy for about two weeks then totally disappeared. Can't find them from Hessel to Detour to Roger City.
  13. Went out of Hessel on our last day of vacation and headed 6.5 miles toward ‘Mackinac Island. Picked up a king right off the bat in 90FOW on a green glow spin doctor and a bloody nose fly 150 back on a dipsey. CUght 5 lakers after that. Three of them came off the dipseys with the same spin doctor/fly combo or the other was a green paddle with a watermelon fly. The other two fish came off the rigger 65 down on a mat Allie blue and green spoon. We went out on four trips while we were there and went 15 for 19 on the trip. Lakers and 1 king. Got the boys up early and they had a blast fishing with us. Here are some pics of a few different catches.
  14. I talked to a DNR officer last night and asked him why they aren’t planting salmon in Lake Huron. He told me there is no food for them. I have fished in the past year from harbor beach all the way to Hessel and I have caught both trout and salmon that are full of alewives. Maybe someone much smarter than myself can help me out. If the smelt population is up and the alewife population is at the very least on the rise why not plant salmon??
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