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  1. Cap mike is right, we fished big boards for 15 years and made the switch to inline planners. We can’t run them slow, if there is any kind of crosswind they won’t go out or push back into the boat. Plus if you put them out to far they will drag way behind the boat. Someone said to try a triple board, that might work. My best piece of advice if you do go to the big boards is put a weight on the outside board to get it in the water. If that board isn’t running fully in the water (just your inside board) then it won’t plane correctly either. I know that sounds weird but it made a difference for us when we started doing it about 10 years ago.
  2. How often does everyone replace their down rigger cable? I haven't replaced mine in quite a few years and wasn't really sure how often I should do it. Thanks in advance, Ryan
  3. You have a virus on your computer
  4. Well, if you want Lakers they are everywhere. We fished from 30 FOW to 200 FOW and never found a king, coho, steelhead or brown. Nothing but lakers, Chartreuse and Orange were the colors they hit on. They hit from 25 - 70 foot down. Spoons and flies both worked. The only place we didn't fish but should have is off the northeast corner or Mackinac Island on he hump. There is a marker for a fishing net there so we avoided it. However; we drove over it and went from 90 FOW to 14 FOW really quick. All the way up and down that up was stacked full of fish, don't know what they are and didn't attempt to fish them but it was full of fish. The charter guys we talked to said the Salmon were hot and heavy for about two weeks then totally disappeared. Can't find them from Hessel to Detour to Roger City.
  5. Went out of Hessel on our last day of vacation and headed 6.5 miles toward ‘Mackinac Island. Picked up a king right off the bat in 90FOW on a green glow spin doctor and a bloody nose fly 150 back on a dipsey. CUght 5 lakers after that. Three of them came off the dipseys with the same spin doctor/fly combo or the other was a green paddle with a watermelon fly. The other two fish came off the rigger 65 down on a mat Allie blue and green spoon. We went out on four trips while we were there and went 15 for 19 on the trip. Lakers and 1 king. Got the boys up early and they had a blast fishing with us. Here are some pics of a few different catches.
  6. I talked to a DNR officer last night and asked him why they aren’t planting salmon in Lake Huron. He told me there is no food for them. I have fished in the past year from harbor beach all the way to Hessel and I have caught both trout and salmon that are full of alewives. Maybe someone much smarter than myself can help me out. If the smelt population is up and the alewife population is at the very least on the rise why not plant salmon??
  7. Went out and fished from 6-9am and hammered the lake trout. Fish the north side of the island and went 6 for 9. 1 for 3 on the dipsey’s, 1 on a full core and 5 for 6 off the balls 52 and 60 foot down. Glow and green spin doctors and flies l, dark green and dark blue spoon, green and black spoon and a chrome with purple and pink spots. The stackers never caught a fish and the half core never had a lick. We marked big pods of bait down at 50 foot and as soon as we got through the pods we picked up a fish. We are going to hit it again tomorrow morning.
  8. We are back and it’s beautiful as ever!!! Fished this morning for about 3 hours and caught two Lake trout. One came 65 down in 80 FOW on a purple and pink spoon and the second came on a dodger and spin n glow 72 FOW. I think we are going out the way entrance and try around boot island tonight and I want to try south of goose island. If anyone has any tips or where to go for salmon let me know.
  9. We were actually fishing out in front of sunset marina.
  10. Went out yesterday and battle weeds all morning, picked away for about 3 hours and had 4 walleye to show for it. When we run our spread we will put our inside 2 lines (when running flicker shad or hot n tots) on snap weights to reduce the chance of crossing lines. One of the newbies in the boat forgot to add the snap weight and had our flicker shad back 20 feet and caught a fish. By the end of the day we ran all our flicker shads back 20-35 feet back and finished the day with 18 keepers, 4 throw backs, 3 cats, 2 drums, 2 silver bass and a pike. We fished 14-17 FOW and never marked a fish up high but that’s where we caught them.
  11. Fished the slot, 18 FOW started with all flicker shad and picked up two fish in the first hour and a half RN with out to crawlers and finished with 20. Caught our last 18 fish in about 2 1/2 hours. Ran the crawlers at 1.6-1.8 SOG we slowed them down to 1.4-1.5 and the bite stopped. Sped them back up and caught fish. We are going back out tomorrow morning and hitting it again. Tight lines and good fishing!
  12. Thank you for the feedback, I’m going today and getting the church TX-22 boards. I spoke with two charter captains and they both use them and like them so that’s what I’m going with. One Captain said he pulls the mini dipsey’s with them easily as well. He used the off shore boards and they didn’t pull well.
  13. I am switching from big planer boards and a mast to the inline boards. I am looking at getting the Church Tackle "walleye boards". Anyone have any feed back on the boards or if they use a different board that works well for them? I figure all boards are about the same but I have read some really good reviews on them. Also, I want to get two big boards (Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board) to pull my lead core when salmon fishing. I would like anyone's feed back on both boards. I'm switching because when I pull the big boards from the mast I can only fish 3-4 lines of each side of the boat when walleye fishing. If I put the big boards out to far they don't keep up with the boat and my lines drag in the water. There are a lot of days I want to run 5 lines off each side of the boat and I think I can do that more effectively with the inline boards. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks , Ryan
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