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  1. Thank you for the feedback, I’m going today and getting the church TX-22 boards. I spoke with two charter captains and they both use them and like them so that’s what I’m going with. One Captain said he pulls the mini dipsey’s with them easily as well. He used the off shore boards and they didn’t pull well.
  2. I am switching from big planer boards and a mast to the inline boards. I am looking at getting the Church Tackle "walleye boards". Anyone have any feed back on the boards or if they use a different board that works well for them? I figure all boards are about the same but I have read some really good reviews on them. Also, I want to get two big boards (Church Tackle TX-44 Super Planer Board) to pull my lead core when salmon fishing. I would like anyone's feed back on both boards. I'm switching because when I pull the big boards from the mast I can only fish 3-4 lines of each side of the boat when walleye fishing. If I put the big boards out to far they don't keep up with the boat and my lines drag in the water. There are a lot of days I want to run 5 lines off each side of the boat and I think I can do that more effectively with the inline boards. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks , Ryan
  3. Riviera planer boards and mast for sale. I am switching to inline boards and need to sell these first so my wife will let me buy new ones. Bought them when I bought my new boat the beginning of last year. They are always kept with the boat and always stored in doors so the only weathering on them are from use. Excellent condition, it comes with the seat mount as well. Mast model number: DPM-KSA Planer boards model number: DPB If you have any questions please feel to contact me. Thanks, Ryan
  4. My son and I went out Friday afternoon and took our limit on Flicker Shad 85-120 back in 14-16 FOW in a little over 2 hours. We also added a nice 11 inch perch. We didn't get all six lines in the water for the first hour of fishing. Went out yesterday morning with my father-in-law and two sons and struggled with weeds all day. We fished from 8:00am-3:00pm and finished with 14 and two perch. We started in 17 FOW and trolled the east side of the slot and zig-zagged into 13 FOW and back out to deeper water on a south troll. Finished in 14 FOW but battled weeds all day. Started with all flicker shad and finished with all crawler harnesses. Crawlers only took one perch and one walleye and Flicker Shad took the rest. We put the go fish camera in and didn't see a single fish. We got about 3 hours of video and saw a lot of weeds and crashed the bottom a few times with our lure but that's it. Side note: there is a deadhead floating in 12 FOW on the east side of the slot about 2 miles north of Quanicasee. Just a heads up if anyone is going over that way.
  5. Got out fishing about 2:00 on Tuesday and fished for a little more than 2 hours and went 7-8 on walleye. All came on hot n tots (80-95 back) anything chrome did well in 14-17 FOW. Wish we could have stayed longer but not bad for 2 hours of fishing. Lot's of reports at the dock of people catching fish in 8-10 FOW as well so it sounds like the fishing is good everywhere on the east side of the bay. Tight lines everyone.
  6. Went out for my last two trips before I head home!! got out about 5:45 and fished till 8:30. Went 2 for 2 with a small king and a brown (13 pounds). King came 40 down on a stacker on a MS Sliver and the brown hit on a MS Orange Hulk 48 down on a stacker. I ran all my spoons back 80-100 feet behind the ball instead of 50-60 feet back. Went out yesterday afternoon from 5-9:30PM and finally hammered fish set our first rigger and stacker and before we set out second rigger we had a double, both Atlantics; down 58 and stacker 48 bottom spoon was purple and silver with pink spots top spoons was a greasy chicken wing. Got both down riggers in the water and caught a small king on the purple and silver spoon and 10 minutes later caught a small king on a SS Mongoose 50 down. Got that reset and caught a steelhead on the stacker 40 down on a double orange crush. At that point we had 5 fish within an hour and a total weight of 12 pounds so no size. We circled back picked up another Atlantic on the purple and silver spoon 58 down. Went through our points a few more times with nothing and trolled out to 70 FOW and picked up another brown on the double orange crush . Circled back around picked up another Atlantic on the Mongoose. It started to rain and had some lightning in the distance so we packed up and headed in. We fished the west entrance and coat’s point on the shelf. A good end to the trip for sure. Our best spoons for the week were SS Mongoose, DW double orange crush, MS Sliver and Stinger NBK. Never had a single rip off a dipsy, a paddle/spin doctor and fly the whole week. Everything came on spoons. We trolled 2.5-2.8 SOG the whole time. I hope the fishing gets better for everyone up there and I hope I can make it back soon.
  7. Went out last night, fished from 8:00-1:00 in the morning. Picked up a small Atlantic 58 down on a purple and sliver with pink spots spoon. About 10:00 picked up a 13 lb brown trout on a MS Sliver 40 down on a stacker. Ended the night 2 for 7, we trolled through a ton of fish. A lot of short hits, there for a few seconds then gone. My guess is smaller fish are hitting. Never had a single rip on a paddle and fly, no lakers on dodogers and spin-n-glows. We are going back out tonight and going to try to target fish with smaller size spoons and run deep diving husky jerks off the boards. Marked a ton of fish from 25 down to the bottom. We went out Tuesday morning for about an hour but got blown off the water and one of my boys was chumming over the side of the boat. Both Sunday and Tuesday morning I marked a ton of bait and last night barely marked any. We are going to give it hell again tonight.
  8. Went out for our first trip of the week yesterday morning. My son and I started at 5:30 and ended about 9:00. We went 1 for 2 with one small king. We fished the west entrance from 55-80 FOW. We marked fish from 25 foot down to the bottom. Tons of bait as well. We caught our king on a Stinger NBK 58 down on the ball and our miss was on a SS mongoose on a stacker 50 down. We’ll be fishing every morning until Saturday. On a side note, we fished around the docks all day and caught over 100 rock bass and kept 42 of them so we are eating good!!
  9. Can anyone tell me how deep to fish to find salmon/trout in the Detour/Cedarville area. I want to fish Saturday night and I'm hoping to take some of the guess work out of it if possible. Also, what radio channel are guys on up there? Thanks in advance Ryan
  10. Heading up to Hessel/Cedarville area the end of August and would like to Salmon fish for a week, is anyone catching salmon up that way?
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