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  1. I have never trolled for Coho in the spring, when do the Coho's move out into deeper water? What other lures do you use when you fish them? I am getting the boat out this weekend and wanting to make a trip to the west side. Thanks, Ryan
  2. We fished that way a five or six years ago and got one brown to go, about 10 inches long was it. We had small walleye spoons behind 2 oz of lead back 100 feet. The same thing, multiple fish either breaking the surface or jumping out of the water at the same time. Next time I see that I am going to put a spin n glo on and run it really high in the water and see if the twisting and spinning in the water entices them to bite.
  3. The pink we caught was full of bugs so it could have been them as well. People up there have said out of the east entrance to the islands they see Atlantic's jumping all the time so I would imagine they are eating the bugs as well.
  4. Got two reports from different two different fisherman that there are unmarked nets south of Detour in 80 FOW. Can’t give you any other details but beware and be careful.
  5. I would be sorry for not posting all week but after 5 trips and only 3 fish all week there was nothing to report. Biggest fish we caught was a 3 lb laker. Also caught a small pink and a small whitefish. this is the first trip to Hessel in the seven years we have made it up there the fishing absolutely SUCKED!!! Even though we don’t catch many Kings we usually slaughter the lake trout and mix in the steelhead, pinks, brown’s and Atlantic’s. we did mark a ton of fish West and northwest of goose island between the islands and the goose island shoal in 130-150 FOW. No go on any of those fish. Other than that we barely marked any fish anywhere.
  6. 7/1 fished 5:00-8:30am went 6-6 we started the morning with a triple header. 15 lb Coho on a stacker down 70’ with an MS Ratchet Jaw, 5 color with an MS sliver took a 180 lb king and a dipsey on a 2 setting back 110’ with a green splatter paddle and a green glow fly took a 5 lb lake trout. A second laker came on a green and silver glow SS spoon (not sure name) down 52’. A second king cam on a DW Kevin’s girlfriend with a green and red fly, 18lbs and a small pink (throw back) came on 10 color with an MS Happy Meal. for the morning we went 6-6. Last night went 1-3 with 2 bumps off a stacker with an d school black and gold spoon down 95’ and caught a 2-3 lb laker on a dipsey , 2 setting on a green splatter paddle and a green glow fly. This morning fished from 5:00-7:30am and we went 3-4 with a 22lb king and a 3 lb pink coming on a 5 color MS sliver and a lake trout coming on a green splatter paddle and a glow green fly. We missed another fish on the DW Kevin’s Girlfriend and green and red fly. The fish broke off the fly. So far it’s been a good trip, two more days of fishing ahead of us still!!
  7. Where we fished we found 44 degrees of water 80 down in 120 FOW, the surface temp was 56 and it was 52 degrees down to that break. We would troll in and out of the thermal break all day. We actually caught our fish when the water was 52 degrees and we were running 2.0 at the ball. We tried just about everything but J-Plugs and my son was trying to talk me into it for for the heck of it.
  8. Well, we went out and gave it hell! Got the boat in the water about 6:30 and set up in 70 FOW, trolled out to 160 FOW and barely marked a fish. Trolled back in south of the harbor and marked a ton of fish between 120-140FOW. A lot bait balls and a ton of fish. We marked fish at times from 80 down to the bottom. After changing lures 5 times and fishing everywhere from 40 foot down to the bottom we figured we should try something new. Trolled out to 170FOW and completely stopped marking everything. Then 124 down picked up an 18# Laker on a white flasher/white fly. Trolled around there for a few passes and called it a day. thanks to tkat1000 and jdh for the responses back to my original post. I’ll be back for sure next year!!
  9. I am going to fish out of one of the following ports: Grand Haven, Holland, Port Sheldon or Saugatuck. I don't usually start fishing Salmon till August up in Manistee so this will be my first trip ever this far south in Lake Michigan. If anyone has a good spot or depth to start fishing that would be helpful too. We plan on being on the water around 6:00am and hope to catch some Salmon. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Ryan
  10. We run out of Quanicasee however we are running almost 6 miles north to fish. There were a few people at the docks that took their limit in 12 FOW but they battled weeds, and scrap fish more than we did. they are catching fish on the east side of the bay all over the place. By the end of the month if the water keeps warming up find 20 foot plus of water and you’ll be fine.
  11. Another great weekend fishing walleye on the Saginaw Bay!!! Went out Friday with my dad and brother and caught our 3 man limit. Brought home 24 walleye, threw back 6 small ones, 4 sheephead, 4 white bass and a catfish. 39 fish on the day in about four hours isn't bad. We set up in 18 FOW and trolled out to 20 FOW. Put our first line in the water at 7:30 and didn't get all 8 lines in the water till almost 11:00. We had 3 lines in the water when we had a double header and it never stopped from there. We ran flicker shads all day, #7s 60-75 feet back going 1.5-1.7. We also marked what looked like a thermal break in the water 7.5 feet down so that's where we set our lines and it worked. Also marked a ton of bait from 7 foot down to the bottom. When we cleaned our fish all of them but one had empty bellies. Went out on Saturday and added my father-in-law on the boat. We brought home 16 walleye lost 7 at the net (I no longer let my father-in-law touch the net) and threw back four small ones. We also caught about 15 white bass, 2 pike (25 and 33 inches), 2 sheephead, and a little 7 inch catfish. Same program as Friday, we had our bait in the water with nothing (or we thought) for about 40 minutes and we did a bait check. Pulled up 5 white bass and a keeper walleye, we had no idea they were there. After that the fishing got better and we had a good day. It wasn't as good as Friday and we got hot and the bugs got bad around noon so we packed up and headed in. When we cleaned both pike they both had small walleye in their bellies. That's the first time I've cleaned a pike with a walleye inside it.
  12. I had the same problem two years ago, I broke off and lost multiple dipsey's and rigs. I loosened the tension on my dipsey and my drag is set so line will come out of the reel once in a while when trolling but when a fish hits, its rips the wire out. Then I let the fish run as long as it wants and then start working in the fish. I always check the first 20 feet of wire as well multiple times per year because kinks will definitely break you off. I'm probably $200 in the hole from the set ups I've lost due to broken wire!!! That didn't make the wife real happy when I have to replace things multiple times per year.
  13. Fished yesterday with my dad and brother out of Qsee in 10 FOW, went 6 for 12 on walleyes and 2 catfish (18 and 14 pounds). All fish came on hot n tots and all colors worked 40-60 feet back. The bite was really light, they would barely pull the flags down on our boards. On a side note, when we had our big boards and mast we hardly ever missed a fish. Last year we switched to inline boards and we miss a lot of fish, can someone tell me why you think we are missing fish? With the big boards the hooks were set when we got to the fish, it doesn't seem like we are getting good hook sets. Even the fish we got to the boat are falling off the hooks in the net. I just sharpened all my hooks as well. Thanks
  14. I’m heading to the west side of the state and originally inquired about St Joe’s but my wife wants to go to South Haven. Mid May will the kings be in South Haven area or am I better to head to St Joe’s? thanks in advance
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