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    been fishing lake michigan for 30 years.
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    west michigan, grand rapids area
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  1. we fished friday and saturday out of au gres. had trouble getting anything to bite steadily or on anything in particular. worked 30-32 friday and 36-38 on saturday. off the point. 9 on friday, 5 saturday. sort of glad to hear others with greater experience had the same report. inner bay seemed to be the place to go. first post. enjoy the info. wondering why guys don't talk on their radios like the salmon fishers do?
  2. hello to all. my boat/post name is addaline with the 27 added for posting. aka 'blueracer' on another board that seems to have folded. i fish out of holland' generally in the afternoon. my boat is a proline 231 with a hardtop. aqua graphics over white. i don't say too much on the radio but will chime in if someone is looking for a fishing report. i've been fishing this area for 50 years for one thing or another. the last 10 or so concentrating on salmon etc. love this forum. lots of good ideas and help. if i learn how to post pictures i'll add some this season. cheers.
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