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  1. After I put the boat in storage this year i was going to break down a lot of my reels and replace the line on them. This got me wondering if there is anything else i should do when i have the reels empty. I have read before that you should have the reels "serviced" every other year or so. I regularly oil the worm gear and clicker switch but is there anything else I should do to preserve the life of my reels? I have spent WAY too much money on reels the last couple years and just want to make sure i am protecting my investment. Thanks for the input! Dave
  2. I am going to fish that for the first time this year. I was told they had around 100 boats last year also. Let me know if you do decide to fish it.
  3. I don't have as much experience as many of the guys on this site but i have never found any sort of correlation to marking fish and catching fish. I have had plenty of hot days where i never marked a fish and quite a few skunks where i was marking fish all over the place. If I mark fish and it doesn't like what i am presenting then i keep going. My belief is that a active fish will hit most lures you put in front of them ( I am not a big believer in color having en effect on strikes with the exception of dark and light patterns, just my opinion) and instead of turning to go back after a mark i would rather go on a try to find what I consider "truly" active fish. just my opinion Dave
  4. I installed a depth raider on my boat this spring and have had no issues at all. A couple trips ago while motoring out the probe had wrapped around the downrigger arm and then the ball popped out of the cradle and i had one hell of a mess. The coating on the wire was nicked up and stripped off in a couple of places and i was a little worried about putting it down (with replacement probes costing $200 and weights not being cheap either) but we did and have not had a problems with it functioning properly. I can send out over 150 foot of cable and still have no problems getting signal. I have been out about two dozen times this year and have not had to replace the battery. What i am trying to get it is that even though you have had bad luck with your unit i do believe they make a good product and most companies will stand behind their stuff. I would suggest calling the manufacture and seeing if they would replace it for you.
  5. Just wondering what kind of rod you use? roller or regular with or with out a twilli?
  6. Not sure if you are near a gander mountain, but the stores in grand rapids carry them.
  7. Enough said, thanks for the input guys! Thanks Dave
  8. Just to clarify, these will be my only two wire lines ( i also run two power pro), would you still suggest not running the 19 strand?
  9. I am putting together a couple wire rod set ups and have some questions. I was planning on using #30 dacron backing, what kind of knot should be used to connect it to 19 strand wire? Is 500 feet of wire on 300 feet of backing enough or should i use more wire? I am using catalina 45lc's so i have plenty of room i was just wondering if i could get away with a 1000 foot spool for both reels. I am going to run them on convector gl dipsey rods ( non roller), do I need to use a twilli tip? Thanks Dave
  10. Nick, My preference would be to fish the last event as a double. It would be very hard for me to get another weekend off ( I work most weekends) and then talk the wife into letting me fish both days. Thanks Dave
  11. With the big lake slowing down in june we have been doing a little inland lake fishing this month. We went out saturday and ran the trollining motor for almost 8 hours with no problem. Went back out monday and while moving up a weedbed we lost power to the trolling motor. We checked the fuse (it is a inline glass tube style) and it had completly exploded:eek:! We replaced it and went back at it. About an hour later we lost power so checked the fuse and once again the glass fuse had completly exploded and now the rubber housing had melted and started to burn!:eek: Any ideas about what would cause this or what i can do to prevent it from happening again? Thanks Dave
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