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  1. Ran south to Saugatuck set up out front in low 50's water with nice stain, a defined plume and bait jumping in the prop wash. Two hours down there yielded four sheep and a ten inch perch, on a mag double trouble ofc a two color that actually pulled the board back enough to see. Bludgeoned our way back into them to Holland set up in the channel first rod that fired was,a mixed veggie mini streak on a slide diver, 26" musky. We then literaaly could not keep nine rods or for that matter we did not have all six boards out until dark. Sheep sheep and mire sheep. Had one outer board get ripped so hard it had to be another sheep, so we let it drag a while until I picked it up. 29" 9# walleye. Caught one other sub legal walleye. I noticed the other boats weren't hitting sheep like we were, and we were rolling faster than them. I was going 2.1 to 2.5 s o g to me that's crawling....
  2. Gotta fish for what I there is. There was a sheep at the weigh in. I was jealous.
  3. Tots and trout. I'm going to assume that's not an insult.
  4. Ran north at the start knowing they would be building. Oldest daughter took the helm and we had nine rods in by 6:48. 200 copper with flounder poundef dug in, kids tag teamed a 6.5# laker to the boat. We trolled s w and by 160' it was what I like to call Four Winns water. We were having a discussion on what we wanted to do when the 300 copper took off, seven pound king. To the boys at the weigh in that said there's no way my daughters reeled in those fish, they did, every inch of it. Just like the 100's of others they've landed, mostly in much crappier weather than today. With each kid having a good fish to weigh, we pulled them to run in. But at 60 it was much nicer, so else set up again on a south troll and soon popped a 5# laker on a wire diver 200' out. Middle daughter reeled that one in solo. Caught and released a small laker and that was that. Middle daughter does not getting pounded going fast in waves, so we ran in at 17, until I convinced her that it may be smoother if we got on it, so we did, and skipped in at 30. They were loving it, looking for rainbows in the spray off the bow. Soon I can let the oldest run in as she has her permit, but she was holding her sister today. Also launched next to "Charley-O", my grandpa's boat. Nice to see it out there. I caught my first king out if that boat in, well, 1979... Thanks to all that out the work into this tournament. I've fished pretty much all the kid's tournaments, and this is the best.
  5. Running larger than usual this year. Lots of them pulled drag. Mag spoons in bright colors were best, slide divers back 50 out 20-30 and 1-2 color cores. Only ran one rigger and it took one fish.
  6. We ended up 22/31 problem was 21 of them were sheep. After four hours of nothing we went in close, hit a quad and could not get rods back in the water for a hour straight with several over 10# and one pushing 13. It was also fun inadvertently ending up in the w m f l shotgun start. For being 28 the old girl will still throw down.
  7. Thanks for the report. 20 odd boats entered you'd expect more reports.
  8. Took a four winns out for the first time this year. It ran great.
  9. Grand haven and Muskegon have a big temperature break out deep; not so much down here. Still might be worth a try.
  10. What size on the coho? They seemed smaller this spring.
  11. My sub troll is always lower than my g p s. Whatever. 2.0 on the subtroll for lakers and kings, faster for steel. As said above its about repeating the value, not the value. Find your numbers and go from there.
  12. Great color. One of my favorite Nailers for low light conditions.
  13. Got my second this year. The farther I wander the worse I do...
  14. Found, fishing or boating related item on south bound us31 between grand haven and Holland Sunday at about 7pm. It's got some road rash but still functional. Pm details if you think it's yours.
  15. I have to say they look good, but the browns this year just were not fussy for me. Once you sorted out what they wanted each day, it was load up and limit out. Mostly mini streaks and stingers at 2.8-3.2 mph... Except thin fish. Only one hit on those this spring. Heck of a hit though.
  16. Solo trip sounds like you did better than.most full crews.
  17. Thanks for the insight. Before I had a probe I caught fish where I never should have been fishing. But there were more fish back then...
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