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  1. Lamprey that dragged. Nasty. We caught a king like that labor day a few years ago. Meat was white mush.
  2. They don't even close the gate on the back. Pretty cool operation. Sit in a parked car and watch the g p s read 8 mph.
  3. Focus on why you''re fishing where you are. Temperature, bait, spawning fish? The lake is very dynamic. It's sweet to look at the buoys and forecast and be " there's going to be fish here because this" and set up on them. Or be like a guy in a perfectly equipped $200k tiara I fished with that pounded bathwater in 50' as that's where they were last week. A week of south winds since had pushed the break down to 130'. Took him on my 1987 that night and limited running 4 rods all 150' and deeper.
  4. Where are you located? Do you have a notebook, 12 pack, and gas money? Thumb a lift here, be respectful, ask good questions, and take notes. You'll learn more that way than online or at a seminar.
  5. 9/10 all browns but one shaker king. One we missed was a huge rip.
  6. 3/3 4# brown on a n k 28 die hard one color and a beautiful 9.3# brown on a one color Jerry Lee mini streak. Gotta get more mini streaks. Love my flutterdevles but lately it's been rolling hot with mini streaks. Can only roll 2.3 with the lighter spoons.
  7. Went north for a change. S e wind stiff nice by shore but out deep I bet out deep it's ugly. Clouds to Sun making it hard to pick lures. 1/1 14" brown on chute rod shad rap.
  8. Four year old fish are rare. Studies on the grand showed 95% of the fish spawn at 2 or 3 with.most of the balance being 1 year old jacks. My salmon ambassador info showed virtually no, as in a couple per 1000 c w t returns of four year fish. I classify salmon as shakers, eaters, silvers, and matures. Silvers can be bigger than matures.
  9. I'm at 33 fish this year for 78# total. To say I'm jealous would be an understatement...
  10. A diver that the line runs through instead of being attached to. You can set any lead to the lure, but the diver trips and slides at the hit, so netting is not an issue. Around the piers I run two slide divers and two riggers so I can turn on a dime and stay on fish. For coho and browns down the shore it's up to 4 boards per side. I prefer my 14' when fishing close. If targeting browns recall the holy trinity of conditions: clouds, waves, and stained but not dirty water. The more of those you have the better.
  11. I've released about 20 shaker kings this year and they've been about a 50/50 mix of clipped and natural fish. These are the fish that were planted or smolted last spring. Usually we don't see them until June on the tail end of the spring kings. I've caught more shakers this spring than I do most seasons in totality.
  12. If you want to catch fish and have a good time, Black Betty. If you want to aggressively catch fish and be treated like crap while doing so, Best Chance. I was not aware how stupid I was until I fished with them. 4000 hours on the water have beat them in tournaments before but I apparently didn't know anything.
  13. Last pass at piers two pound brown mixed veggie mini streak two color core. E nded up 5/7. Great weather great company
  14. Took a shot across the plume 4# brown on same mini streak. Lost something nice on a f nine gold black rap.
  15. Lakers didn't work south 30-60'. Got one about 8# on a dodged peanut slapping bottom in 52'. Headed in swapped to brown program and found a 12" king (clipped) on a j11 silver rap on the two color. Released him. Set up on the beach and didn't even get the rods set 5# football of a brown Jerry Lee mini streak one color. Chugging back to port to get the girls to street scrubbing this afternoon. Fog just burned off too bright and clear for browns...
  16. Ran four spoons on one colors and two sticks on flat line boards out if Holland. Started with a double 15 minutes in, eater brown and 5# brown. Trolled a mile then hit some fish, got up to 5/5. Gold and copper backed mini streaks and finally got the sticks going with f9 gold black rapalas. Turned north bite died. Turned south started missing small hits finally got one, shaker kings. Lost our limit brown at the net, then turned north again. Landed a nice 5# brown to limit out. Guest comes up from Fort Wayne for tulip time each year, and we usually do well. And when we don't, it's still a great time.
  17. Thanks for sharing the program. Solid strategy. Just needed that kicker silver.
  18. Dave has plans. My usual crew made state at Science Olympiad, so I'm out this weekend. To be honest with the new points structure I'm just not as interested. Browns have no weight, Lakers have no points, kings and steel are hit or miss right now.
  19. Setting the bar pretty high for us aren't you? Hog Wild and a six pack from the store next to it works well too.
  20. Ended 4/4, three kings and a brown. Kings were all 9-11", and one probably didn't make it. Brown was released as well, pretty fish of about 4#. All fish on spoons if that matters, stingers and mini streaks. Tried out deeper in the colder clear water for Lakers and coho. Nothing out there. Stayed out too late looking for a good fish or a walleye and ended up getting soaked. Girls hid under my parka and stayed dry for the most part. Tough kids. Also hit a garbage can (even at 2 mph that will wake you up) and had a huge rip that got into the one color, turned out to be plastic bag.
  21. Daughters available to rent as crew. 1. 11, rock solid dependability in all conditions. Has fished in 6' waves and spent an entire day hunting in 17 degree weather with a biting wind. Can drive a straight line on a tiller or console better than an autopilot. Has boater's safety permit. May talk excessively of "Daniel". Will demand crew share of payout if you win but seems not to have money come gas time. Has extensive resume dating back to winning her first tournament at four, several youth trophies including 4th in New Buffalo and sixth in kings and kings. Limitless supply of dry humor. 2. 8, fair weather fisherman. Due to a genetic disorder she is space efficient, good for smaller boats. Does not like waves and in particular going fast in them. Will work for junk food. Good with a net. Critical crew member in the June 2013 WMFL limit oh browns overwhelming victory and took 18th at kids and kings last year with a crazy steel on a seven color. Needs to be reminded to pee before you depart. Slight attitude problem until she warms up to you. If she does. Rent one or if you dare both.
  22. Did I mention four hours nine rods last Saturday and not a hit?
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