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  1. 1994 sportcraft w/tandem axle trailer fully rigged ready for fishing(riggers, copper,lead) 5.7 volvo penta dual prop $15,500 269-9296181 for more info
  2. Fished Friday and sunday Friday went 6-9 spoons on 3,5,7 and 10 colors spin dr and flies on braid divers and riggers. 2 kings on riggers 2 lakers on same rigger. 2 kings on 5 color green dolphin. Lost fish on 3 color orange crush and 5 color yager bomb. Best water 190 sunday same program 8-11 blue dolphin on 5 color took 2 kings spin dr fly took 1 King 7 color green uv green dolphin took the last king. Orange crush on a 3 color took 4 coho 130-150 fow. Never got a hit on a diver
  3. I was wrong they also got a cabelas combo with lead core and 2luhr Jensen/Diawa combos
  4. Had a St. Croix and G Loomis spinning combo stolen from boat at Eagle point Marina in st. Joe. Had 15 Okuma trolling set ups that they did not take. Have no idea why they would just take the 2 spinning combos.
  5. Having issues getting my boards to run inline when running 3,5,7 off one side of the boat. The 5 and 7 color run inline. Using walleye boards and suggestions?
  6. Started in 160 FOW. First fish came in 180 FOW steelhead 5 color with stingray yager bomb. Trolled out to 220 picking up 2 coho on Spin doctor and a purple/black mini fly. Diver set on 2 115 back. Picked up and headed to 80 FOW on a west troll doubled in coho with orange crush on a 10 color and same SD fly combo. Made a turn at 100 and picksd up 2 more coho on the SD and fly. Didn't mark many fish deep.
  7. Left docks at 6 am. Set up in 70fow on a Nw troll. Went 7 for 12 couldn't keep them buttoned. 3 kings 4 coho. Everything took hits. Rigger down 45 and 60 dipseys with pro troll flasher out 75 and 125. 3,5,7 and 10 with the 10 taking all 3 kings. Yager bomb, bloody nose, mixed veggie, orange crush and blue dolphin
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