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  1. Fishing a spot versus fishing a direction versus fishing a depth. If I could call that one right each time I would catch a pile more fish. I've even had days where I had fish locked to a spot in a depth where current was not an issue, and only caught them trolling north but not south...
  2. Working on getting the laker size limit reduced, so I can weigh in five Lakers for 8# in June this year. 300'? I don't think we saw 13' this year in that event. You know the one when my girls fished with me in the row boat?
  3. Fix net. Send wire reel to Tom for rebuild. Change oil. May need a new impeller. Much like above post the 4' drift in the barn driveway hardened to concrete by the slight thaw a few weeks back may be an issue...
  4. Abandoned nets, poorly marked nets, nets not getting pulled before season ends, boats sinking at the dock and leaking fuel. Pretty much the tribes have abused their privilege and made fools of themselves, culminating with their fisherman in jail. Pretty hard to defend how tis is their heritage. If I can't fish it, I will help in other ways. Are the steelheader's sponsoring this?
  5. Why the switch back to five fish? More time for Dave to nap between 19" Lakers in the June event?
  6. Longer leads on the diggers to tone down the action of the lures. Bury the line in the board releases. If too rough don't run boards. Tighten the releases on the divers to keep them from tripping. Crank the drags to keep them from surging. Be ready to get there fast and back off the drags on a hit. Troll down wave if possible.
  7. J11 rap, more pissed about the 8# brown that took it. $50 derby fish. Thin fish that took about 20 fish. Green glow #4 j plug, running low, cut myself off and lost it with most of a full core when I turned too hard to square up a fish. One treble hook off a thunderstick that my nephew kept after we ripped it out of his finger. Two hot and tots pier fisherman took from me. A dw plug that never got hit until a massive rip in the channel that scared me so much I just stared at the diver rod as it thrashed. One magnum uv green dolphin silver streak.. Stuff I got back: Same uv silver streak when we landed the same king ten minutes later on a different rod. Offshore board, no name, set up the same way mine are. My diver and snubbed I mentioned losing here thanks to Ben lubbers snagging it and giving it back. He kept the j plug, I know he like wonderbread and it's in good hands now so that's cool.
  8. If the lake flips they can be in the sand bars. Lots of fun on a sinking tip fly line with streamers sight fishing the edges of schools.
  9. Chased a mark on the graph once and popped a nice king 176' down on a size 3 j plug of all things. 120-150' is no big deal with mag wire divers and 10# rigger weights. Had to fish a double am and pm one time with out of town guests and went 10 for 16 (rookies) with the first fish on a 400 copper and everything else 120-160' down, as the warm water was 100' deep plus. Morning we worked Lakers and immatures suspended over 200', at night we pounded the bottom in 130' with meat for heavies.
  10. June is great, if you want to work on a non king program. We pulled great coolers last year in June and early July by not targeting kings. Mid June we won the west Michigan fishing league by targeting Brown's in 8' if water. Late June we took sixth in the kids and kings by pounding the bottom for Lakers. Ended up with nine fish that day with kids on the stcks. Fourth of July weekend we had nine fish again with 7 coho in the mix, fishing orange dodgers on riggers and thin fish off 2-10 color cores. Point is had I fished for kings on those trips, it would have been ugly. Lots of good boats were in those tournies but no one was pulling good boxes of good kings at that time....
  11. Thanks for turning them in and for the info. Got a bunch back too, nothing interesting on the kings but I had two just legal Lakers that were 5&6 years old and from IL, a 9# laker caught in the st. Joe river that was 11, and a 16.4# laker that was 20 and planted on the mid lake reef, while I was wrapping up high school and hadn't met my wife yet.
  12. Having a smaller four winns (that will not sleep eight drunks) of the same year I can say that they are well built tanks, and you will not find one better taken care of than this boat.
  13. My daughters are terrors on the big lake, regulars at tournaments, and pretty good on the stick. Their mom despite being eight months pregnant put a 21# king on the boat this year, besting me of course. So I think it's great to see more women out here. Don't let it bug you there aren't more!
  14. Fishing experience is great. How are you at taking crap from customers? I hated that more than pulling doubles on both days every weekend. Found out very quickly that as soon as money was a factor, fishing got to be a lot less fun.
  15. What I'm reading is a bunch of reasons to set a board to trip, so you don't have to fight the board instead of the fish....
  16. A win will put money in your pocket if you win in a 14' row boat. For the record, we left a laker bite at five fish in the first event ( also in a 14' row boat) to look for Brown's, not knowing it was weigh six. And that let Dave win the season title.
  17. Tetanus shot current? Took my wife into Armstrong's once. She appreciated it but asked to never go back.
  18. One of my favorite runs. We're usually right to the bank at the base of that hill. Best days on the river are when no one else is around. Thanks for the report.
  19. I can't plan on catching fifteen fish every time. But in a weigh six format I can grab the row boat and my girls and stand a good chance of beating the people who can fish a lot more than me. If I need to yank out the four winns and drop a hundred in gas, network, or pre fish to be competitive, what's the point in fishing a club tournament? The lower numbers to weigh also bring in new boats that are not as intimidated.
  20. Tier two to four automotive quality engineer for twenty years. Don't need to tell me about the supply chain. We take a tier two part with components from nine countries that goes on an American assembled vehicle with an Italian engine, that in turn is only avaiable for sale in China or the Philippines. A sister part with a Japanese component allows the same vehicle to be sold in Europe. Lately we've been sourcing fewer of our purchased parts off shore or from Mexico as the quality didn't offset the savings. Kind of nice to pick up the phone and call a guy who can be here in 20 minutes, and not a rep in Chicago that can get an answer next week. But most of the Chinese reps are hot, I will give them that.
  21. No can do. Looking at my may 1 give or take a couple days log, it could be: Rapalas in the river for walleye. Trash cans with flies in 40' for Lakers. Full out sticks and spoons spread for Brown's. Mag spoons at the piers for kings. A mix of spoons out deep for kings and whatever else wants to bite. Or even coho in 10-30'.
  22. Hunted the first day the m w w reopened. First field hunt of the year and I was rusty. Walked out with a goose and two drake mallards. The amount of customers we had was insane but they didn't like what I was selling and I didn't close the deal. Could have killed a four man limit if I'd done it right. Pulled my ten year old out of school the following Wednesday. Set up a nice small spread and popped an early drake only to watch birds check up on a spot 1/4 mile away at the end of our zone. Grabbed some decoys and walked over there to find sheet water and ducks. Took four more trips to get all the gear over with ducks working the whole time. Just got set up and the flight slowed. Needed one more mallard when the geese started working, but ignored them. Ten minutes before we had to leave I took a long shot at a drake and folded him cleanly to finish out.
  23. Hey I know that launch. You are crazy. And I am jealous. Welcome to the site, it's one of the best.
  24. I don't fish the league, sometime I might, but I kind of like the 20 points for Brown's.
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