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  1. Fished next to bouy a few weeks back in 1.9' waves. Funny as my 22' tank of a cuddy cabin glass boat was washing the bow light s and churning the prop going into them. I would have said tight 2-4 with a five every now and then.
  2. Find where 50 degrees hits the bottom, go 10' deeper, and pound the bottom 10' with mag spoons, meat, and plugs. Best early and late.
  3. Oddly i did the salmon ambassador thing last year and most of the hatchery fish caught in west michigan are not michigan plants. Maybe they pass each other in the middle?
  4. Last time I checked may day calls do not work with 911. Going out without a way of contacting tournament control is YOUR problém, not theirs. A simple pm to Terry before the tournament to get his number? The storms were forecast, it's not like this circumstance could not have been foreseen and accounted for.
  5. Sorry I did not get to talk. Beats putting "000000000" on the board.
  6. What is up with steel being all over the water column? Buddy next to us was getting them on two colors we lost one 57' down and took one on a mág wire diver back 200'.
  7. South troll was a bit sporty wasn't it? Thanks for the report.
  8. Port of choice, lines in at five have to be at the weigh in at Muskegon at one. Usually boats fish south haven to ludington. That said, only three boats had five fish to weigh. I've fished this seven years now and only one year had good weather. Its either rough ( they don't cancel, you fish at your discretion, and i have none ) or storms or both but besides the youth tournaments this is the first one on the calendar each year. The big fish pot winner this year donated an envelope of significant cash back to the charity. Class act right there.
  9. Benefit for kids tournament. Raised over $6500 to send some health limited kids on an elk hunt. 51 boats i think, everyone gets the same lures to fish.
  10. Would not have tried in the 14'. We where up in seventh place. Not too bad!
  11. Set up a little late in sixty could not find a good troll in the dark finally settled in at 210 degrees plowing into them. Mixed veggie s s down 52 went good fish lost it but before we did the blue frost spoon down 80 fired with ,6# king. Mixed veggie fired again 13# king. Slowed down, trolled with them, the back into them. Swing and a miss on the blue bubble spinny 200 back, then a five pound steel on samé. Last hit a 14# king on a 200 copper blue veggie spoon. By then trolling into them was a two hand ordeal washing the bow lights. Tried pounding the bottom in 75 ford lakers for the last hour no joy. All fish in 90' give or také in front of the stacks. 78 points: we'll see how that works out...
  12. I don't think we had six girls at g m I when I was there, and none looked like that. Had to keep running back to Holland on weekends to keep a girlfriend.
  13. I haven't marked a bait ball outside of the plume this year. Last two fish I caught the king was completely empty, the steelie had about 300 bugs in it. Both were plenty fat though. Glad the reports of bait seem good. Hopefully they find enough to eat, as the lake is way more sterile than its ever been. I grew up a half mile from the pond and could smell the rotting bait on a good wind. I also remember green water and four riggers with j plugs 3' off the ball...
  14. So there's a ton of bait in the plume at grand haven, with kings in it. Hmm. How do the other 22,799 square miles of the lake look? Don't draw a conclusion about the health of the whole eco system based on a small sample size. I find lots of cars in a mall parking lot, but not many in the field next to it. Should I look only at the parking lot, I may think there's a lot of cars. If I turn around, not so many.
  15. My logs go back to 1995. Every fish on both of my boats since I bought them. The last two years have been by far the worst for me on kings. Worst than when I had two rods, a 14', and no tow vehicle. Worst than dialing in my four winns, which took a few seasons. Browns oddly, my two best. Granted I fished for them longer. Burn 15 gallons offshore looking for kings when I know I can probably limit on browns in the 14' burning a gallon? Not the size we saw before they petered out in the early 2000's, but way more per trip. Last year awesome steel fishing. This year under similar conditions I caught my first one last night. Can't figure that out. We had some lean years on kings, but nothing this depressing. Had several solid years for kings long before 2012, with July 2009 being a high water mark. Seven limit trips (at three per person) in a row. We are seeing lots of smaller alewives this year. I hope that's not because the river plumes are warm and concentrating the bait.
  16. I've fished bigger waves without issue in my 14'. I think my effort to convince my niece and her husband to move back here had a bit of a set back last night. Then the first time we fished the four winns in heavy water this year, both me and my crew, with over 10k hours between us on the lake, were stumbling like drunks. And it wasn't that heavy.
  17. Doom and gloom? I caught 12 mature kings last year. This year two seven pounders and a 15#. I'm at 57 fish this year for 180#, mostly 2-3# browns. Two years ago in May I pulled a 15 fish limit of kings coho and browns off the pier heads for 136#. Picked up two new guys for the afternoon trip focused on kings and put over 125# in the boat on their ten. Went out two more times the next week, again in my 14', at the piers. The last trip we threw back anything under 12# that wasn't hooked deeply. I caught more weight in fish that week than I did all of last year andthis year combined. And labor day three years ago 21 kings from 2-6 pm. All my harbor trips combined last year five kings.
  18. Lonely out there. Saw one other boat all night. Crew not used to big lake didn't feel well. In 2' chop. Mid sixties out front nothing in the plume but a lot of beach grass fouling the lures. Headed out cycled through all 11 yes 11 rods to clean them. Settled in eighty on a north troll riding the waves to smooth it out a bit. About 9:30 pulling lines seven color explodes. First time I've heard a reel cry this year. Taking the board off wire diver goes with a five pound steel. Get him.all wrapped through the riggers net a fifteen king off the core then untangle the steel. He hit a spotted duck (auto correct) 10" meat rig, king came on a d w standard in coyote.
  19. 21 four winns 350 with two speeds, trolling and as fast as conditions allow. 3 mpg running unless tournament fishing then 1.5 mpg* running, 1.2 gallons per hour trolling. Much like Dave a morning's trip is rarely less than 10 but seldom more than 15 gallons. I commute 400 miles a week and don't burn that much gas * it's a beautiful thing when those back butterflies on the four barrel open up and stuff slides off the helm
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