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  1. actually joe. it was 3 kings 16 coho and 1 laker. trip total. FOR 2012 KINGS. 17 COHO. 16 LAKERS. 1 BROWNS.0
  2. correct . we had a 2 man limit with in a hr . all where 30 plus inches . that little hen was only about 17
  3. last post was being stupid. went out 2 days ago . and got skunked. fish where being caught. and a beastly walleye . however I did go out yesterday with buddy. and we hammered them. 6 steelhead . lost a walleye. it wont let me upload the picture and i dont know why.
  4. 2 days ago got skunked. now yesterday me and a buddy had our limit. fish is good. all chrome besides one male.
  5. nice . I was fishing both sides. going out again in the early morning. what are you getting them on?
  6. we where fishing from shore . we where doing the basic [email protected] fish crazy . we got 90 percent of ares before daylight too. spawn and wobble glows where the ticket for us.
  7. went out yesterday morning with a couple buddies. think we did pretty good 20for52 on the day pretty good day.
  8. thanks all for the advice. I think I have it locked in now. I had been rigging my lines different than others. as I am a big lake fisher. And am now new to the river fishing as of last summer. I went out yesterday morning went 1 for 3 with king and coho spawn. again thanks all and I appreciate the friendly help. and will keep posting.
  9. does anyone have spawn or skeen preferably not king. pm to let me no . or I may be doing something wrong.any good pointers for fishing at 6th street. any help would be appreciated.
  10. does anyone have anything that is not king spawn. if so please pm me to talk. al
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