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  1. Is this weather goingto change things up for the weekend??
  2. This will be my first time out on the big lake this weekend, wondering St. joe or S. haven? I'm only set up for spring fishing, no riggers, just boards, dipsys, dive bombs and 1- 3 color. Dont know where to start with all the reports of everything headed out deeper. I could use some advice about how people would fish this weekend. Thanks for any help Shawn
  3. Wondering if anyone may be headed out on Wed, thurs, or Friday, I would love to ride along and see how it is done. I posted the "new to Coho fishing" thread a while back and I would love to go out on the lake before I try it myself. I am an expierenced fisherman, just not coho fishing. PM me if you need an additional person. thanks Shawn
  4. Wow thanks guys for all the info, Now just waiting for the weather. How crazy do the launches get in the morning when the fish are hitting? Prolly only have 2 people in the boat so max six lines, prolly only 5. 2 boards, 2 out each side then one right down the middle. again thanks for the help
  5. Looking thru my stuff I got some dive bombs and some tadpoles and dipsys I should have enough stuff to get going.
  6. I have started investing in red and orange lures like thin fins and any other orange lure. Got a couple small spoons also. I have not gotten my boat out this early before in the spring but do I need to winterize after fishing, say in late march early april? I'm afraid of it freezing up after I bring it back home.
  7. I got all of romanacks stuff on the dvr. Love his shows. I was watching the coho gthe other day. I like his pasha lake canadian trip. Tryong to convince the wife. I need to go up there. Think I will get some lead core. This will also work for mid summer walleyes on tghe bay or lake mille lacs in mn
  8. This will be my first attempt at Coho fishing this spring out of St. Joe Wondering if i can fish for them without riggers early in the spring. I am set up with boards for walleyes, Should i invest in some led core and dipsys? I dont fish the big lake so i dont want to spend the money on riggers. I think from reading the posts i got an idea of what to do, i would like to long line run a few dipsys and maybe a couple lead cores??
  9. any guys get out on the east side of the bay today??
  10. I was on the saturday charter with Matt and he worked is butt of for us in some cold nasty weather, nice job Matt..
  11. I just got a new 2011 tracker v175 with the 90 hp 4-stroke and it trolls down to 2.0mph on calm days, i can get 1.5 against the wind. if you cant get it slow enough bags would work best.
  12. what about smallmouth this time of year. I have been to the charities but usually later in the month when it opens, i quess alot depends on the weather the next 3 weeks.
  13. Thanks i will pm you when the time gets closer, we definetly need some warm weather for the next month.
  14. I usually go out of bay shore 1 mile north of bayport then head out past north island and head south. I know in the past larger boats 23-28 feet are in and out of the marina.
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