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  1. We knew the limit was 3 each. We only wanted to keep the smaller ones and what we could eat. The largest was about 12lb and the smallest was about 6lb. Most of the Lakers ran about 8-9lbs. I will try to post pics, i haven't figured that out yet.
  2. Another great trip. Had both my brothers with me. It’s the first time we’ve been on the big lake together. We ended the day with 12 Lakers and a 10lb king and to misses on the divers 13 for 15. We fished out of South Haven 2:30pm until dark. The best rods 5 color, 7 color, riggers, and the dipsey with blue dolphin caught the king. We changed the deep rods to variety of green spoons for the Lakers. Our speed was 2.5 – 3.0 MPH and best water was 35ft – 50ft. Trips 4 2 Brown 16 Lakers 1 Steel Head 3 Kings 22 Coho
  3. Awesome day, had two out for the first time. We ended up 10 for 10. 3 Kings with the largest weighing in at 17lb, 1 8lb Laker, 1 6lb Brown, 4 Coho 2-4lb and a small Steelhead we released. Grand Slam I will try to post pics. Speed 2.8 - 3.0 We trolled to Palisades and back 10:30am to 3:30pm 25ft -35ft was the best water -Straight line with Gold and red thin fish went twice each side -1 colors with orange thinfine and black went once -3 colors with tiger thinfish went 2 times -Other 3 color with tiger thinfin went 1 time -Port dipsey diver on 1.5 with orange and red coyote spoon caught the big king -Small dipsey on 1 with lemon ice never went -Port rigger with jaw breaker went 2 times -Other rigger with dirty white boy never went
  4. Fished SH today 2pm to 6:30pm. All fish caught 14ft to 21ft south of pier up to 2 miles south. Fished 7 pole spread. Pencil baits straight line outside boards, Thin fish 2nd board, 2 color inside board spoons, and a straight line down the chute. Speed was 3 mph and all lines set 60ft to 100ft back. 1 7lb Brown straight line Brad's thin fish Gold and red striped 1 8lb Laker 2 color coyote spoon copper and red striped 2 Steelhead Storm perch color thin fin straight line and Storm orange thin fin straight line 6 coho 3 on the straight line Brad's thin fish gold and red strip, 2 on red and black Brad's thin fish and 1 on Storm blue thin fin Had a blast with my 8yr and 4yr old daughters. Thank you all for the posting. It was nice going out for the first time with a good plan.
  5. I usually use thinfins in the spring for Coho. My intent was to run them because they dive about 5ft this would add a little depth to my high lines. They have been taking fish consistently. Three weeks ago we took 3 kings with them.

  6. We fished 4pm to 9pm focusing on 80ft to 100ft of water. It was busy fighting fish and weather. Let's hope fishing stays good. 10 color w/organ Monkey Puke 95ft water 14lb king 5 color w/green Monkey Puke 106ft water 6lb king Diver 150ft back on 3 Rosemary Baby 82ft water 8 Coho Rigger top stack with 36 ft down 85 ft water Coyote 10lb Laker 3 Misses on diver with Rosemary Baby lost one at the back of the boat. The spoon is a Stinger all the paint is wore off after two trips:confused: The other miss was on a Tiger Thinfin on a two color, we assume it was a big steal head we could not stop it and spit the hock after about 5 min. This is the 3rd miss on Thinfins with large fish. I will be changing the Thinfins to larger hooks. Let’s hope they keep working.
  7. Fished this morning and ended up 4 for 6. -6lb King rigger caramel dolphin 150ft 60 down -8lb King diver set to 3 150 back 160ft water caramel dolphin -4lb King rigger 120ft 52 down black and green ladder back -12lb laker 80ft water 60 down caramel dolphin -lost a big steelhead on two color with a perch thin thinfin 10 min fight 3,5,7,10 color never went, we tried everything and the kitchen sink, lots of marks between 80 and 130, did any one do good out deep. What a great morning, had a great crew and a lot of fun. I wish the lake was this flat every day.
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