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    Grew up on Muskegon lake, beenfishing for samlom for over 40 years and it is in my blood
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    Pheasant Hunting, Salmon Fishing

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  1. Caught two nice steelhead, lost another and had three other knock-offs all in 75-85 FOW. Green dolphin and mixed veggie 45’ & 35’ on riggers. Sent from my iPhone using Great Lakes Fisherman
  2. Fished NB this pm and managed to catch three cohos in ~20FOW all on an orange thin-fin behind a planner on a south troll. Nothing else took any hits. Water temps 48-50F
  3. Fished out of St. Joe this am. Went 2-2. Fished in 85 to 95 FOW. 15lbs king on a bloody nose dalmation on DR 65 down. 5lbs king on blue dolphin on a stacked slider 10' above the same setup.
  4. Fished out of St. Joe last night. Went 2-5. Hit a school of fish in 97-99 FOW. Lost one fish and caught a small laker on a bloody nose dalmation on DR 65 down. Lost one on blue dolphin on a stacked slider 10' above the same setup. Lost one on a diver on 3, 180 out on a wonderbread. Caught a ~10 king on mix veggies free slider (~40 down) on DR. All fish hit between ~8pm and 8:45pm.
  5. Fished straight out in 90 to 105 FOW last evening. Went 2 for 3, one hit/miss and a ~5lbs King on a green frog 56 down on the DR and one ~10lbs steelhead on a green NBK freeslider (main line down 60). The flys are biting more agressively than the fish!
  6. Went 2 for 3 Friday night out of St. Joe. Fished in 45 to 55 FOW just outside the mudline. Found a school of fish in 50FOW and marked a waypoint. Caught 2 kings by working the way point, all on a south troll. 1 king on Carmel Dolphin 45 down on rigger, and 1 king on Blue Dolphin 35 down on rigger. Found another school of fish in 53 FOW and lost a fish on Carmel Dolphin setup as above. Hope this helps you find some fish this weekend.
  7. Fished out of St. Joe this am and went 1 for 5. Fished 45 to 55 FOW straight out of the piers. Downrigger 40 down with Blue Dophin and Mixed Veggie free slider went 3 times. Dipsey with orange glow frog out 60 on 3 setting went once. Highline on planer board with a fire tiger thin fin landed a 15+ king. Hope this helps you find some fish.
  8. Caugh a nice King (+15lbs) today in 30 FOW (south of the cars) on a bomber red fire tiger 15 down on the rigger and 100 back. How do you add a photo?
  9. Fished Sunday evening, started trolling in the channel (nothing doing) and then bobbed around on the waves for 1.5 hrs. Marked fish in 40 FOW and managed to catch 1 (10lbs) king 15 down/50 back on a sliver/red head j-plug. Water temp was 66 degrees, though it would be colder based upon the strong north winds. When do the salmon usually run in St. Joe?
  10. Fished Friday evening 6-9pm. Went 2 for 6 (I know it is not a good average, but it is better than the tigers lately!) Fished 80 to 90 FOW. 300' copper with a magnum lemon ice took 1 king and three other hits. Tin can dogger and green/white fly 60 down off downrigger took 1 king and one other hit.
  11. Fished out of St. Joe last night. Started in 325 FOW and fished back towards shore. Went 3-5. 1st fish (laker) came in 280FOW on double orange crush off of 5 colors of lead. Lost a fish on the same set up in 270 FOW. 2nd fish (small king) came in 255 FOW of a mag. lemon ice on 300 ft of copper. Lost a fish on a bumble bee free slider off a rigger down 55ft in 235 FOW. 3rd fish was a small coho on the set up above in 230FOW. Nothing the rest of the way into 170 FOW.
  12. Fished out of St. Joe this morning, didn't get started until 9:30. Went 4 for 7. Two Kings (>10lbs) and two Cohos. Fished straight out and north in 40 to 50 FOW. Best set ups for me were blue dolphin 36 down with a blue/lime free slider on rigger and half core lead with red/green glow frog spoon. Nice to see the kings in close like this. May fish again on Sunday if the weather behaves.
  13. Fished solo in the "waves" last night. Made it out to 100 FOW NW of the harbor turned around and trolled back towards the channel. Hit a double in 80 FOW: landed 10+ king on a mongoose spoon off a dispy set on 3, 160 back. Loss the offer fish and tackle before I could get done fighting the first, blue bubble doger and fly of a dispy set on 1, 90 back. Second king 5lbs came in 70 FOW on a blue dolphin off a full core of lead. In 60 FOW picked up a nice Coho on a white/silver fish catcher with a green/sliver fly off the dispy set on 1, 90 back. Decided I had enough fish to clean and was tired of rocking and rolling and called it a night. Should be good fishing all weekend with the stable weather pattern. Good luck.
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