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  1. The best part is, you don't have he change rods, with that 30 pound, the knot flows through about any rod fine!
  2. I had the pleasure of fishing with Captain Mark on the Franks boat yesterday, fishing was very good. We wanted to do something newer to the walleye world. I called the guy from Morgans Copper and asked if we wanted to bring some copper rods to catch fish. We fished 19 to 22 ft, west of the Spark Plug with 30 pound copper in lengths 60-120. Spoons did the damage in gold pooh bear, wicked wonda, bloody noose, blue berry muffin, purple demon. Very happy to see how well the 30lb was able to slide through the ceramic guides and we felt we were able to feel more bites and fish on the copper verse the lead core. if you have any question on copper fishing let me know.
  3. Kings were hard to come by both Day, some teams found kings but not large numbers. Most teams found them self making there limit up with lake trout.
  4. Really tough weekend for us as well in grand haven. Really hard when that water is that cold all over and is all mixed up.
  5. Went to 39.5 degree water on Saturday out of grand haven, nothing out there. Boat tried it out of muskegon too, same results. Nothing.
  6. Currently offshore now. 100-130 little south. 225 copper Carmel dolphin, 225 hawg wild, 75 copper monkey puke, 50 copper red devil, blue dolphin at 28, blue green uv dolphin 55. 8-10
  7. We finally had a some kings show up Friday morning and they were hungry. Set up Friday morning in 45. Didn't mark much, moved out to 55 and stayed in the green water all day. Keeping from the stack to the state park. Best baits were, jaw breaker on a rigger. Mixed veggie on 5 color, red pepper on 150, blue veggies uv on a 75, blue dolphin 75 back on a diver, 50 copper with a jäger bomb in gold. Here today gone tomorrow. Saturday was very different, no fish in the water we had the day before. Found our best water 80-90. Blue veggies at 50, 225 with a gator, 50 copper gold orange tux.
  8. If your around some serious structure you have to watch it. Down here, we have not problem putting riggers on the bottom
  9. Nice job, will you be down next weekend? Ill be fishing the Fin Scout all weekend.
  10. Now this is a great format, wish a couple west side tournys would do what your doing.
  11. Most just signed up due to it was a free way to advertises. 90% hardly even post on here, which is a shame.
  12. I like the idea. Try it out. Stray away from the pack and do something different.
  13. I think its great that people are willing to share where they are fishing at. Thank you to all those that are willing to take the time and share "really" where they are fishing. Keep up the good work guys!!
  14. Hahha check out Michigan sportsman fourm, there was a report on the and the professional advice advice on there too.
  15. The video I posted is about 90% the knots we tie all the time.
  16. .We usually back fill with 40 feet of mono first on the reel, the add braid.
  17. We got all the good stuff going on over there, please come and see us. Just to talk fishing, we know its been a long winter
  18. Its a fun process, get ready to change to a color of black EVERYWHERE
  19. Is it flaking too? Or just have a whiteish color
  20. I would double up on 225 and 300. These coppers are in the water most days for me.
  21. Its getting closer, cant wait anymore to get out for spring ho's. Thanks Ed.
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