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  1. we started out good in the season with a 18 for 20 and then it was up and down from there we would get 8 to 9 fish and then the next day we would get 2 or 3 it was a allright year it wasnt the wack fest that it was last year but it was managable . how did you do this year? i didnt see you at all this year we launch out of the loomis ramp are you sliped or where do you put in at.


  2. Hi tony you may not me but i bet you no my last name its mishler i live 2 blocks from. YI i have beenfishing out of ludington for the last 4 years i fish wit me grandpa in out 21 rinker the bob-along thought i say hello

    Matt Mishler

  3. well good to here that people are still getting them out there i stopped fishing about 2 weeks ago
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