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  1. Not in this life time. Last time I checked cv were anywhere from 65-90 size depending.
  2. Tony Wiatrowski and I had the idea to make a video that answered a lot of questions we would get when putting on seminars for fishing copper and wire. Also a huge thanks to Captain Nick Everse for the camera work and editing.
  3. Thats the program we go through for our drug testing. If your work or his work has it for their job, you can have the company send in paper work saying they are in a random drug testing program.
  4. WOW nice looking rig you have there!!!
  5. You must have never fished on Chinook pier, its a 13 boat tournament every day without a entry fee or prize money. We like competation like everyone else. I think it would be a fun way to add to a charter.
  6. Why not? We would have inexperienced people on the rods. Probaby leaving later the everyone and are on a time period where we possibly would have to be in earlier then everyone else.
  7. Everyone loves free fishing gear, even the wife cant yell at you guys if its free. Go check out the Michigan Stinger Facebook page and post a picture on the post.
  8. There is enough swivel in the bead chain to prevent this, this lure is not spinning like a spoon or flasher.
  9. If we don't need fish or not in tournaments a lot of our fish go back. It's more less water temp dependent. I don't like to release fish into 70 degree water.
  10. Congrats, what a big relief it is. Where are you going to be chartering from
  11. One of the charters has it on his hbird and never uses it, most of the time were fishing a sand flat. I don't see how it could do any good fishing deeper. I think it was designed for the bass guys.
  12. Thats the only tackle store I know that has its own fish cleaning station. Ludington and Holland have the best fish cleaning stations for public use.
  13. Big fan of 9ft low divers. 10ft highs. I like a longer more limber rod for lows. 7fters see like pool cues. My favorite are the shimano talora roller wire rods.
  14. Never!!! latest I have fished is the 20th of December. One of my friends has fished lake michigan 12 months total, not in the same year. We will be pulling charter boats in a few weeks yet.
  15. The sample size of the big king contest was not a good enough sample size to see what is going on with the fishery or size comparison. Love it on saturday morning had a 18 pounder, Whitney charters had a 19, catch a bunch had a 17 pounder and those are the boats i talked too.
  16. Ya fish enough it happens, nothing you can do about it. Happens on long coppers and flashers.
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