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  1. Next time I talk to Dana I see what size his are. Boat fishes a lot bigger then 33.
  2. New deck, new bottom paint, new rod holders, led lighting. Buff wax, 6 reels to tuna for new drag system. Add another 150 copper. New carpet for the boat.....helpers wanted, paid in 6 packs
  3. whatever come with it, or dock line we have hanging around.
  4. Speed management is the biggest key is rough water, those waves are pushing and pulling making the speed fluctuate. I would try drift socks, they also stable the boat down.
  5. Morgans Tackle came out with a new wire line last year, we got to run it last year. Very impressed with how it held up to lack of memory. The 30 pound will hold great.
  6. Look at the pro side of it. Most of is run 3x the gas. Bigger boat payments. Us broke charters have to pay double in entry free. We're only making money of we get first, 2nd breaks even.
  7. Fishing deep is not a new thing, the man who pioneered this whole spread is a awesome fisherman and a little bit different, that is Mark Chmura. He regularly catches fish 400ft down. Deepest I have caught fish down was 280ft down.
  8. The weekend of March 29th, Gold Coast will be having there spring open house. Captain Dana Bonney from Danel Sportfishing will be there all day to help anyone that has any questions. If things line up were are hoping to have the new Michigan Stingers spoons for sale; along with the new flies for Rapture Trolling Flies and a new product from Morgans Copper co. If you have not been to this place, check it out, good quality store.
  9. The Clare location will be doing their fishing open house the 29th of March a Saturday. Mark Romanack will there doing a seminar on walleye fishing and I will also be there doing one on Lake Michigan Salmon fishing. I hopefully have the new stingers for 2014 along with the new flies from Rapture Trolling Flies.
  10. I have caught fish on paddles from from the pier heads 21 ft down to 310 down. Usually keep them honest and keep it on the middle on year long.
  11. Go out of the pier heads, put in on a 240 once you get to 40ft slow down and start looking on the sonar. NW will bring perch on the piers too.
  12. You find the 18% of open water in lake m. Nice job, very envious!!
  13. Yes that would be fine. The best days that work out for me are usually Tuesdays or Thursdays, I have class at 1 so I have to be on the road. Fridays somtimes I can do, it's show season and I am hardly ever home on the weekends so weekends are out.

  14. Gr show is when most companies bring out new stuff for this year. I know that's what ours are planning.
  15. White plastic with crush glow, uv with uv crush john king mag meat heads.
  16. You will learn more the fishing on a charter boat, best life lessons came from leanring on charters, good luck.
  17. Oh yes I am still in Evart, I have no problem meeting up and letting you in on the new school. Just let me know.

  18. I have a different opinion on number one, if they show up smelling like booze on a 4pm trip, how would it be different then a 5am. If they are there ready to go and aren't causing anyone harm, were going fishing.
  19. I fish mean as soon as I start fishing flies. Last year I think I ran some 2nd week of may when the kings moved offshore and caught fish on mean 3rd week of October. I don't run a ton early or late, one usually on a low diver. White plastic Mountain Dew inlay, Illusion Teaser rig. Green dolphin Flasher, wild fern meat rig Blue/green dolphin Flasher, Hypnotist teaser. UV Blue Green dolphin Flasher, blue no see um teaser. UV Mountain Dew on Chrome, Yellow fern teaser. White with while slick with Oceana teaser
  20. I heard Jim Bards was looking for someone in South Haven, on the It Ill Do.
  21. Plug on a 225+ flasher on+300= Real bad.
  22. I have done with when were fishing the mud up close. Have a 3 color only put 2 out and leave the rest out of the water. Dacron is strong stuff and the vise clip don't put a ton of pressure, crimping the lead is not a big deal.
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