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  1. We were fishing in the Mud for a few days, now we have moved offshore to look for more fish. We have been fishing from the number change north of the stack in 130-220 feet of water. Riggers at 25-55 with Mix veggies regular and UV in standard size. Gators on the other out down at 55. Cant get a flasher bite on our boat. Slide divers back 100-150 with 65 ft leads have been very good for us. They have had regular blue dolphins and double orange crushes. With the water being 55 on top short coppers have been taking lots of fish Morgans copper in lengths of 50-225ft have been our main spread. Spoons has been double orange crush on a 50, tangerine on a 75, inmate on a 100, uv water melon 150, other side has been orange dolphin on a 50, uv veggie on a 100, freaking veggies on a 150 and blue dolphin on a 225. Good luck, if you have any questions drop me a PM.
  2. Charters are really busy this time of year. I know personally, I post reports when I get time. This awesome site allows us to do both, it let's us post on our fb and links to the site for a post. Charter captain information is hard to come by.
  3. Oh great, your coming to grand haven too?!!:lol: I'll call ya buddy
  4. Fishing is very good right now, sorry for the lack of reports, we finishing up school and getting both boats in the water has left me a lack of time to get a report up. The dirty water pushed out, from day to day it changes. We are usually setting up in 100FOW and going on some sort of a West troll depending on the current. Most of the fish are coming in the top 50ft. Morgans Copper in 50-225 and everything in between has been good. Slide divers back 50-120 with 50-80ft leads off them. Riggers down 18-55 have also been good. It has been mostly regular stinger spoons. Hot colors have been. Mixed veggies, uv veggies, uv blue veggies, double orange crush, orange tux, caramel dolphin, uv clown and uv yellow tux have all been steady. Good luck to the boats in the up coming Grand Haven Offshore Challenge.
  5. Hypnotist Rapture Trolling flies is the original, like the pickle sunshine DWand the riverside KRW. Same colors, different company.
  6. I like fishing the spring time in the same boat. Can spin on dime, catches fish. We were caught in 3fts on day, it was not fun, but we didn't die lol. Boats great for spring time and fall the fish are up front.
  7. The outdoorsman in Jenison I think has about all of them. Would you like me to call them to see if they could put an order together and ship it to you?

  8. Nice Job, most report have what lures they were caught. What did they bite?
  9. Welcome. You will like it here. I miss ludington, great port to fish
  10. Thanks Gene, I'm glad you thought it was with while.
  11. Hey ed, my buddy wants to slip his 26 ft boat. How much will it be

  12. Spring is just around the corner. Gold Coast Outfitters Spring Sale event is this weekend. Many new products! I will be there this Saturday supporting my sponsors- STINGER, Rapture Trolling Flies, Morgan`s Tackle, and SLIDE DIVER. We will have the all new SLIDE DIVER ULTIMATE MAGNUMS available and I will be glad to show you have they work! Since the ice is still here, stop by and see what is new for 2014.
  13. I dont know if you set on a 31 tiara, but I run a 98 330wellcraft, boat handles the water awesome , really happy with it. Seems like you can get a little bit newer Wellcraft for the "tiara" price.
  14. http://www.skipperbuds.com/Page.aspx/diid/7606245/list/InventoryList/pageId/9033/view/Details/1987-Tiara-3100-OPEN.aspx http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1988-Tiara-3100-LE-102043945 http://www.boattrader.com/listing/1988-Tiara-3100-Open-102124067
  15. Blake, Jeff from rapture sells 3 a packs of flies without leader and hooks, just beads so you can tie them up as you want.
  16. call mark at reel action charters and surveys, he will help you out.
  17. They are going to let me know, I will post when I know.
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