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  1. Really? And otter boats are? I've ran mine in place of a high outside dipsy. Seemed to work well for me but what do I know? I'm sure a salesman from Alabama knows much more about lake Michigan salmon fishing than I ever will. I really liked using mine walleye trolling with a double pinch pad release. Worked extremely well in waters less than 35' to get those lines spread out. This is my opinion... good luck and congrats on the new fishing machine!
  2. I'm looking to sell or trade for a smaller aluminum boat. I've got a 25' Grady with twin 200's and a 4stroke kicker. Fishes and trailers like a dream, just dont have the time to use it...
  3. amen to the metal, hard rock, and classic rock guys! ABSOLUTLEY NO COUNTRY ON THIS BOAT! All depends on my mood, but the tropical pre country-esque sound of some old school buffett is really tough to beat when your on a boat.
  4. on second thought I may have just used 5200 sealant... But I definetly used stainless hardware.
  5. Barn door lumber in Hemlock, Mi (just west of Saginaw on M-46) does have teak. Teak is crazy expensive. I made a bow pulpit out of laminated starboard for my old sea ray because the teak was too expensive. I believe I used the "west system" to epoxy the layers together. Starboard is a great product and works easier than wood with standard woodworking tools. I had a large danforth plow anchor and a windless also mounted on there and never had any issues. I used the old stainless guides from the original pulpit and new stainless hardware. Just be carefull not to over compress the layers together and squeeze out the epoxy before it sets. PM me if you have any questions, I'll try to help
  6. we had a sportjet 90 in a jetboat that we kept for a toy at the marina. It was a pain in the but when it didn't run right, and when it did run right it didn't make enough power and wouldn't run right for long... But anything with a motor is fun... good luck
  7. I launced my 25' Grady there quite a bit last year. Yes it was shallow but I never had any problems. Make sure you head directly for the channel immediatly from the dock, then turn to where your going. Any dredging at all would greatly improve conditions and I can't wait to get back over there to cruise the piers... I mean go fishing...
  8. Wow, thanks for the breakdown on that Ryan. I was really thinking of working towards my capt. license just to say I have it and maybe try to get a couple of jobs running boats for rich people around the great lakes. Either way, it would be cool to have but for 1700 bucks I think I could better spend my money on something else... Maybe new electronics???
  9. It really all depends on how slow you want to go and the prop size. Personally, I hate my kicker on my 25 grady but I know other guys swear by them on all different size boats. I find it to be a bit tougher to control the boat with my kicker but it is mounted way off to the side due to a pair of outboards for main power and I dont have any controls connecting it to the helm. With a 27 to 30' boat I would thing a 15 hp 4 stroker would work great. Just remember to isolate your batteries, if you run your riggers, electronics, tunes, and anything else you have on board, that little kicker may not keep your starting bank fully charged (I learned that little piece of advice the hard way).
  10. "Nautical Ease" makes by far some of the best cleaners I've ever used. We used to keep our boat accross from a coal power plant in Bay City on the Saginaw river. Needless to say that boat got dirty all the time. Black streaks, lyme dust (from the cement plant up river), worm guts, fish blood, spilled adult beverages, carpet growing on the bottom from "naturally occurring wastewater dumps", bird poop, and scale buildup from running the AC or heat all the time. Nautical Ease makes minimal effort of all those cleaning messes. I used to use soft scrub on one my previous boats and found it does more harm than good. Another good cleaner to try is called "Amazing Roll Off". It can be a bit tougher to find but works exceptionally well for removing really stubborn stains like the sun baked on barn swallow fecal matter.
  11. ha ha ha! and they wonder why the south never succeeded!
  12. great read, learned a few new tricks too. Thanks
  13. I was all for getting a survey on anything I've owned. The last time I had one surveyed the guy really didn't do anything at all and charged me a ridiculous price. IMHO, unless the bank or insurance requires a survey, get someone you trust, has the knowledge, has the tools, and the knowledge to use the tools (i.e.moisture meter) to look it over for you. I've known several people that have had surveys and the surveyor never opened the bilge because in their disclaimer it relinquishes them of said duty. Best of luck to you, if your near Grand Blanc area and I can help you out just shoot over a pm.
  14. I have both Maui Jim's and Ray Ban. Both polarized, all glass, and both are far superior to any other brands I've ever had on my skull. Although with glass lenses they will be slightly more heavy than the poly-carbonite, in my opinion it's money well spent.
  15. Thanks for all the help guys, I'm pretty sure I will want to add radar within a year or two because my unit now is getting pretty dated. Don't worry about hijacking, I'm not against garmin units either. Just trying to get the most for my money. Looking forward to heating the reports of the newly installed elites and garmins. Tight lines to all...
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