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  1. I have fished both and had good results in both. When it comes down to it, SH is the better experience.
  2. I had the same thing happen to me today. I still spent just as much money. I was assured that the item I was looking for would be in tomorrow. One thing to keep in mind, many shop owners buy on credit. Thus re stocking at the end of the year could result in a loss for them.
  3. Get a hold of me and I can get it back to new again. Sounds like your past the point of a steel and need some whetstone work done.
  4. If you're fishing 90+ FOW, look at adding another 1lb. Also I would not recommend trying any turns with this out. Good luck!
  5. Tuna Tom's is the place to go. They saved me a lot of $ on a reel a dropped of this past week.
  6. I tend to donate a pair to the water, if not two, every year. Thus I keep buying less expensive glasses. Polarized is a must for fishing.
  7. The one Kevin spotted is: Fireboat http://www.michiganshipwrecks.org/fireboat.htm
  8. Not sure how much you would need, but would recommend buying the 600' spool.
  9. I couldn't have said it better myself.
  10. We waited it out for a while on the lake. Didn't want the head ache at the ramp.
  11. spin-n-glow Size- 0 color- glitter clown leader- 18" stretch from the ball- 8'
  12. No pics of the fish we caught, only of the storm that chaced us off.
  13. I think that all Dream Weavers are stamped with a DW.
  14. 1 rigger was 70 down. The other was on the bottom or as far as 140 out. .
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